Josh Gordon Dedicates First Seahawks Win to His Late Brother

Josh Gordon Suspension

Instagram Josh Gordon's status for this season is in doubt.

Josh Gordon was absolutely clutch in his first game playing for the Seattle Seahawks. After being released by the New England Patriots and picked up on waivers, the wide-receiver’s debut with Pete Carroll’s squad happened to fall on Monday Night Football on November 11, 2019, which also happened to be Veterans Day.

While Gordon’s past with drugs and addiction has been well documented, he’s never shared much about his personal life growing up, and rarely shares photos of his family on social media.

However, in a Sports Illustrated article from 2013, he mentioned how his father Harold Gordon Sr. left his mother, Elaine Gordon, after the radio ad sales game went south, and described to ESPN in 2014, how his mom did her best while trying to raise three boys. Gordon has two older brothers, Harold Gordon Jr., who goes by the name Kain, and Andrew, who was briefly mentioned in the SI article as someone who survived an IED explosion while station in Iraq.

After the game, in which the Seahawks beat the undefeated 49ers 27-24 in OT, the 28-year-old posted a tribute to his older brother on Instagram with the caption, “Can’t put it all into words just yet, but today was one of those harder days to face. I love you big bro. I’m gonna miss you. This win was for you, thank you for being the best older brother any kid could have. #restwithgod #acewashington #familyovereverything”

It’s not certain how or when Gordon’s older brother passed away, or who specifically his tribute was a dedicated, for no other account was tagged in the post.

Gordon Received Condolences From New Seahawks Fans & His Old Patriots Fans

Gordon, who played college football at Baylor, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the second round of the 2012 draft. In 2018, Gordon went to play for the Patriots, filling the hole Danny Amendola left when he moved to the Dolphins. Now, he’s finding a new sports family while playing with Seattle, and the Seahawks’ fans flooded his comments sections with love and prayers for his lost brother.

One user wrote on Instagram, “You played your heart out today man we appreciate you or your loss,” while another commented, “You did amazing tonight and May you brother Rest In Peace.”

Even Patriots’ fans sent in their condolences. Marc Sequin tweeted, “Sorry for your loss, Josh, praying for you and your family. Stay Strong and Keep Fighting the Good Fight. We miss you in New England and still wish only the best for you!”

Gordon Deleted All the Photos He Shared On Instagram Prior to January 10, 2018 — Including Pictures of His Daughter

Lockhart gave birth to Emma, her daughter with Gordon, on May 14, 2015. After 19 months locked in a paternity case with Christina Lockhart, DNA results confirmed he was the father in 2016. Emma continues to live in Ohio with her mom, who’s a registered nurse at Cleveland University Hospital.

But since Gordon has wiped any photos that aren’t football related from his Instagram, there’s no photos of his family anywhere on his social media, which makes his tribute to his older brother all the more surprising.

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