Gayna Allmon: Thomas Randolph’s 3rd Wife Testified Against Him

Gayna Allmon Thomas Randolph

Nevada Department of Corrections / YouTube Thomas Randolph and Gayna Allmon

In December 2020, the Nevada Supreme Court overturned the double-murder conviction of Thomas Randolph, who is accused of conspiring to kill his sixth wife Sharon Causse and then killing the hitman he hired to murder Causse. The court ruled that the jury should not have been allowed to know that Randolph was also charged for the murder of his second wife, Becky Gault Randolph, and the 66-year-old will face another jury in a new trial, KSNV reported.

However, the twists of this story don’t end there, as a three-part Dateline special explores, because two other of Randolph’s six wives also died under strange circumstances, giving him the name of “Black Widower.” Only two of his wives are still alive today, Kathryn Thomas and Gayna Allmon, and both testified against him in his murder trial.

Allmon, who was Randolph’s third wife, met him through a newspaper ad, she testified.

Allmon Is One of Two of Randolph’s 6 Wives Who Is Still Alive Today & She Testified Against Him in His Murder Trial

Allmon was Randolph’s third wife and she testified for the prosecution during his trial in 2017, telling the court that one day, Randolph was cleaning his gun in front of her and it discharged. She said it was her belief that he had been trying to kill her, the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote. Daily Echoed also reported that Allmon testified that she thought Randolph was trying to have her killed but was unable to find a willing hitman.

Kathryn Thomas, Randolph’s first wife, also testified during the trial that he was a manipulative and controlling husband who threatened to have her second husband killed. She said authorities told her Randolph took out a life insurance policy on her just after their wedding, the Review-Journal reported.

Four of Randolph’s Wives Died Under Strange Circumstances, Prosecutors Told the Jury During His Trial

Gayna Allmon

YouTubeGayna Allmon during Thomas Randolph’s trial.

Of Randolph’s six wives at the time of his murder trial in 2017, four had died while married to him and during his trial, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jacqueline Bluth argued that Randolph “either attempted to kill, hired someone to kill or killed five of those women,” the Review-Journal reported.

Randolph’s second wife, Gault, died three years after their wedding of a gunshot wound to the head. Although her death was initially ruled a suicide, a two-year investigation led to Randolph’s arrest and a murder charge. Prosecutors said his motive was to get Gault’s life insurance, which he collected in the amount of $500,000 just 13 days after her death, according to the outlet.

Randolph’s fourth wife, Francis Randolph, died in April 2004 in the hospital following heart surgery, her daughter testified during the trial. She said she wasn’t allowed to see her mother in and hospital and Randolph was the last person to see her alive. According to her testimony, no autopsy was done and Randolph had her cremated within 24 hours.

There is much less information publicly available about Randolph’s fifth wife, Leona Stapleton, but the jury in his murder trial heard that he told friends and family she’d died of cancer.

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