How Long Was Trump’s Rally Speech in Johnstown, Pennsylvania?

How long was Trump's Johnstown speech?

Getty President Donald Trump holds a Make America Great Again rally as he campaigns at John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, October 13, 2020..

People are very interested in the length of President Donald Trump’s speeches, ever since he delivered a shorter-than-usual speech at the White House on Saturday. While Trump’s rally speeches are typically 90 minutes long, he hadn’t hit that length since his COVID-19 diagnosis. So how long was his speech in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on Tuesday?

His Johnstown Rally Speech Was a Little Over an Hour Long

Trump’s speech in Johnstown was a little over an hour long. In the video below, he starts speaking right around the 2:30 mark. By 1:09 he’s done with his speech, making his speech about 66 minutes long or so.

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Before he was diagnosed with coronavirus, his speeches were typically 90 minutes long at rallies. Although he’s not quite speaking for that long again yet, he has spoken for a little over an hour now at two rallies in a row since testing negative.

His First Rally Speech Since His Diagnosis Was Also About an Hour Long

Trump’s speech in Sanford, Florida, on Monday was a little over 60 minutes long. This was Trump’s first rally speech since contracting coronavirus. His doctor had said for the first time on Monday that Trump had tested negative for COVID-19 on consecutive days, AP reported.

You can watch the speech below. Trump arrived on stage at just around the 2:11 mark in the video below. He finished his speech at just around 8 p.m. Eastern, at about the 1:04 mark in the video below. That puts his speech at just a little over an hour long.

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His Rally Speeches Were Typically 90 Minutes Long Before COVID

Trump’s rally speeches were typically 90 minutes long before his COVID-19 diagnosis. For example, Trump’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, rally speech was about 90 minutes long.

When he spoke for about 90 minutes in Minden, Nevada, The Lincoln Project condensed it into a 74-second video. Even his December 2019 Hershey, Pennsylvania, rally speech, before COVID-19 was known, was about 90 minutes long, Vox reported.

He also spoke for about 90 minutes in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. In the video below, he starts speaking right around the 7-minute mark. He ends at 1:37:55 below, about 90 minutes later.

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Trump’s White House Speech on Saturday Was About 17 Minutes Long

Trump spoke for about 17 minutes when he addressed a crowd at the White House on Saturday. The speech was markedly shorter than his normal 90-minute rally speeches.

The White House said the Saturday event was an official event and not a campaign rally, NBC Boston reported.

Trump Spoke for 45 Minutes at His Last Rally Before His Diagnosis

He only spoke for about 45 minutes at his last rally before his official diagnosis.

Trump starts his Duluth speech right around the 14-minute mark in the video below. The speech is over just before the 60-minute mark. This puts the speech at just about 46 minutes in length.

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Trump is currently planning a number of additional in-person rallies this week.

A Des Moines, Iowa, rally begins at 7 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, October 14, at Des Moines International Airport.

Then on Thursday, October 15, he’ll be hosting a Greenville, North Carolina rally at 1 p.m. Eastern on the day of what would have been the second presidential debate. This will be at the Pitt-Greenville Airport.

On Friday, October 16, he’s hosting a rally in Ocala, Florida, at 3 p.m. Eastern at the Ocala International Airport.

On October 16, he’s also hosting a rally later in the day at 7 p.m. Eastern in Macon, Georgia at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

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