Wyndham Clark’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Andrew Redington/Getty Wyndham Clark has his family's support as he tries to win his first major at the 2023 U.S. Open at The Los Angeles Country Club.

Wyndham Clark is the son of Randall Clark and the late Lise Thevenet Clark. The PGA Tour golfer and Colorado native has his family’s support as won his first major championship at the 2023 U.S. Open in Los Angeles.

Clark, 29, made his pro debut in 2017 and won his first career PGA Tour tournament, the Wells Fargo Championship in May 2023, according to his biography on the tour’s website. Clark also has six top-10 finishes on the PGA Tour.

Here’s what you need to know about Wyndham Clark’s family:

1. Wyndham Clark’s Mother, Lise Thevenet Clark, Died in 2013 After a Battle With Breast Cancer

Wyndham Clark’s mom, Lisa Thevenet Clark, died in 2013 after a battle with breast cancer, according to her obituary. She was 55 and he was 19. According to her obituary, Clark’s other was crowned Miss New Mexico USA and represented her state in the Miss USA pageant in 1981.

“Shortly after she quickly relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in advertising and marketing before beginning her Mary Kay career in 1984. When Lise began her Mary Kay business, she was so enthusiastic and so determined, she laughingly referred to herself as a “bulldozer,” or “a maniac with a mission.” Nothing was going to stop her from reaching the top. Within two years, she became an Independent Sales Director and achieved Independent National Sales Director in 2002,” her obituary said.

Clark’s parents have ties to Los Angeles, where he is hoping to win the U.S. Open. They married there in 1989 and lived there until 1992, when they moved to Colorado, where Wyndham Clark was born.

On Mother’s Day in 2019, Clark wrote on Instagram, “I miss this amazing woman and mother. I wish every mother out there a happy Mother’s Day and urge people to never take their mothers for granted because you never know how long you have with them. Love you Mommy.”

According to CNN, Clark told reporters at the U.S. Open that his mother’s two-word advice to him before every tournament was “play big.” Clark said he was in college when his mom, whose obituary mentioned she knew he would play in the PGA Tour one day, got sick, and she told him, “‘Play for something bigger than yourself. You have a platform to either witness or help or be a role model for so many people.’ I’ve taken that to heart. When I’m out there playing, I want to do that for her. I want to show everyone the person I am and how much joy I have out there playing and hope I can inspire people to want to be like me and be better than me.”

Clark told reporters after the second round of the U.S. Open, “I was walking down yesterday and was just smiling as I was playing well, and I go, ‘Man, I wish you could be here, Mom,’ because it’s a dream come true to be doing this at the highest level in front of friends and family that are out here.”

He said, “I wish she could be here, but I know she’s proud of me, and she’s made a huge impact on my life – I am who I am today because of her. She was kind of my rock and my always-there supporter. So when things were tough or when things were going great, she was always there to keep me grounded and either bring me up or keep the high going. I’m getting a little choked up. She’s everything, and I miss her, and everything I do out here is a lot for her.”

At the trophy presentation after winning the U.S. Open, Clark said, “I just felt like my mom was watching over me today. She can’t be here, and, miss you mom, but I just feel like I’ve worked so hard and I’ve dreamed about this moment for so long. There’s been so many times I visualized being here in front of you guys winning this championship. I just felt like it was my time. Thank you.”

2. Wyndham Clark’s Father, Randall Clark, Was a Pro Tennis Player Who Turned to Real Estate After Injuries Ended His Athletic Career

Wyndham Clark’s dad, Randall Clark, was a professional tennis player and has worked in real estate after injuries ended his athletic career, Clark said at a press conference during the U.S. Open.

Clark told reporters, “My mom first took me to play golf but my dad was the one who really got me into golf. He picked it up just a few years prior to me starting at the age of 3. Every time I’d go golf at a young age was with my dad. There’s so many memories of us leaving at 6 a.m., our family on like a family vacation, and we’d play golf and come back before noon and that was the only way my mom would let us do that. There’s a ton of memories. And then he took me to tournaments.

Clark added, “My dad played professional tennis, so he’s an athlete, he gets it and he instilled in me hard work and discipline and I feel like I get a lot of my fieriness from him. My dad is a big reason why I’m out here. Hopefully tomorrow can be a great Father’s Day for him.”

3. Wyndham Clark Has a Sister, Kristin Clark, & a Brother, Brendan Clark

Wyndham Clark has two siblings, a sister, Kristin Clark, and a brother Brendan Clark. According to their mother’s obituary, Kristin Clark is three years older than Wyndham and Brendan Clark is four years younger.

On the U.S. Open broadcast, NBC Sports announcer Dan Hicks said both of Clark’s siblings were at the tournament cheering him on. According to Hicks, Kristin Clark had not watched her brother play live in a tournament before the U.S. Open.

According to Mile High Sports, Clark’s sister lives in Portland, Oregon, and his brother lives in Kansas City. His father still lives in Colorado.

Kaitlin Clark told PGATour.com about her mother and brother, “This was everything that she dreamed of for him. She was literally his biggest cheerleader. I made a big V victory; she was a cheerleader in high school, so whenever he would leave to go to school or leave for a tournament, she would do this big cheerleading move where she would land on her knees with a big V, and say, ‘Wyndham, victory!’ So, I did that. She was here the whole time.”

4. Wyndham Clark Posted on Instagram in 2021, ‘Family Time Is the Most Important Time’

In 2021, Clark posted a photo with his family on Instagram and wrote in the caption, “Family time is the most important time #cousins!

On Mother’s Day in May 2021, Clark posted a photo of his grandmother, and wrote in the caption, “Couldn’t be with grandma today but had to make sure she knew i was thinking of her and there in spirit! Today is always a little bit hard for me…but if its taught me anything it’s to celebrate and appreciate the time we have today.

Clark added, “I’ll never take for granted the memories i have of my mother and the love from my grandma. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!”

5. Wyndham Clark’s Girlfriend, Alicia, Celebrated His U.S. Open Victory Alongside His Family

wyndham clark girlfriend

GettyWyndham Clark with his girlfriend, Alicia.

Wyndham Clark has been private about his personal life in interviews and on social media in recent years and has not posted about having a girlfriend. Clark is not married and does not have children. At the U.S. Open he revealed his girlfriend, Alicia, was with his family cheering him on. Clark was pictured kissing Alicia after winning the tournament.

Further details about Clark’s girlfriend, including her last name, were not immediately available. After winning the Wells Fargo Championship in May, Clark told Mile High Sports the first person he called after winning was his girlfriend. Clark said, “I FaceTimed my girlfriend, Alicia. Then I FaceTimed one of my best friends – my agent – Rob Mougey, my brother, a couple really close friends and my dad.”

wyndham clark girlfriend alicia

GettyWyndham Clark celebrates his U.S. Open victory with his girlfriend Alicia.

Clark previously posted photos with his ex-girlfriend and fellow golfer Julia Kemmling, who played and coached at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, and after his U.S. Open win, some media outlets mistakenly identified the woman Clark was seen with celebrating his victory as Kemmling.

According to public records viewed by Heavy, Clark, who grew up in Greenwood Village, Colorado, now lives in a $40,000 condo in Scottsdale, Arizona. Clark, who attended Oklahoma State University and the University of Oregon before turning pro, has earned more than $11 million during his golf career, according to Spotrac.

Clark told Mile High Sports that his girlfriend also lives in Scottsdale.

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