WATCH: Justice for J6 Capitol Protest Live Stream Videos

Getty The U.S. Capitol stands behind security fencing on September 17, 2021.

If you’re interested in watching live streams of the Justice for J6 rally and protest in Washington, D.C., at the Capitol, multiple videos are included below. These should all convert to fully rewatchable videos after the event ends. The event is said to be in support of nonviolent offenders who were arrested for the January 6 capitol riot.

Live Stream Videos Are Below

A number of live stream videos are available. This first video is from Reuters.

LIVE: Supporters of Jan. 6 assault rally outside the CapitolSupporters of the defendants being prosecuted for their actions at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 hold a ‘Justice for J6’ rally in the area between Union Station and the Capitol. #Live #Reuters #JusticeforJ6 #JusticeforJ6rally #Capitol2021-09-18T16:04:32Z

The following video is from News2Share.

VideoVideo related to watch: justice for j6 capitol protest live stream videos2021-09-18T12:23:30-04:00

This next video is from a YouTube account called PenguinSix.

LIVE #2 – US Capitol Justice for J6 rally coverage.2021-09-18T15:30:04Z

Next is a video provided by NewsTimeLiveBroadcast.

Justice for J6 Rally Washington D.C.Justice for J6 Rally Washington D.C.2021-09-18T15:28:20Z

This video is from Ruptly.

VideoVideo related to watch: justice for j6 capitol protest live stream videos2021-09-18T12:23:30-04:00

Look Ahead America Said the Protest Will Be Nonviolent, & Trump Said It Was a ‘Setup’ No Matter How Many Showed Up

Look Ahead America’s website released a statement on September 17 about the event and said:

We condemn political violence in all its forms, especially violence perpetrated on January 6, and we believe those who are found guilty should be punished.

This is a rally in support of those who have been charged with nonviolent offences to protest of their disparate treatment at the hands of the Department of Justice and the Judiciary.

Our event on Saturday, like all of our other events, is a 100% peaceful First Amendment exercise.

We have had dozen successful protest events around the country, including two in the District of Columbia, and we have worked on a daily basis with the Capitol Hill Police to ensure this is a safe, successful event.

Our leftist opponents want us to give up on the First Amendment, give up on voting, give up on citizen activism. While sitting on the sidelines, they push patriotic Americans to apathy and even to violence.

We believe that through peaceful community organizing and competent, honest leadership, we can restore and reform our government and save our country.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, September 18, and the seventeen state rallies in the coming weeks.

However, former President Donald Trump said the event was a setup no matter what the outcome, Politico reported.

Trump told the Federalist: “On Saturday, that’s a setup. If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”

CNN reported that the lineup of speakers included Congressional candidates Mike Collins and Joe Kent. A security presence is in place, including fully activating the Capitol Police along with the D.C. National Guard being ready to help if needed, CNN reported. Fencing was added around the Capitol and road closures will be in effect in the region.

Capitol Police also told CNN that an emergency declaration “will go into effect about the time of the demonstration and allow the Department to deputize outside law enforcement officers as United States Capitol Police Special Officers.”

The event is scheduled to take place until 1:15 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, September 19, at Union Square. Attendees were told in the official rules not to wear clothing related to any politician or candidate.

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