Catch a Glimpse of Falcons New Uniforms in ‘Madden 21’ Game Trailer [WATCH]

Deion Jones

Getty Deion Jones #45 of the Atlanta Falcons.

17 season later and the Atlanta Falcons have gotten a new look. The official collection includes four jerseys and four pants including an all-white uniform that seems to be a fan favorite.

The all-white look is featured in the official ‘Madden 21’ trailer and they look really, really good.

At around 27 seconds, you can catch a glimpse of the redesign where Saints running back Alvin Kamara catches a pass, makes a move on a Falcons defender but then is brought down by Falcons linebacker Deion Jones.

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Some Notable Faces Fill the 1 Minute 30 Clip

Lamar Jackson steals the spotlight along with NFL notables such as Christian McCaffrey, Russell Wilson, and Saquon Barkley.

You’ll also see Tom Brady repping his new Buccaneers uniform, Joe Burrow I’m his Bengals gear and Chase Young rocking the Redskins look of burgundy and gold.

At the very beginning of the video, You can also catch a sneak peek inside of the Las Vegas Raiders’ new home, Allegiant Stadium.

EA Sports Doesn’t Feature Todd Gurley

It is slightly rude that EA Sports didn’t feature Todd Gurley or Julio Jones in the trailer. However, there was a separate highlight from EA Sports that had Gurley making a power move.

Gurley was featured repping the Falcons’ new all-black uniforms while making successful juke moves against his former Rams teammates.

This is exactly what we needed to see since there’s plenty of beef going on between Gurley and the Rams since Gurley has yet to receiver the money that they still owe him. At least the Falcons paid him.

Madden Used Falcons QB on 2004 Cover

17 years ago, Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Mike Vick was featured on the cover of Madden.

On the cover, the game-changing, left-handed passer, as always, looked so focused and appeared to be looking downfield for an open target. He had the same look in his eyes, but there was something new about him, it was his uniform.

That year, No. 7 Vick jerseys were hard to keep in stores due to every fan across America wanting one. Though Vick didn’t spend the decade with the Falcons due to poor choices, the jerseys did.

The Falcons unveiling this year definitely wasn’t as exciting as 2004, mainly because they were leaked early and had to be released in video format due to quarantine. But nonetheless, it was a much-needed change.

Meaning Behind Falcons Uniforms

For almost two decades, fan research was collected from focus groups. Current and former Falcons players gave their input too. Here’s what the results appeared to gather: own red, but bring on the black, reflect the modern progression of the city, and lastly keep it simple and stay true to our roots.

Overall, the new design is meant to reflect the past and present, the pride of Atlanta, and their prestige home turf, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Everyone knows what “ATL” stands for. So it only made sense that the Falcons would represent this three-letter abbreviation that people across the globe can recognize. The new uniforms now have a new ATL mark across the chest. This new mark reflects the Falcons playing their huge part in bringing people from all different backgrounds together.

The alternate home uniform, “Rise Up,” is for the next generation of Falcons fans. The gradient design washing from black to red represents the city constantly on the rise.

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