Melissa Cheng aka Empress Ming Named as One of the Dominatrixes in Rev. Travis Clark Priest Sex Scandal

Melissa Cheng Empress Ming

Twitter/Empress Ming Empress Ming pictured on her Twitter page.

Melissa Cheng aka Empress Ming is the dominatrix who is accused of having sex in view of the public with Rev. Travis Clark in Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River, Louisiana. The other woman accused has been named as Mindy Dixon aka Lady Vi.

Cheng, 23, was arrested by the Pearl River Police Department on September and accused of having sex within view of the public, The Times-Picayune reported in October 2020 The newspaper report says that Cheng and Dixon was engaging in sex acts that involved “plastic sex toys” and the priest being dressed “partially” in his clergy attire.

According to The Times-Picayune, Cheng and Dixon were clad in “corsets” and “high-heeled boots.” The events were being recorded by a cell phone that was mounted on a tripod. A witness called the police and the trio were arrested. The sex acts were “obscene acts [that] occurred on the altar, which is clearly visible from the street,” investigators allege via The Times-Picayune. If convicted on all charges, the trio could face between six months and three years in prison.

Cheng Describes Herself as a ‘Half Chinese/Half German Goddess

Empress Ming homepage


In one section of her OnlyFans page, Cheng detailed the various injuries and illnesses she has suffered during her life including a broken tailbone, scoliosis, torn trapezius and a parasite she picked up during a trip to Asia. Despite her health issues, Cheng said, “I believe in the best version of myself and what I can become. I’m healthier and fitter today than I’ve ever been.” The last update on the page came on September 26. Cheng says that she is based in the Atlanta-area.

On that profile, Cheng describes herself as a “Professional Dominatrix.” She adds, “Kinky, Eccentric, Half Chinese/Half German Goddess.” Cheng charges $29.99 for three months of access to her content.

On her official website, Cheng describes herself as a “sensual yet sadistic woman with many deviant desires.” Cheng writes that her fetish is “your total surrender, submission, and sacrifice.” Cheng also writes, “You will find Me to be artistic, intelligent, articulate, well-read, funny, friendly (though I love to play the cruel bitch Mistress “, creative and outspoken.”

Cheng says that she is proficient in a range of BDSM practices and that “enjoys all sorts of fetishes.” Cheng’s belief is that “BDSM is 85% mental, 15% physical.” In addition, Cheng writes that she is “quite skilled” at martial arts and was taught at home. In September 2015, Cheng described another dominatrix named Mistress Djahari as her “protege.”

Cheng Said in October That She Was Going on Vacation After ‘Being So Traumatized’

Melissa Cheng dominatrix

Twitter/Empress Ming

Cheng tweeted on October 5 that she was going on vacation to Mexico. Cheng said that she needs “a proper vacation after being so traumatized.” On October 7, Cheng tweeted that she had “been through a lot these past few days.”

According to various posts on the dominatrix news website HogSpy, Cheng frequently tours around the United States. Over the past 12 months, Cheng has offered her dominatrix services in Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

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