11 Best Foosball Tables for Home: Compare, Buy & Save

best foosball table


Trying to find the best foosball table for your home isn’t that tough. Even so, we’ve compiled a list below of our top recommendations to help make your decision easier.

Unlike pool tables or full size air hockey tables, foosball tables take up less space but will still provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family and friends.

What are the Best Foosball Tables for Home Use?

american legend charger foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Warp-resistant
  • Non-slip handles
  • Internal ball return system
Price: $277.54 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best choice products foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Space-saver
  • Good value
Price: $139.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
atomic pro force foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Has leg levelers
  • Comfortable rubber handles
  • Internal ball return
Price: $397.59 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
tornado sport foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • SureGrip handles
  • Height-adjustable legs
  • Tornado brand
Price: $1,245.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
eastpoint sports ellington foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Official competition size
  • Designed for power
  • Sleek look
Price: $449.94 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
kick legend foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sturdy
  • Premium bearings
  • Elegant look
Price: $599.85 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
hathaway primo foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • E-Z Spin bearings
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Built-in cup holders (4)
Price: $549.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
triumph sweeper foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Space-saver
  • Lightweight (approx. 41 pounds)
  • Good value
Price: $95.18 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
barrington foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Chrome-plated player rods
  • Fast surface
  • Stylish look
Price: $308.42 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
tornado t300 foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Competition handles
  • 3-piece bearings
  • Comes with lot of accessories
Price: $2,495.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
seg foosball table Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Steel ball bearings
  • Built-in drink holders (4)
  • Chrome accents
Price: $499.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. American Legend Charger Foosball Table (52 Inches)

    • This set-up is ideal for kids and beginners
    • A chrome cross bar support is there to add support
    • The internal ball return system makes it easy to keep track after a goal
    • No built-in cup holders
    • Probably not suited for more advanced players
    • The table isn't as sturdy as others as there no leg levelers

    The simple set-up and design of the American Legend Charger Foosball Table makes it perfect for kids and beginners. Yet you won’t lose any playability thanks to the chrome-finished 1/2-inch hollow rods, which are designed to keep the game fast.

    Highlighted by an internal ball return system, the table has 8 total rods (4 per team) with ergonomic handles that control 11 players per team, including a goalie. There is an abacus-style scoreboard.

    Measuring 52 inches long by 26 inches wide by 34 inches high, the table features a 3/16-inch MDF playing surface that is designed to help reduce warping and the chrome cross bars on the legs which will provide stability. Also helping with keeping the table sturdy are the solid 3.75-inch square legs.

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  2. 2. Best Choice Products Foosball Table (48 Inches)

    • Constructed of composite wood and crome-finished steel rods for added durability
    • Space-saving size ideal for smaller rooms and players of all ages and skill levels
    • Comes with useful accessories, including two foosball balls and built-in cup holders
    • Some users felt the playing surface was too thin
    • Some users felt the directions weren't very effective
    • Some weren't happy with the packaging as the table was delivered damaged in some cases

    Space-saving, value, and fun are a few words to describe the Best Choice Products Foosball Table, which measures 48 inches long by 24 inches wide by 33 inches high, compact enough to fit into smaller areas.

    Featuring chrome-finished steel rods with ergonomic handles and strong composite wood construction, the table is built to last. There are 8 total rows (4 per team) consisting of 11 red and 11 white life-like “players.” Other features include built-in cup holders and an abacus slide scoreboard. You’ll also get 2 foosball balls.

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  3. 3. Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table (56 Inches)

    • The L-style legs, leg levelers, and MDF aprons provide stability and durability
    • The 5/8-inch chrome hollow steel rods help with speed of play
    • The internal ball return and ball entry help keep the flow of the game moving quickly
    • A bit on the pricey side
    • Some users felt he construction wasn't very durable
    • No built-in cup holders

    When looking for the best foosball table, you’ll want to find one that combines play performance, durability, and style, and the Atomic Pro Force does just those.

    The 4-5/8-inch L-style legs with 3 1/2-inch levelers and 13 7/8-inch by 1-inch MDF aprons provide stability, balance, and durability, while the 5/8-inch chrome hollow steel rods and 1/2-inch MDF playfield promote faster play. Control the robot-style players (11 per team) with ergonomic, comfortable rubber handles. 

