Antonio Brown Throws Serious Shade at Raiders’ Derek Carr

derek carr antonio brown

Getty Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr with Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown has been lobbying for a return to the Las Vegas Raiders, but it remains to be seen if any team will want him in 2020. It seems very unlikely the Raiders will be the team give him a chance based on what Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock have said in the past. Regardless, Brown has been trying to make amends and eventually, talent could always win out.

That said, Derek Carr probably can’t be the quarterback for the team if they brought Brown back. He shaded the quarterback when he left the team and his brothers went after the wide receiver. Since then, Brown has taken jabs at Carr on several different occasions – including an offer to buy his Las Vegas house. Derek Carr himself has been nothing but class through the whole ordeal and hasn’t had anything negative to say about Brown in public.

Rumors are recently swirling that the Raiders could be moving on from their quarterback and Brown decided to hit Carr with his biggest cheap shot yet.

If you just read the caption, it sounds like Brown is offering Carr a compliment. However, the video shows the quarterback overthrowing Brown on two separate occasions in practice. It’s unnecessary and ridiculous for Brown to throw Carr under the bus like that. For one, Brown was hardly ever at practice, so Carr didn’t get a lot of time to build rapport with him. Plus, every quarterback makes bad throws. There’s almost certainly footage out there of Brown messing up in practice.

This Proves That Brown Still Has a Lot of Maturing to Do

This move from Brown just proves that he’s still not ready to be on an NFL roster. He’s playing nice right now, but as soon as things go wrong for him, there’s reason to believe he’ll go back to his old antics. There’s going to be a lot of concern around the idea that he’s just putting on a face right now so that he can get back on a team, but once he’s back, the script could flip.

Any team that signs him should strongly consider giving him a contract that is loaded with incentives.

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Derek Carr Still Has a Lot to Prove

It’s not a great time for Derek Carr right now. Almost every day there is a new rumor that the Raiders are going to make a big move at quarterback. It also doesn’t help that teammates are getting excited about the idea of Tom Brady coming to the team. Brown taking a shot at him only adds insult to injury.

The fact of the matter is that if Carr wants to quiet everybody, he needs to improve. He looked destined for greatness after his 2015 and 2016 seasons. He fell off a little bit in 2017 and was not great in 2018. He showed signs of life in 2019, but still lacked consistency. If he’s still the Raiders’ quarterback in 2020, he needs to step up. No more fumbling out of the end zone or throwing the ball away on third or fourth down. Carr is not a bad quarterback, but he makes some really bad plays. If he can mitigate those and start making big throws like he used to, the Raiders will likely commit to him for a long time.

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