• Ruth Bader Ginsburg Movie & Documentary Show Both Sides of Long Career

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg died September 18 at age 87. The longtime Supreme Court Justice has been immortalized in a movie and a documentary. In the hours after her death, you may be interested in watching "On the Basis of Sex," a biographical legal drama about RBG's life.

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    Instagram is rolling out a trial to hide "likes" on some user accounts in the United States, a trial run that has hit other countries. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced on November 8, 2019 the trial in the U.S. would begin in the U.S. sometime next week.

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    Indigenous People’s Day is a counter-celebration against Columbus Day in the United States. It is sometimes called "Native American Day" and occurs on October 9 this year.

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    Today marks the 72nd anniversary of Japan's unconditional surrender to the United States and its allies during World War II. Learn about today's history with these quotes.

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    White supremacists are in outrage over the assassination attempt of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise by James T. Hodgkinson, an apparent liberal and Bernie Sanders supporter.

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    Happy Memorial Day. Today we celebrate the lives of the soldiers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our American freedom.