Mindy Dixon aka Lady Vi Named as One of the Dominatrixes in Rev. Travis Clark Priest Sex Scandal

Mindy Dixon aka Lady Vi

Instagram/Lady Vi Lady Vi pictured on her Instagram page.

Mindy Dixon aka Lady Vi who along with Melissa Cheng aka Empress Ming who is accused of having sex with Rev. Travis Clark in Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River, Louisana.

The Times-Picayune reported in October 2020 that Dixon, 41, and Cheng, 23, were arrested on September 30 in Pearl River after a witness said that they saw the pair along with Clark engaging in sex acts around the altar of the Catholic church. The Times-Picayune report said that Dixon and Cheng were “dressed in corsets and high-heeled boots.” The acts were being recorded by a cellular phone on a tripod.

Investigators allege that the sex acts were “obscene acts [that] occurred on the altar, which is clearly visible from the street,” reports The Times-Picayune. The article said that the sex acts involved “plastic sex toys” and that Clark was “partially wearing his priestly attire.” All three have been released on bonds. If convicted on all charges, the trio could face between six months and three years in prison.

The Times-Picayune reports that a social media account associated with Dixon posted about a trip she was taking to New Orleans with another dominatrix where she planned to “defile a house of God.”

Dixon Is Married & Is an ‘Internationally Recognized Dominatrix’

Lady Vi Twitter

Twitter/Lady ViLady Vi posted this to Twitter shortly after The Times-Picayune report was published.

According to Dixon’s personal Facebook page, she is a resident of the Seattle-area. The description of Dixon’s Facebook page reads, “Private Account | Family.”

On her official website, Dixon describes herself as an “an internationally recognized, established lifestyle/professional Dominatrix with 9+ years experience based in the Seattle metropolitan area.” Dixon says that she is the “proprietress of the Church of Satantrix.” Dixon says that she was a founder member of Seattle Girls of Leather and is a social activist as well as a member of the sex-positive community. Dixon is an advocate for the legalization of sex work in the United States through the Seattle Sex Workers Outreach Project.

On her OnlyFans page, Dixon offers one month of access for $16.66. The content is described as “Uncut and uncensored, get a peek into my world inside and outside of the dungeon.”

Dixon Writes on Her Website: ‘Religious Role-Play Scenes are Incredibly Hot’

Lady Vi Instagram

Instagram/Lady Vi

Dixon describes herself as a “Sadistic, sin-seeking, corruption Domme who craves authenticity in scene and service” on her website. One review of Dixon’s work says, “Lady Vi, and the Church of Satanatrix, are perfection. I put myself into her hands and was treated to an experience like nothing else.” The website lists prices of $300 for a one-hour session.

Dixon writes in another section of her website that she is a satanist and established a church known as Satanatrix. Dixon says the church “a way to combine my religious ideology (Satanist) with my personal and professional calling (Dominatrix).” In that section, Dixon says that “Religious role-play scenes are incredibly hot. I love exploiting shame and playing with deep-rooted religious guilt.”

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