Sacramento Shooting Victims: Names, Photos & Tributes

sacramento shooting victims

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The six victims who lost their lives to gunfire during a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento, California, have been named.

The victims have been identified as: Johntaya Alexander; Melinda Davis; Yamile Martinez-Andrade; Sergio Harris; Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi; and Devazia Turner.

Dandre Martin, 26, was identified by Sacramento police as a “related suspect.” His exact role is not clear; he was booked on charges of assault and illegal firearm possession only. Police said in a news release that they found 100 casings at the scene. At least three vehicles and three buildings were struck by gunfire, police said. They have not identified Martin as a shooter. However, his is the only suspect name released thus far.

Videos captured the sound of gunfire erupting and show a wild fight on a sidewalk as reports broke of a Sacramento active shooter and mass shooting downtown.

The shooting occurred near 10th and J Streets, according to social media reports. Several videos emerged that captured multiple gunshots. You can see them later in this story. Sacramento police say there are “multiple victims.”

Here’s what you need to know about each victim:

Johntaya Alexander

Johntaya Alexander’s father, John Alexander, told The New York Times that his daughter wanted to be a social worker. She was a cashier at a retailer and recently got her own apartment.

She had been out with her sister the night, he said.

“She was a beautiful young lady just starting to experience life,” Alexander’s father told The Times.

She was “a high-spirited child, always looking to explore, always willing to be challenged,” her father said to the newspaper.

Tezha Alexander, her sister, told the newspaper, “She was loving, she was caring, she was the life of the party.”

Melinda Davis

Sacramento Homeless Union tweeted that Melinda Davis was an “unhoused victim of the mass shooting downtown.”

According to the Sacramento Bee, Davis, 57, “would often sleep in the doorways of businesses along the street, including the London nightclub and Bloem Decor Florist.”

The newspaper reported that the city found her housing for a time, but she ended back up on the streets. She was described as “a very eccentric individual, a very sassy lady.”

Yamile Martinez-Andrade

Martinez-Andrade’s family told ABC30 that Yami, as she was called, had gone to a rap concert in Sacramento.

“The friend she went to the concert with contacted us Sunday to tell us that something had happened to Yami, but we didn’t know what,” her stepfather told the television station. She had just turned 21.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for her funeral expenses. It reads,

I’m Jenifer and I have created this go fund me page to help raise funds to cover the funeral expenses for one of the Sacramento mass shooting victims, my niece, 21yo Yamile Martinez-Andrade. Yami, which is what we would all call her growing up, lived in Selma and had gone to Sacramento with a friend for a concert that took place Saturday night prior to the shooting. After the concert ended Yami and her friend stopped at a bar for drinks until the bar closed. Just before leaving the bar Yami had called her boyfriend to let him know she was heading back to the hotel and that she would call him back once she had arrived, but unfortunately Yami never made it back to the hotel. Today we mourn the loss of our beloved Yami and of the other 5 lives that were lost in this tragedy. We ask for your help to raise money to cover for Yami’s funeral expenses that will include viewing services, burial/cemetery/headstone, and to help with extra finaces for food by either donating money or sharing this post for others to donate.

Sergio Harris

According to ABC10, Harris, 38, was married with two young daughters.

His mother told the television station that her son was “fun to be around, liked to party, have fun, smiling all the time.”

According to the Sacramento Bee, Harris was friends with Stevante Clark, “whose brother Stephon Clark was killed by Sacramento Police in 2018.” Clark told the newspaper of Harris, “He was so loved. Honestly, you don’t find anyone say a bad thing about him.”

Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi

According to the Bee, Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32, “grew up in Sacramento.”

“I never wanted kids and I said if I was to have a kid, I just wanted a boy and I was blessed with a boy,” Sherilyn Hoye, his mother, told KCRA.

He was the father of two children, according to the Bee.

DeVazia Turner

Frank Turner confirmed to ABC10 that his son was among the victims. Turner was 29 and lived in Vacaville.

“He was out just having fun with his friends,” Frank Turner said to Fox40.

Turner and another victim, Harris, were related.

“They were cousins … Sergio and DeVazia were cousins,” Frank Turner said to the television station, adding, “There’s just nothing to say. I’m just here. I’m grief, that’s all — grief. You know what I’m saying? That’s all I can say.”

Eighteen People Were Struck by Gunfire, Police Say

Eighteen people were hit by gunfire. Six have died. The deceased victims were all adults, three men and three women, according to Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester, speaking in a news conference on April 3, 2022.

Police had earlier tweeted “Officers located at least 15 shooting victims, including 6 who are deceased. There will be a media staging area at 9th St/K St. Continue to follow this thread for updates.”

911 Action Photography later posted this update on Facebook, “Upon arrival fire quickly updated to Multi-Casualty Incident due to multiple patients from primary scene at 10th and K Street to 10th and J Street. Additional patients were located on 9th Street and 11th Street as well.”

“Investigators are working to identify those response for this horrific act,” she said. “We know that a large fight took place just prior to the shootings, and we have confirmed that there are multiple shooters.” The shooters are at large.

Video Showed a Wild Brawl on a Sidewalk Before Gunshots Rang Out

At least three videos circulated on social media that captured the sounds of multiple gunshots. One of them showed a brawl on a sidewalk involving multiple people before you can hear the gunshots at the end of the video.

Here’s a video that captured a massive barrage of gunfire as people screamed and ran. Be forewarned that graphic language can be heard in it.

Police wrote on Twitter, “We are aware of a social media video that appears to show an altercation that preceded the shooting. We encourage any community members with related video to follow the link/QR code below to submit the video to SPD.”

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