• Dr. Mahendra Amin Named as Doctor Referred to as ‘Uterus Collector’ in ICE Whistleblower Complaint

    Dr. Mahendra Amin has been named as the Irwin County Detention Center complaint that was filed on September 14. Amin is accused of performing unnecessary hysterectomies.

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    Jody Jones is an honored guest of President Trump's SOTU address following the death of his older brother, Rocky Jones, who was shot by Gustavo Garcia.

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    Belen Sisa, a deputy press secretary for Bernie Sanders, speaks openly about being an undocumented immigrant and Dreamer.

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    Stephen Bannon is scheduled to appear on CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday night. In the previews of the one-on-one interview with Charlie Rose, one of President Trump's earliest supporters shares his thoughts on Catholicism, DACA and how he's been treated by the media. 

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    The repeal of DACA has sparked a huge flurry of reactions on the internet and on the street; some with praise for the Trump administration and others with severe condemnation. Here is a roundup of the most notable reactions from politicians, business leaders, tech moguls, and more:

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    Claudia Rueda, a student and immigration organizer who protested her mother's detention, was detained by ICE, say groups that started a #freeclaudia hashtag.