Trump vs. Biden Tampa Rally Attendance: See Crowd Size Photos

Trump vs Biden Tampa Rally Crowd

Getty Trump and Biden hosted rallies in Tampa.

Both former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump hosted rallies in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday, October 29, as part of their 2020 campaigns. Here’s a look at how many people attended those rallies, crowd size photos, and what happened at each.

Biden Hosted a Socially Distanced, Drive-In Rally Attended By Close to 300 Cars

GettySupporters listen as Joe Biden speaks.

Biden hosted a rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds. Unlike Trump’s rally, Biden’s was a drive-in rally that enforced social distancing. NBC News reported that Biden’s rally was attended by close to 300 cars.

GettySupporters listen as Biden speaks.

When Biden spoke in Tampa on Thursday evening, he said that Trump had just hosted “a superspreader event here again. He’s spreading more than just the virus, he’s spreading division,” he said.

GettySupporters listen to Joe Biden.

Biden also advocated for wearing masks. “This isn’t a political statement, it’s a patriotic duty,” he said. “But still, Donald Trump refuses to listen to science.”

GettyJoe Biden leaves the stage during a downpour after concluding his remarks.

While Trump’s rally earlier in the day used water hoses to help cool down supporters, Biden’s rally was interrupted by a heavy downpour of rain, which led to the rally ending early, NBC News reported. Biden told the crowd that he was shortening his speech. “Get out of the rain!” he advised.

Biden spoke about topics like healthcare, the pandemic, and taxes. Supporters honked in their cars to show support.

Biden’s rally enforced social distancing, shared Angie Angers of Bay News 9. She said masks were mandatory if people left their cars and they were asked not to gather in groups.

Raymond Arroyo, a contributor to Fox News, shared the following photos comparing the two rallies:

Thousands Attended Trump’s Rally

GettyPresident Donald Trump arrives to give a campaign speech to his supporters just four days before Election Day outside of Raymond James Stadium on October 29, 2020 in Tampa.

Zac Anderson of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune said the campaign told him that 15,000 tickets were requested. The number of attendees was estimated as being in the “thousands” and the crowd was packed together tightly.

A large crowd greeted Trump outside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The temperature was 87 degrees and so hot that a fire truck sprayed water on the crowd near the back to help them stay cool, TMZ reported.

GettyTampa Fire Rescue sprays water to cool off supporters of President Donald Trump during his campaign speech.

Some people passed out because the rally got so hot, shared Monica Alba of NBC News. She said medics were being called every five to 10 minutes because of the heat. NBC News later reported that 17 people needed medical attention and about a dozen had to go to the hospital.

First Lady Melania Trump was at the rally and introduced Trump.

GettyFirst Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump arrive.

Thousands attended Trump’s rally, Alba shared, and although they were given masks, some told her that they didn’t feel the need to wear them.

The crowd was packed shoulder-to-shoulder for the rally.

GettyPeople cheer during the rally.

This video also shows the crowd.

Zac Anderson of the Herald Tribune said the campaign told him that 15,000 tickets were requested. The number of attendees was estimated as being in the “thousands” and the crowd was packed together tightly.

Trump spoke about his platform during his speech, including the economy. He also talked about Hunter Biden and joked that people told him not to do so.

Trump also addressed the pandemic, saying that a vaccine was near and the pandemic was “rounding the corner.”

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