Derek Medina YouTubes: 5 Videos of ‘Facebook Wife Killer’

(Image courtesy of Facebook)


Derek Medina made headlines today when he posted a picture to Facebook of his dead wife, crumpled on the floor of what appears to be his kitchen. Above the photo, he posted a full confession saying that he was going to jail for the rest of his life for killing her.

This self-proclaimed actor and author had a strange YouTube channel.

Below are some of the stranger videos on YouTube from the so-called “Facebook Wife Killer.”

Derek Medina ‘Facebook Wife Killer’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Derek Medina — a Florida neighborhood watchman, actor and self-help author — confessed to killing his wife on Facebook and posted a picture of the grisly murder.

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He’s been listed as an actor on the USA show Burn Notice; here is a video clip of Derek Medina on the show that appears to have been filmed on a cell phone facing the television.

‘Facebook Wife Killer’ Derek Medina: All the Photos You Need to See

Derek Medina is the actor and fledgling self-help author who allegedly killed his wife and put a picture of her dead body on Facebook. Here are photos of him and his life.

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