Redskins Thinking About Cam Newton

Cam Newton

Getty Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers.

Cam Newton remains unsigned and it could be a while before he lands a future gig in the NFL.

The Chargers appeared to be a top destination for the former MVP earlier in the offseason, though they draft Justin Herbert with the No. 6 overall pick in the 2020 draft, and with Tyrod Taylor in the fold, there isn’t a major need for another veteran QB.

Finding a suitor for Newton at this stage in free agency is no easy task. The Jaguars don’t have a proven option at QB, though they are intent on giving Gardner Minshew a real shot. The Dolphins are moving forward with Ryan Fitzpatrick ushering in their QB of the future, Tua Tagovailoa and the Patriots seem content with their stable of QB options.

What about the Redskins? Coach Ron Rivera has already brought in one former Panthers QB in Kyle Allen. Could he bring in another? The coach said he’s thought about it.

“You know, the thing about Cam really is the situation,” Rivera said (via Pro Football Talk). “We’re in a situation where we’ve got two really young quarterbacks, one that’s been with us, been in the system, understands how we want things done and the other one is a guy who was taken last year in the first round and shows some promise. You go back and break Dwayne down, you see a lot of positive things.

“I think with Cam, and I have thought about it, I mean, it’s something that’s run through my mind, and it’s about the situation and circumstances. I’m not sure I would do it. I’m not sure if I wouldn’t do it. It depends on circumstances.”

No team stands to gain more from signing Newton. Washington projects to win over two more games with the QB on the roster vs. their current options, as I previously detailed.

That may have more to do with the fact that neither Allen nor Haskins has proven that they are long-term starting material over any sort of hope that Newton can return to top form.

Coronavirus Causing Delay in Newton Signing?

Newton has had his share of injuries and any team that is considering him will ultimately want to have their medical teams evaluate him. That could be problematic with coronavirus-related restrictions, which is something Newton previously alluded to.

“It’s so much possibility for me right now, but the fact that this corona situation has hit, I’m not a person to blame or do any of that things, man, it’s business,” Newton told Chris Paul on Instagram Live (h/t Pro Football Talk). “But at the same time, I think I have been affected in a lot of ways, and it’s just [unfortunate], but yeah, at the end of the day, man, I’m going to let the ball play how it play, man, and go from there.”

Uncertain Times for Newton

Newton remains on the streets as the Panthers welcome a new starting QB to the franchise. Teddy Bridgewater, who spent the last two seasons in New Orleans, will take over under new coach Matt Rhule.

“I’m a fish out of water. I’ve never not known anything other than the Carolina Panthers, and now it’s like I want God to direct my path and put me in a position where I can thrive and be myself. But on top of that, it’s still [about] becoming better,” Newton said.

Newton added that he’s been meditating every morning for the first time in his life, and it’s been a positive experience. The soon-to-be 31-year-old said he has really taken the time to become “stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.”

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