Dan Quinn Comments on New Falcons Uniforms

Dan Quinn

getty Head coach Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons.

If you didn’t already know the Atlanta Falcons are FINALLY getting new uniforms, well now you know. The new uniforms are set to be revealed in April except nobody knows the details. However, Falcons’ beat reporter Matt Tabeek got an inside scoop from coach Dan Quinn.

The Falcons tweeted out the podcast interview yesterday afternoon:

Its been a long time coming and Quinn is really, really excited about the new look.

“Well, I think they put a lot into the way they look, number one,” Dan Quinn said. “When you have – think about all of us being on team sports and you have your uniform. Like man, that feels right. But for this particular look, yeah I’ve been fighting for this… for a few years too. So, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see some of this look come together.”

Quinn didn’t give a lot of detail aside from the fact that he has been trying to get new uniforms since he was hired back in 2015 and how much he likes them.

“So, I am in full support of this move and where we’re at,” Dan Quinn said. “Not only will the players be happy, but I think the fans. I know the head coach certainly is. I think it looks really cool.”

The fact that coach Quinn is happy about them means a lot from a fan perspective and that should be enough information to hold everyone over for at least another month until they’re revealed.

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Falcons Uniforms Date Back to 2004

The Falcons current uniform has been worn for 17 seasons. That’s a long time and it all started in 2004 with Mike Vick on the cover of Madden.

The game-changing, left-handed quarterback, as always, looked focused on the cover and appeared to be looking downfield for an open target. He had the same look in his eyes, but what was new on him, was his uniform.

That year, No. 7 Vick jerseys were hard to keep in stores due to every fan across America wanting one. Though Vick didn’t spend the decade with the Falcons due to poor choices, the jerseys did.

Arthur Blank Answers Fan’s Request

Back in January Falcons owner Arthur Blank sent a letter to season ticket members telling them about the change.

“Time and again, we’ve heard you ask for new uniforms over the years,” Blank said. “We’ve listened to your feedback and worked closely with Nike and the NFL over the past two years to create a look that represents you and reflects Atlanta’s culture, pride, and unity.”

Fans have been asking for a change for years and now they’re getting what they want. Something specific to the uniform they’ve been wanting is a red helmet and that is likely to happen.

Same coaching staff with a fresh roster and fresh uniforms, will 2020 be the season the Falcons make it to the Superbowl? Falcons fans can only hope.

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