• Cambrils, Spain Second Terror Attack: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    A possible second terror attack in Cambrils, Spain left five terrorists dead and others injured following the attack in Barcelona and explosion in Alcanar.

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  • Driss Oukabir: Photos of Barcelona Terrorist Attack Suspect

  • Driss Oukabir: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • PHOTO: Driss Oukabir, Barcelona Terrorist Suspect Captured

    A photo has emerged appearing to show the capture of a Detenido "Driss" Oukabir, believed to be behind the van ramming today in the Las Ramblas neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Barcelona Terror Attack: Suspects Holed Up in Luna d’Istanbul Restaurant

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  • PHOTOS & VIDEOS: ISIS Terrorist Attack in Las Ramblas, Barcelona

  • Is ISIS Behind the Car Ramming Today in Las Ramblas, Barcelona?

    A possible truck ramming attack with a rental van has taken place in Barcelona, Spain when a driver ran into a crowd.

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    In a speech in Poland, President Donald Trump said that western civilization must be defended. First Lady Melania Trump also spoke. Watch the video.

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    A man was involved with a fight with Muslims outside Regent's Park Mosque but was stopped by police. Video of him getting tasered by a cop has emerged.

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    Finsbury Park Mosque, the site of a car ramming that may have targeted Muslims, has long been controversial for its ties to Al-Qaeda and other terrorists, and for its former preacher Abu Hamza.