Live Pennsylvania Election Results & Map: Joe Biden Projected to Win

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Getty (Designed by Dwilson) Trump and Biden are facing off in the election.

Joe Biden is projected to win Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral college votes, securing him the presidential election, Heavy’s partners at Decision Desk HQ project. Biden took the lead in the race early Friday morning.

In Pennsylvania, polls closed at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Election Day, but votes postmarked by Election Day can be counted as long as they are received within three days of the election. In fact, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf appeared in an ad airing on Election Day warning that in order to count the votes accurately, it could take a few days for results to come in, The Hill reported. The ad was funded by The Voter Project, a nonpartisan group that seeks to quell worries about the validity of the election.

Wolf said, in part: “Because of the coronavirus, there were millions of votes cast by mail, so it may take longer than usual to count every vote. … So it may take a little longer than we’re used to, even a few days, but that’s OK, because it’s critical that your vote is counted — and it will be.”

Follow the 2020 presidential election results courtesy of Heavy’s partners at Decision Desk HQ below:

See the Most Recent Pennsylvania Presidential Results Here

Below are the most recent presidential election results in Pennsylvania. These will be updated as vote counts come in.

In Pennsylvania, the race has been close between Trump and Biden according to the latest polls leading up to Election Day, 538 reported. Susquehanna Polling & Research Inc., in a poll covering November 1-2, found 48% for Biden and 49% for Trump in the state.

An October 31-November 1 state poll by Research Co. gave a larger lead for Biden, reporting 50% for Biden and 44% for Trump.

Then a Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opinion Research poll for October 31-November 1 found 50% for Biden and 47% for Trump.

A fourth poll by AYTM for October 30-November 1 found 51% for Biden and 49% for Trump.

A Marist College poll for October 29-November 1 found 50% for Biden and 46% for Trump.

For October 28-November 1, a Monmouth University poll found 50% for Biden and 45% for Trump.

Biden has led many of the most recent polls — but not all of them. And for some, the results were still very close. In the end, Pennsylvania could still go either way.

Follow the 2020 Presidential Race Results from Across the Country & the Updated Electoral College Map Below

You can see the results in all of the states in the map below, which also shows the electoral totals for each candidate.

Decision Desk HQ is also tracking the race the 270 electoral college votes, which are what Trump or Biden need to secure the election. You can see those results below.

Pennsylvania has been a more contentious state lately. Both candidates have visited the state extensively, but

Trump has lashed out at the Supreme Court for its ruling on Pennsylvania ballots, Politico reported. The Supreme Court ruled that ballots postmarked by Election Day could be counted for an extended three days after the election as long as they were postmarked by election day. Trump tweeted that this was a “dangerous” precedent. Republicans had wanted a stay on a state supreme court decision, and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 4-4 not to give that stay.

Kathy Boockvar, secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, said that Trump’s tweet was wrong and voting is secure in the state, Politico reported.

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