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15 Best Heated Hats: The Ultimate List

Maintaining a comfortable body temperature when enduring cold conditions has everything to do with keeping your head effectively warm. A toasty beanie, scarf, or earmuffs can do a lot when it comes to staying toasty, but sometimes you need a little extra heat when the mercury drops.

Our list of the best-heated hats will point you in the direction of the top options on the market for ensuring complete and total head warmth, no matter what mother nature throws your way!

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Your Hat Is Your Most Important Garment!

Every in-the-know outdoorsman realizes that trapping heat around your head is one of the best ways to stay warm. Without some coverage and insulation on your dome, you experience far greater heat loss. 

By adding some potent heat to your head area, you can ensure you retain all the precious internal warmth your body has to offer, while externally adding some heat as well!

The Warmest Heated Hats

For those seeking the warmest of the warm heated hat options regardless of fit or feel, the following options deliver the most potent and intense heat:

Heated Hats For Active Wear

Not all heated headwear is necessarily all that suited for activewear. Winter athletes seeking particularly low-profile options will likely be most interested in the following options:

Heated Clothing

Don't forget to consider equipping your winter wardrobe with some other heated garments if you're lacking toasty insulation. The outdoor industry has experienced a recent surge in quality heated apparel, so there's reliable toasty coverage available from head to toe! 

Be sure to check out our lists of the best heated gloves, socks, insoles, and pants, and maybe even consider the benefits of a heated camp chair while you're at it!