    The table also features an internal ball return system and manual slide scoring. You’ll receive four foosball balls with the purchase.

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  4. 4. Tornado Sport Foosball Table (56 Inches)

    • 1/8-inch hollow steel rods allow for smooth spinning and more power
    • Thick cabinet and legs provide stability and leg levelers allow for a balance playing surface
    • SureGrip black rubber ergonomic handles help reduce hand fatigue
    • On the pricey side
    • No counterbalanced men like in many other Tornado models
    • Some users had difficulty with assembly and accompanying instructions

    Tornado foosball tables have been used in the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) World Championships since 1986, so you know they’re 100 percent credible. And the Tornado Sport Foosball Table is one of their more popular models for players of all skill levels.

    Some of the top features include the Mahogany Melamine finish with a 1-inch thick cabinet and strong square legs with levelers to ensure a balanced playing surface. The 1/8-inch hollow steel rods, which are controlled by ergonomic rubber handles, allow for smooth spins and maximum power. The playing surface is 3/4-inch melamine and features the Tornado logo.

    The patented Tornado “players” themselves feature Tornado’s sharper corners and an increased cross section to promote better ball control, passing, and shot consistency.


  5. 5. EastPoint Sports Ellington Foosball Table (60 Inches)

    • The high performance steel rods designed for easy spin, slide, and maximum power
    • Includes a shim pack for easy leveling and a balanced playing surface
    • The table is official competition size, ideal for players of all skill levels
    • Some users felt the construction wasn't very study
    • Some users said the table had a bad odor
    • Might be too large for kids and some rooms (need roughly a 10 by 8 room in feet)

    If you’re a serious player who is looking for an official competition size foosball table, take a look at the EastPoint Sports Ellington, which measures 60 inches long. The full dimensions are 60 inches by 29.75 inches wide by 34 inches high, while the playing surface is 46.62 inches long by 26.75 inches wide.

    The high performance table features steel player rods which slide and spin with ease while promoting faster play. The players themselves are durable robo-style and are built to last. Other highlights include leg levelers and bead scoring system. You’ll also receive four textured foosball balls that are designed to promote exccellent control.

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  6. 6. Kick Legend Foosball Table (55 Inches)

    • You can set it up as one-man or three-man goalie configuration
    • Chrome-plated playing rods (5/8-inch) promote smoother spins and more power
    • Elegant design with sturdy leg levelers for a balanced playing surface
    • On the pricey side
    • Some could have trouble with assembly as users weren't happy with the instructions
    • Some users felt some of the parts weren't durably made

    Kick has been in the foosball table business since 1990 and their 55-Inch Legend model is one of their most popular with players of all skill levels and ages.

    One of the cooler features of the Legend is that you can set it up as one-man or three-man goalie configuration, whatever your preference. In all, you’ll receive 26 total players — 13 Red and 13 Blue, and they all have counterbalanced weight. And you can expect smooth spinning and maximum power thanks to the 5/8-inch semi-solid stainless steel chrome-plated rods that have ergonomic non-slip handles.

    Other highlights include an elegant design with study legs that have levelers (5 inches) to ensure a balanced playing surface, ball returns at each end, sliding score trackers at each end, and a 1/2-inch thick durable playing surface.

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  7. 7. Hathaway Primo Foosball Table (56 Inches)

    • The E-Z Spin bearings in the spin rods ensure fast play and are built to last
    • Smooth, fast green surface resembles a real pitch with color contrasts
    • Sturdy wood construction with leg levelers that have protective pads on the feet
    • Probably not the best choice for serious players
    • Some users said the "players" aren't very durable and a few reported they broke too easily
    • On the pricey side

    The Hathaway Primo Foosball Table not only has a sleek Espresso-finished look, but the E-Z Spin Bearings in the stainless steel spin rods ensure fast play and are built to last. 

    The “pitch” itself is pretty unique as it resembles the green grass of a real field, including contrast marks. The “players” have a vintage look and have a glossy finish and you can control them with the ergonomic solid wood handles. 

    Other cool features include the 4 built-in cup holders, 5-inch leg levelers, an analog scoring system, chrome-edged ball return, a cross supported surface, and two balls which resemble real soccer balls.

