Jake Paul Is Trying to Box ‘F****** Idiot’ Fighter on August 6

Jake Paul

Getty Jake Paul

Social media superstar Jake Paul has made it clear that he wants to box Tommy Fury this summer.

“The Problem Child” (5-0 boxing) announced earlier this month that he was scheduled to fight on August 6 at Madison Square Garden via Showtime PPV. However, he hadn’t shared who his opponent was.

But, that changed on Wednesday when Paul lit Fury (8-0 boxing) up on Twitter. The two were supposed to box in December, however “TNT” pulled out with an injury and was replaced by former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Paul knocked out Woodley in the sixth round.

Well, The Problem Child still wants Fury. But, according to Paul’s tweet, Fury may not take the fight. So, the YouTube sensation hit the brother of heavyweight boxing king Tyson Fury with an ultimatum: say yes within the next 24 hours or never receive the opportunity to box him again.

“Tommy Fury, you pulled out last year,” Paul tweeted. “Then you agree to fight me now but your dad is trying to pull you out again? We’ve given you everything you asked for $2M purse, VADA testing, Tampon’s. You have 24 hours 2 clear this up or I will never give u this opportunity again.”

The tweet elicited a prompt response from Fury, who wrote: “See you august 6th pal.”

“Actually we are scheduled to be in New York next week for the kick off press conference and I’m not your pal, buddy,” Paul answered.

Paul Goes Off on ‘F****** Idiot’ Fury for His ‘Excuse’ Not to Fight

Paul then shared a video on the social media platform explaining his side of the situation. According to The Problem Child, Fury “is pulling out of the fight” even though they “agreed to all of the terms.”

The Problem Child then claimed Fury has an “excuse” for not wanting to fight.

“What’s the excuse? ‘Oh I can’t come and I can’t do it because my dad can’t be there with me during the fight,’” Paul said in the video via MMA Fighting. “Tommy, your dad has been banned from the United States for 15 years. You’ve known this the whole entire time. He’s a criminal. He’s not allowed in. When you fought Anthony Taylor in Cleveland, neither Tyson [Fury] or your dad were there with you in your U.S. debut. Now all of a sudden you need your team with you? That doesn’t make any f****** sense.

“You’re scared. You claim you’re a professional boxer but you don’t want to make the fight with me? Who you’ve talked so much s*** about? Who you say you will spark? Who you say I’m nothing compared to you? Where’s all that s*** talk now, Tommy? You’re a f****** atypical professional boxer who doesn’t want to actually make this fight f****** happen. This is the biggest opportunity of your f****** life and you’re fumbling the f****** bag once again and I can’t believe how f****** stupid you are. F****** idiot.”

Paul & Nate Diaz Appear to Be on a Collision Course

Over the past year, The Problem Child has called out UFC superstar Nate Diaz several times. In a recent tweet, Diaz, who only has one fight left on his UFC contract, hinted at wanting to box Paul as well.

Sharing a clip of Paul knocking out Woodley, Diaz tweeted on Monday: “Ufc release now please or give me fight with anyone in July or august I have bigger s*** to do.”

UFC president Dana White was asked by The Mac Life’s Oscar Willis about Diaz wanting to box Paul. White said he would offer Diaz fights as per his contract, however the UFC president finished by saying: “He probably should go on and fight Jake Paul. That’s a fight that makes sense.”

Both Diaz and Paul heard White’s comments. “Send the release,” Diaz tweeted.

Paul took a different approach, stating that he’d fight Diaz inside the Octagon. “Dana – I’m happy to be Nate’s last fight in UFC. You know the terms: pay fighters more and give them healthcare,” Paul tweeted. “Sweetener: I will fight for free.”

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