Josh Gordon’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Josh Gordon has a child with his ex-girlfriend, Christina Lockhart, and grew up in Houston, Texas. He has been outspoken about his "rough" childhood

Josh Gordon is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, having joined their roster in the fall of 2018. He played college football at Baylor, and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the second round of the 2012 draft.

Now, 27-year-old Gordon is looking to make an impact for the Patriots, filling the hole Danny Amendola left when he moved to the Dolphins last year.

Gordon has previously been open about his struggles with addiction in the past. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Gordon Has a Three-Year-Old Daughter With  Christina Lockhart

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No matter what, daddy’s got you.

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Amidst a high-profile child support legal battle, Gordon has managed to keep his relationship with his daughter relatively private. Her name is Emma. It’s not clear what the custody breakdown is with Emma, especially given that he now plays for the Patriots.

Very little is known about Christina Lockhart, beyond the fact that she lives in Ohio and had to legally request Gordon take a paternity test, as he originally denied he was the father. In fact, it took 19 months for Gordon to finally admit he was the father of Emma. Even after the paternity test proved that Gordon’s likelihood of being the father was over 99 percent, the legal struggles haven’t stopped since then: Gordon and Lockhart have engaged in a long, lengthy legal battle over child support payment over the last few years.

2. Gordon’s Ex, Lockhart, Lives in Ohio & Is Currently Studying to Be a Nurse

According to her Facebook, Lockhart is currently studying to be either an operating room nurse or a pediatric nurse. She also works in Independence, Ohio.

Lockhart and Gordon are no longer together, and Lockhart has not had any additional children. It’s unclear if she’s currently in another relationship.

3. Gordon Has Been Open About His Rough Childhood in the Past

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I promise.

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In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Gordon was transparent about the “gangbanging, drug-dealing, carjackings, armed robberies and shootouts” that he claimed to take part in. In fact, Gordon’s childhood is such a point of interest, that his manager, Michael Johnson, told Sports Illustrated that there were potential deals in the works, in terms of books and movie contracts.

Johnson said to Sports Illustrated, “I can’t give you his whole life story when you’re not even guaranteeing me the cover [of Sports Illustrated]. Because, first off, we are not getting paid for this.”

Still, Gordon said to Sports Illustrated, anyways, “If I was going to be a thug or a gangster, I was going to be the best gangster out there.”

4. Gordon’s Parents, Harold & Elaine Gordon, Are Divorced

Little is known of Gordon’s parents Harold and Elaine, or his two brothers. Gordon’s family is Haitian, and Gordon has occasionally mentioned their support on social media.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Gordon family were middle class for the early years of Gordon’s life, and then things took a downward turn after the “radio ad sales game” turned on Harold Gordon. As for Elaine Gordon, she is an elementary school teacher. Sports Illustrated reports that Elaine and Harold Gordon were divorced in 2006. The Gordon family moved over eight times during Gordon’s childhood, and he talked about the constant arrival of eviction notices to Sports Illustrated.

As for Gordon’s brothers, one brother, Andrew served in Iraq and survived an ED explosion while he was stationed there.

5. Gordon Lived With His Manager, Michael Johnson, For Just Under a Year During His NFL Suspension

According to Sports Illustrated, Gordon lived with his manager, Michael Johnson, for over 10 months in Gainesville, Florida, while he was serving out his NFL suspension after violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Johnson, who was a college football player himself, has been very proactive about regaining Gordon’s interests after Gordon lost several peak years of playing time. He spoke to Sports Illustrated about the talks that he’s in for both book and movie deals for Gordon, though nothing official has been released on that front.

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