Farting Cop’s Stop Leads to Big Marijuana Bust

Farting police

(The Guardian)

While constant farting at work generally doesn’t get results besides rude stares and a possible pink slip, in the case of a police officer in Leicester, England, it worked out quite nicely.

The incessant farting of this particular police officer, who, due to starting a body building routine was on a high-protein diet, caused two other officers in the car to attempt to get rid of the stench. Getting whiff of an entirely different stench, the trio of cops followed their noses to a residence in Leicster, busting an operation consisting of nearly $19,000 of pot, which lead to seven arrests.

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Speaking to Metro UK, a police source said “It was a good collar and it was all down to this officer and his flatulence.”

Maybe if the pot growers had masked their crops with their own fart stench, this could have all been averted, but that’s just some flatulent speculation.

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