Was Trump’s Hair Gray in Today’s Press Conference? Twitter Wants to Know

Is Trump's hair grey?

Getty Donald Trump's hair on November 13 (left) and on November 5.

After President Donald Trump’s latest press conference, Twitter is abuzz about the president possibly sporting gray hair. Many people think his hair looks decidedly different than it has in other press conferences. But if it is gray, this wouldn’t be the first time.

Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About Trump Possibly Having Gray Hair

People on Twitter can’t stop talking about Trump’s hair after his latest press conference and debating about whether or not it’s gray.

One person tweeted: “Does Trump have grey hair now?”

Another tweeted: “Trump has grey hair!”

At one point during the press conference, Trump seemed to almost refer to the “Biden administration,” but despite this moment, many people could still only talk about his hair.

One person wrote: “Am I the only one suddenly noticing that Trump has grey hair now?”

Some people are already claiming it’s a conspiracy. Others joked about Trump letting his hair go gray after a breakup. And others just couldn’t quit talking about it, writing: “I thought he had a blonde hair? Just went to grey hair within a week?”

Others on Twitter said he looked “less orange.” One person wrote: “Is it just me or is defeated Trump rolling with grey hair instead of the fake yellow? He even looks a little lighter on the bronzer. Wonder if today is the first time he’s worn clothes since 11/3 (other than Vet’s Day)?”

Here’s a photo of Trump from the November 13 press conference:

GettyPresident Donald Trump on November 13.

And here he is on November 5:

GettyPresident Donald Trump on November 5.

His hair certainly appears to be lighter on November 13 than on November 5, people on Twitter are saying.

This Isn’t the First Time His Hair Has Been Grayer in Color

This wouldn’t be the first time that Trump’s hair has been lighter in color in recent months. In July, radio station 1010 WINS reported that his hair looked lighter, and people couldn’t stop talking about it then, either. At the time, some even said that his hair had a slight blue tint to it, too.

Here’s a photo from the July press conference that got everyone’s attention:

One person wrote: “So is NO ONE going to talk about the elephant in the room here???????? When did Trump decide to tone down the spray tan and embrace his grey hair?!”

In late March, Vogue reported that Trump was experimenting with a silver tone to his hair. This was after another press conference, where Trump appeared with gray-looking hair. Vogue surmised that maybe he was going gray to match the tone of the pandemic and appear more relatable.

His hair had turned from golden to gray overnight, and Twitter noticed back then, too. Some wondered at the time if it was because the president was practicing social distancing due to the pandemic. Others wondered if it was from the stress of dealing with COVID-19.

Historian Alexis Coe told Vogue that she thought it was just about public image. She said at the time: “What I think might be happening is a kind of manipulation of the American public in which he is attempting to show citizens that he is suffering as well. It’s about optics — Trump is trying to distract from his late, dangerous, and sometimes fatal messaging around coronavirus.”

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