WATCH: ‘Loser-Palooza’ Plane Flies Over Trump Florida Rally

'Loser-Palooza' plane flies during the Trump rally.

Getty/YouTube/Twitter (MeidasTouch) 'Loser-Palooza' plane flies during the Trump rally.

During former President Donald Trump‘s rally in Florida on July 3, 2021, a plane flew over the event displaying the words “Loser-Palooza” on its wings. It didn’t take long for #LoserPalooza to begin trending on Twitter.

The Plane Showed the Words ‘Loser-Palooza’ as It Flew Over the Rally

Florida Trump Rally See's Plane with Message "Loser Palooza" During Trump Speech – SarasotaSarasota Florida Trump Rally See's Plane with Message "Loser Palooza" During Trump Speech Just sharing what I saw; this video does not reflect my personal opinion.2021-07-04T03:24:17Z

The plane could be seen flying over the Trump rally in Sarasota, Florida, while Trump was speaking about disinformation. You can see one clip of the plane above in the  YouTube video posted by Ryan Spicer or at this link.

In another video that was taken down from YouTube, you could see a different clip of the plane shared by the YouTube account J Dub. The person filming talked about how strange they thought the plane was acting as it flew over the rally.

J Dub wrote on YouTube, before the video was taken down: “It’s absolutely unreal that a plane can fly over a no fly zone for almost an hour without being forced out of the sky! It seemed like people were leaving due to the continuous fly overs made by this plane! It even flew back to the airport to refuel and came back! I know this because the airport is within a few miles and I live across the street and watched it fly into the airport. So it was allowed to take off again after landing with no repercussions. UNREAL!”

The same account later posted the video to YouTube again, and wrote that they had no idea what happened to the first video.

Plane flying over the Freedom Rally "Loser-Palooza #Trump #FreedomRally #TrumpRally #Sarasota #RNCTrying to enjoy a peaceful event with my family when a plane decides to fly in a no-fly zone for over an hour while refueling at the Sarasota/Bradenton Airport where I was sure the Secret Service would apprehend the person violating the law! This made many families leave while just trying to enjoy a freedom…2021-07-04T05:39:41Z

They wrote with the second video that the plane was flying in a no-fly zone for over an hour and refueling at the Sarasota Bradenton Airport.

MeidasTouch Took Credit for the Plane

A group called MeidasTouch took credit for the LoserPalooza plane on Twitter.

They tweeted: “There is a plane flying above Trump and his rally that says LOSER-PALOOZA. For those asking: yes we did that.”

To prove they were the group behind the plane, they shared a video from inside the cockpit, which you can watch in the tweet below.

Here’s another video of the plane that the group shared on Twitter:

They shared another video of the plane with the hashtag #LoserPalooza:

At one point after the rally, the phrase LoserPalooza was trending on Twitter.


One person wrote about trying to get the phrase trending: “Since we are being environmentally friendly and skipping fireworks tonight, let’s blow this up instead. #LoserPalooza”

The plane also made the local news, as a Florida NBC affiliate mentioned that it was flying during the rally. The reporter said she didn’t see an anti-Trump protest, but she did see the plane flying over the crowd during the rally.

According to the website, the group was created by three brothers (Ben Meiselas, Brett Meiselas and Jordan Meiselas) while they were in quarantine.

The website noted: “Created in quarantine by three brothers, MeidasTouch is a progressive, next-generation SuperPAC staffed solely by three siblings (and lifelong Democrats) with the primary goals of protecting American democracy, defeating Trumpism and holding Republicans accountable. Since our inception in April 2020, we have amassed an energized and engaged Twitter army of hundreds of thousands followers, garnered over one billion online impressions and helped Democrats win the 2020 presidential and Georgia runoff elections.” 

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