So Who’s Next For Anderson Silva?

After Anderson Silva’s flawless performance against Forrest Griffin on Saturday night, the question must be asked: who’s next on the list? The obvious and correct response is Dan Henderson after Anderson returns to Middleweight to defend his title.

But let’s be real for a second. Anderson admitted to retiring after his contract expires, so he has maybe another year left and I don’t see anyone at Middleweight posing a threat right now (sorry, Hendo). So I pose one of two options. And both would be an MMA fan’s super-wet dream:


Of course. These guys.

1.) Georges St Pierre realizes he needs a new challenge and moves up to Middleweight to face Anderson. After his fight at UFC 100 against Thiago Alves, he said he believes his division is “still stacked” and that he has opportunities there. Well, sure. There may be a guy here and there who might pose a threat, but not really. After demolishing Alves, it’s clear he – much like Anderson – deserves a challenge. Fans have been saying it for years, and I will reiterate: GSP should move up to Middleweight to put his skills to the test against Anderson.

2.) If GSP doesn’t come to his senses, Anderson should return to Light Heavyweight (regardless of the Henderson turnout) and square off with a decent enough contender to kill some time (Wanderlei Silva, anybody) while Rashad and Rampage have their little hissy fight. Then, Anderson can take on the next biggest contender (maybe an up and comer like Jon Jones or a relic like Tito Ortiz) while the winner of Rashad/Rampage takes on Machida. THEN, Silva should contend against Machida.

Now, while I recognize these two scenarios are Robert’s UFC Pipe Dreams, I also see either of these options as being what a vast majority of the fans want to see as well. Now, I’ll humbly admit that things don’t need to go exactly as I mentioned, but as long as they follow the general outline of Anderson someday facing either GSP or Machida, it could be the biggest event in MMA history.

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