Christina Lockhart, Josh Gordon’s Ex-Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Christina Lockhart Josh Gordon girlfriend

Getty/Facebook Christina Lockhart is the mother of Josh Gordon's daughter, Emma. She and Gordon have been involved in public disputes over child support payments in the last year.

Christina Lockhart is the mother of Josh Gordon’s daughter, Emma. Though she and Gordon didn’t seem to have a long or serious relationship, they’ve engaged in a prolonged public battle over child support payments over the last few years.

Gordon has posted several pictures of his daughter, Emma, to social media in recent years, but he doesn’t have any social media of his relationship with Lockhart.

Lockhart currently lives in Ohio with Emma. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Lockhart Gave Birth to Her Daughter, Emma, in 2015

Lockhart gave birth to Emma, her daughter with Gordon, on May 14, 2015. It’s unclear what type of relationship Gordon and Lockhart had, but it’s clear that they were not together at the time of her birth.

According to FabWags, Lockhart was born on May 24, 1990, she lived for a period of time in Maple, Heights, Ohio, and she worked as a hospital and health care professional at Anna Maria of Aurora, though it seems that she’s now back in school.

2. Lockhart Is Studying to Be a Nurse & Currently Works at a Bar in Independence, Ohio

According to her Facebook profile, Lockhart is studying to be either an operating room nurse or a pediatric nurse. She currently works in Independence, Ohio.

3. Gordon Didn’t Admit to Being the Father of Lockhart’s Child for 19 Months

Though Lockhart maintained that Gordon was the father of her child from the beginning, it took Gordon a full 19 months after Emma’s birth (as well as a legally mandated paternity test) for him to finally admit that he was the father of Lockhart’s child.

In September of 2016, Gordon finally acknowledged his paternal role in court, claiming that he wanted to be involved in Emma’s life and confirming that he wished to be granted “reasonable parenting time with the child as agreed upon by the parties.”

Though Gordon has since posted several pictures of his time spent with Emma to Instagram, it’s unclear what exactly he’s been granted, in terms of custody.

4. Lockhart & Gordon Have Been Involved in a Prolonged Legal Battle Over Child Support Payments

Throughout the last few years, Gordon and Lockhart have been embroiled in a heated child support battle. In August, court records reflected that Lockhart had allegedly threatened to “to air sensitive information to the public in an effort to embarrass [Gordon].”

On July 20, a Cuyahoga County judge finally issued a temporary order for child support, after a full three years of legal battles: Gordon is currently required to pay monthly child support payments of $6,765, as of August, 2018. That number was derived from Gordon’s $800,000 NFL salary (though he received almost none of that figure during his NFL suspension, his payments were set to resume in September) as well as Lockart’s $16,000 annual salary.

On December 26, 2016, Lockhart wrote in a Facebook status,

To whom this may concern:
Just wanted to clear up something with y’all. I have a full time job and I got to school full time! Yes I have government medical ( due to servers don’t get health benefit and it’s illegally not to have health insurance now a days) & I receive only $20 a month in food stamps (my daughter eats that in a day). I am sorry if I offending anyone because I ask the government to help me where I lack as a single parent. So with that being said this will be the first and last time I will speak on this subject of “welfare”. Have a blessed day!

5. Lockhart Has Asked People Not to Ask Her About Her Relationship & Child Support Battle With Gordon

Lockhart has requested that people not ask her questions about her relationship to Gordon, as well as her legal battles with him. On Facebook, she wrote a lengthy post in 2016,

“So last night I was asked the question “Why I never outed or went in on Emma’s dad this whole time?” This is not the first time I’ve been asked this question but every tim eI’m asked I always answer “IDK.” Last night that was not the acceptable answer. My friend told me to stop n really think about it. She went on to ask did “I not say anything cause I loved him? Was I embarrassed? Like thing could have played out totally different your baby dad is Josh Gordon. So I looked at her and began to cry n I told her…”I don’t gain anything for bad mouthing him at the end of the he’s still Emma’s dad regardless of what he does or doesn’t do that’s the person I created my daughter with.”



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