Thomas Randolph Now: Where is the ‘Black Widower’ Today?

Thomas Randolph

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Thomas Randolph, 66, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after prosecutors said he hired a hitman, Michael Miller, to kill his sixth wife Sharon Causse and then shot and killed Miller. Randolph has been called the ‘Black Widower’ since Sharon was the fourth of his six spouses to die.

Although the double homicide took place in 2008 and Randolph was tried for both murders in 2017, the case has been thrown in the spotlight thanks to a three-part mini-series by NBC’s Dateline.

Randolph was found guilty by a jury of both first-degree murders and received two death sentences in 2017. However, the Supreme Court of Nevada recently threw out his conviction and ordered a new trial after it ruled that the jury should not have heard evidence of Randolph being charged with the murder of his second wife Becky Gault Randolph in 1986.

Where is Thomas Randolph today?

His Conviction Was Overturned by the Nevada Supreme Court & He Is in Jail Awaiting a New Trial


Nevada Department of CorrectionsHigh Desert State Prison

In December 2020, the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada overturned his murder conviction and called for a new trial. In its decision, the court stated that “the events surrounding the death of Randolph’s second wife” should not have been admissible in the trial due to Nevada law which prevents evidence of prior “bad acts.”

The court wrote that “the danger of unfair prejudice substantially outweighed any probative value” and the evidence should not have been admitted, especially because Randolph was acquitted in that murder trial. Fox40 reported that after the court overturned his conviction, Randolph said:

I’m just happy as can be because, as I told everybody, I didn’t do this. I didn’t kill Becky. I didn’t kill Sharon. And I think I’m more happy not with the fact that I’m getting a new trial, I’m more happy that the system didn’t let me down like it’s let down so many other people. Like it had let me down for going on 13 years.

He remains incarcerated while awaiting a new trial and is currently at High Desert State Prison, the largest correctional facility in the Nevada Department of Corrections, public records show. A date for his new trial has not yet been set.

He Was Convicted of the Murder of His 6th Wife, Sharon, & Received the Death Penalty in 2017

Sharon Causse Randolph

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In 2017, Randolph was found guilty of conspiring to murder his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, in order to collect her $400,000 life insurance. He was also convicted of the murder of the hitman he was accused of hiring to kill Sharon, Michael Miller. Later that year, Randolph was sentenced to death by the same jury, KSNV reported.

In May 2008, Randolph’s wife Sharon was shot and killed at their home in Las Vegas. Randolph told authorities that she was shot by an intruder, who he confronted and killed in self-defense, KSNV reported. He was arrested in 2009 but the case did not go to trial until 2017.

At the time of his conviction in 2017, the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote that Sharon’s daughter Colleen Beyer said, “It’s been way too long. And it’s hurt every day. I feel that’s really what he deserves. He’s a monster. He’s one evil, evil monster.” The outlet reported from the court that after he received the two death sentences, Randolph did not react but gave a thumbs up to the media as he left the courtroom.

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