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5 Best Center Shafted Putters for Any Golfer

center shafted putters


There are a few advantages to using center shafted putters, especially for players who like to keep their eyes directly above the ball at address.

This style of putter tends to be face-balanced and benefits players who take the club head straight back and swing straight through in an attempt to keep the head square the full stroke.

We’ve compiled a list below of the some of the more popular center shafted putters available right now to help make your decision easier.

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What are the Best Center Shafted Golf Putters?

wilson infinite putter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Douvble-milled face
  • Sleek design
  • Headcover included
Price: $119.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ray cook silver ray sr400 putter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Excellent value
  • Attractive design
  • Headcover included
Price: $59.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
taylormade truss putter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent sound & feel
Price: $189.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
seemore pure center blade putter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Excellent balance
  • Glare-reducing finish
  • Innovative design
Price: $248.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bell n360 milled putter Amazon Customer Reviews
  • CNC milled face
  • Many combinations
  • Headcover included
Price: $151.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Wilson Infinite South Side Putter

    • The double-milled face is designed to promote solid impact for optimal roll and distance control
    • Anti-glare finish makes the sight lines easy to see at alignment
    • The counterbalanced technology helps promote a smoother, more controlled roll
    • Quantities might be limited
    • Some users felt the club heas was a bit bulky
    • Some might find the oversized grip to be too thick

    The Wilson Infinite South Side Putter is highlighted by its double-milled face, which is designed to promote more consistency on contact for optimal roll and distance control.

    This center shafted putter features counter-balanced technology that moves the balance point closer to your hands. This helps you get more consistent putting strokes.

    The dark PVD finish helps reduce glare, making the sight lines very easy to see at alignment.

    The South Side is available for both right- and left-handed players in 34 or 35 inches in length and has a loft of 3.0 degrees and a lie of 71.0 degrees.

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  2. 2. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400

    • Distinct top sight line helps get proper alignment
    • Mid-size grip is super comfortable
    • Players have noted the putter has excellent balance, helping get better feel and consistency
    • Some users felt it didn't feel very well made
    • Some users might prefer a thicker grip compared the SR400's midsize grip
    • It's an older model so quantities might be limited

    The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400 has a sleek look and comes at an excellent value.

    The center-shafted putter has an easy-to-see top sight line so you can get proper alignment on every putt.

    It features a soft, comfortable mid-size grip and balance throughout which promotes optimal feel on contact, while providing consistency on the greens.

    The SR400 is available in 34 and 35 in length. Both have a 3 degree loft and 70 degree lie. 

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  3. 3. TaylorMade Truss Putter

    • Colbalt blue Pure Roll insert provides a better sound and feel
    • Adjustable sole weights allow you to customize Center of Gravity position
    • Topline features two contact points, leading to more stability
    • A bit on the pricey side
    • Quantities might be limited
    • This particular item is for right-handed players only

    The TaylorMade Truss Putter has a unique hosel design and two contact points on the topline, which promote more stability.

    Featuring a KBS Stepless Stability Shaft, the putter has a Colbalt Blue Pure Roll insert which helps produce a better sound and feel on contact. The insert has 45 degree grooves, which increases topspin for a more consistent roll.

    Another highlight are the adjustable sole weights which allow you to customize the Center of Gravity (CG) positioning to cater to your putting stroke.

    While the Truss is one of the more expensive center shafted putters, it’s built to get you the consistency on the greens you need to shave strokes off your score.

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  4. 4. SeeMore Pure Center Blade Putter

    • Innovative technology; when you can't see the red dot, the head is square
    • Center shaft combines with the counterbalance to promote smoother rolls with more consistency
    • Black matte finish reduces glare and lets the white alignment lines be easily seen
    • Some users might not prefer the smaller head of the blade style
    • Some might find it takes a little while to get used to the alignment system
    • Quantities and combinations are limited (34 inches and right-hand only)

    Highlighted by patented RifleScope Technology (RST), the SeeMore Pure Center Blade Putter is one of the more unique clubs on this list and is designed to improve overall consistency.

    RST features a red dot on the topline of the club. When you are aligning your putt and you can see the red dot, the club head is square and you’re ready. 

    The black matte finish reduces glare, while making the sightlines easily viewable. The center shaft design with combines with the built-in counterbalancing to help promote excellent feel and consistency.

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  5. 5. Bell N-360 Milled Putter

    • CNC milled face provides solid sound and feel on contact with consistent smooth roll
    • Club head is made of 303 stainless steel and weighs standard 360 grams
    • Heel-toe weighted design provides excellent balance
    • If you don't use a blade style, this putter isn't for you
    • If you're looking for a flashy design, this putter probably isn't for you
    • The sight lines aren't as clear on this putter as some of the others on the list

    Highlighted by a CNC Milled face and heel-toe weighting, the Bell N-360 Putter provides excellent sound and feel on contact as well as optimal balance.

    This milled face has been in the works for decades and was designed to promote smooth and consistent roll on every putt.

    The N-360 is constructed of 303 stainless steel and weighs 360 grams. It’s available for both left- and right-handed players in a number of lengths. Each putter includes a headcover.

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