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21 Best Kiddie Pools For Summer

Nothing says “summer fun” like a swimming pool. While built-in and large above-ground installations can be expensive, there is a great cost-effective, and space-saving option the whole family can enjoy: kiddie pools.

Synonymous with childhood, kiddie pools come in all shapes and sizes, with newer designs even featuring interactive games, slides, and various water features. These pools make great gifts for family and are a great way to beat the summer heat. Here is a useful list of the best kiddie pools that will definitely save you some money and help beat the heat this summer.

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Splishing & Splashing All Summer Long

For those of us without adequate space or budget for built-in pools or larger above-ground options, kiddie pools are excellent alternatives designed to get your kids splishing and splashing in the backyard during the dog days of summer. Perfect for kids of all ages - with adult supervision, of course - baby pools and plastic kiddie pools are as synonymous with June, July, and August as the ice cream man.

First introduced in the 1940s, splasher pools became popular portable summer accessories. While many of today's best options feature unique and interactive designs, the first kiddie pools were simple and had few bells and whistles. Some of them still do. But, no matter the design or decade, kiddie pools continue to offer families an affordable backyard retreat. Available either as inflatable pools or as hard plastic ones, you're sure to find an option that works for your outdoor space. 

For those curious about production and materials, inflatable pools are typically made of polyvinyl chloride, which is a widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. It's been treated to look and feel softer and be more flexible so that your kids have a better swimming experience. Plastic kiddie pools are made of safe plastic materials that are designed to hold their shape. While hard plastic kiddie pools lack some of the cool features inflatable options have, they are great for patios and apartment landings.

A newer trend in the kiddie pool market is the stock tank pool. These Instagram-ready options are designed to offer both parents and kids some summertime fun. Often called the "grown-up" kiddie pool, they do require a bit of installation, but offer homeowners a chance to create more of a swimming pool environment with filters and pumps. 

Kiddie Pools: Not Just For Kids

Something interesting happened in the summer of 2020. Well, other than the obvious. Kiddie pools, a popular summertime staple, were suddenly in demand like never before. Why? As more of us found ourselves staying at home and avoiding crowded areas, kiddie pools became a must-have for not only kids under the age of 10, but for young adults in their 20s and 30s. Chances are, you probably noticed an unusual amount of kiddie pool selfies as you scrolled through your Facebook and Instagram feeds last year.

Kiddie pools can be moved around yards and patio areas with ease. They are safe and convenient options for families without a ton of space. They take minimal water to fill and will save you a ton of money and last for years and years. When not in use, just store in a garage or shed. Kiddie pools are also a great way to keep the bugs at bay during those long summer nights.