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  8. 8. Triumph Sweeper Foosball Table (48 Inches)

    • The space-saving size (48 inches) is great for smaller areas and kids
    • Chrome-plated rods for faster play & ergonomic handles to reduce hand fatigue
    • It comes with 26 (13 per team) molded players and 4 regulation size foosballs
    • Some users had trouble getting the table level; thought the levelers weren't very effecfive
    • Probably not suited for more advanced players
    • Some users thought the table wasn't durably constructed

    Perfect for kids, beginners, and those who have less room, the 48-inch Triumph Sweeper Foosball Table can also be had a very good price. It also weighs just over 40 pounds so it can be moved easily.

    The table features chrome-plated rods for smoother, faster play and ergonomic handles to reduce hand fatigue. The legs have built-in levelers to ensure a balanced playing surface. 

    You’ll also receive 4 balls that resemble soccer balls and 26 molded players.

    Browse a wider selection of Triumph Sports Games for more options of indoor and outdoor entertainment.

  9. 9. Barrington Foosball Table (56 Inches)

    • The ramp on the playing surfaces ensures there will be no dead spots
    • Steel player rods promote smoother spin and more power
    • Stylish look includes wood grain laminated finish, chrome accents, and contemporary features
    • Some users felt it took a while to assemble
    • Some users thought it was very sturdy
    • No built-in drink holders

    Highlighted by a sleek design, which includes a wood grain laminate finish with chrome accents, the Barrington Foosball Table combines style and functionality to produce a high-performance table.  

    Some of the top features include strong square legs with oversized levelers (5 inches) and two steel cross bars on each end for extra stability, smooth spinning steel player rods, robot-style players, ergonomic handles, beaded scoring system, and ball return stations on each end. 

    The table measures 56 inches long by 30 inches wide by 34 inches high, and comes with two balls.

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  10. 10. Tornado T3000 Foosball Table (56 Inches)

    • Thick heat-treated, chrome-plated, hollow steel rods provide smooth spinning and power
    • The thin-wall bearing allows for better ball control
    • Split-cabinet design so that the top can come off for full access to the playing surface
    • It's expensive
    • Might be "too much" for a beginner
    • Some users find that the ball return system is a bit tricky when trying to retrieve the ball to start play again

    Often touted as the best foosball table, the Tornado T3000 is the official table for the Tornado National Tour, Tornado National Foosball League and the International Table Soccer Foundation. So you can say it’s pretty legit.

    One of the top highlights is the split-cabinet design which allows you full access to the playing surface so you clean or replace it if need be. The playing surface itself is brushed alumin laminate and that promotes faster play, while the thin-wall bearings allow for better ball control. 

    Other features include solid-iron, chrome-plated player rods, competition handles, counterbalanced players with sharper corners and wider surfaces for better ball control, commercial-grade legs with levelers, and game and match score counters.

    You’ll also get a ton of accessories including three precision-ground red balls, a bottle of silicone, bearing wrench, pin punch, rule book, and much more. 

    Browse a wider selection of Tornado Foosball Tables, Equipment, and Accessories for all your gaming needs.

  11. 11. Seg Foosball Table (60 Inches)

    • Raised corners help eliminate dead spots and keep the action going
    • Chrome steel player rods and slide bearings promote smooth spinning and extra power
    • Internal ball returns on both sides to help expedite play after goals
    • Size (60 inches) might be too large for kids
    • Some might have trouble with the assembly
    • It has a one-man goalie; some might prefer the three-man goalie set-up

    The Seg Foosball Table has a modern design and durable construction featuring medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and sturdy square legs with levelers to ensure a balanced playing surface. 

    Regulation size at 55 inches long (playing area is 46 inches long by 26.7 inches wide), the table features 15mm chrome-played steel rods with slide bearings and comfortable handles, raised corners to prevent dead spots and promote faster play, ball returns on both sides, 4 built-in drink holders, and an abacus-style scoring system. This particular table as a one-man goalie set-up. 

    Check out all the foosball accessories such as extra balls, table covers, handle wraps, silicone, and more to prolong your table’s longevity.


What is the Right Size Foosball Table for Me?

Choosing the right size foosball table really comes down to how much space you have and who are you getting it for.

All of the foosball tables on this list range from 4 feet (48 inches) to 5 feet (60 inches). Not much of a difference, though smaller tables are better for the kids. If you're a more advanced player, you'll probably want to go with the 60 inch table.

But, again, it's your table, your preference.

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