Robert Lewis Dear: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Robert Lewis Dear, Robert Lewis Dear mugshot, Robert Lewis Dear Colorado Springs, Robert Lewis Dear Planned Parenthood, Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood gunman shooting suspect

Robert Lewis Dear. (Colorado Springs Police)

Robert Lewis Dear, 57, has been identified as the suspect in the shooting at a Planned Parenthood medical center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, police have confirmed.

Three people, including a police officer were killed in the shooting and nine others, including five police officers, were injured. It began just before noon on Friday, while the clinic was open and in operation. The suspect was taken into custody five hours later, just before 5 p.m.

The victims have been identified as University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Officer, father, husband and pastor Garrett Swasey, 44,; Jennifer Markovsky, a 36-year-old married mother of two originally from Hawaii; and Ke’Arre Stewart, a 29-year-old married father and Iraq War veteran.

Dear is due in court Monday, records show. He is being held at the El Paso County Jail without bail.

Police have not commented on a possible motive, but Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said people can make “inferences from where it took place,” the Associated Press reports.

Suthers, the former attorney general for Colorado, said investigators are still trying to learn more about Dear.

Here’s what you need to know about Dear and the shooting:

1. Dear Told Detectives ‘No More Baby Parts’ in Reference to Planned Parenthood

Robert Lewis Dear, Robert Lewis Dear Colorado Springs, Robert Lewis Dear planned parenthood, Robert Lewis Dear planned parenthood gunman suspect

A bearded suspect wearing glasses, identified as Robert Lewis Dear, 57, is led away in handcuffs after a shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs that left three dead and nine injured. (Getty)

Dear told detectives after he was taken into custody, “no more baby parts,” in reference to Planned Parenthood, sources told NBC News.

But the sources told the network Dear has said many things to investigators, and also made references about President Obama.

A neighbor told Buzzfeed News that Dear once gave him anti-Obama pamphlets and told him Obama is “ruining the country and needed to be impeached.”

Dear was in a standoff with police for several hours. He never made it past the lobby of the Planned Parenthood building because of a locked security door. A security guard had already left for the day.

Dear shot six responding police officers, wounding five and killing one. The other officers are expected to survive. He also killed two civilians, who have not been identified. The 15 Planned Parenthood staffers inside the building were not harmed.

Police said officers inside the building shouted to the suspect and he surrendered to them without being injured.

Dear was led from the building in a white T-shirt and handcuffs, according to videos and photos from the scene. The Denver Post reports that he is cooperating with police and told officers he acted alone.

Teams of police previously evacuated “numerous people” from the building. The shooting was first reported at approximately 11:45 a.m.

The shooting started at the Planned Parenthood clinic on Centennial Boulevard, police said. Several hours after the shooting was first reported, police said they were still engaging in gunfire with the suspect.

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Funeral of Garrett Swasey

In yet another attempt to get to hell as soon as possible, the Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket the funeral of slain Colorado Springs cop Garrett Swasey.

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Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Three people, including a police officer, were killed and nine others were wounded in a shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

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2. He Is Originally From South Carolina & Was Living in Colorado

Robert Lewis Dear, Robert Dear, Robert Lewis Dear Colorado Springs, Robert Lewis Dear Planned Parenthood

Dear, pictured after he surrendered to police, is originally from South Carolina. (Getty)

Robert Lewis Dear, the suspected gunman, lived in Hartsel, Colorado. He is originally from South Carolina and has also lived in North Carolina, records show.

Dear was previously married and has children. He divorced in 2000.

In 2005, Dear began posting on the message board, and created a dating ad on

Dear ranted about religion on He stopped posting on the site in January 2006, and no other online presence has been found.

Read more about his social media posts at the link below:

Robert Lewis Dear’s Online Dating Profile & Rants

Robert Lewis Dear, the suspect in the shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs had a dating profile on SexyAds and posted rants on

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Neighbors in the Hartsel, which is west of Colorado Springs in Park County, told the Denver Post Dear lived with a woman and two dogs in a recreational vehicle on his property there. He had no running water or electricity.

He lived in a cabin that was also without running water or electricity when he was in North Carolina, his neighbor told the New York Daily News.

“If you talked to him, nothing with him was very cognitive — topics all over place,” James Russell told the Daily News.

Dear’s age has been reported to as both 57 and 59, but public records indicate that he is 57. His family is from South Carolina, according to public records and his father’s obituary.

He is listed as an unaffiliated registered voter in Park County, Colorado, though the online record states that he is female.

Ke’Arre Stewart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ke'Arre Stewart was killed in the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs. He was a veteran who served in Iraq.

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3. Dear Was Charged With Animal Cruelty & ‘Peeping Tom’ in South Carolina

Robert Lewis Dear, Robert Dear, Robert Lewis Dear Colorado Springs, Robert Lewis Dear Planned Parenthood

Dear was led away from the scene in handcuffs. (Getty)

According to court records, Dear has an arrest record in both North and South Carolina. He has been convicted of several traffic offenses, but has been arrested multiple times on more serious charges.

“Since March 2002, he has been leering at Ms. Roberts on a regular basis,” the report reads, citing Roberts. “Memorial day weekend last year, 2001, was the first time that the Roberts noticed Mr. Dear in the bushes by their house.”

His convictions include seat belt violations, driver’s license violations, operating a vehicle in an unsafe mechanical condition and driving a non-registered vehicle.

Dear was charged in 2002 in Colleton County, South Carolina, with charges of “peeping Tom”/eavesdropping. That charge was dismissed. He was living in Walterboro, South Carolina.

A restraining order was also filed against Dear that year, by his neighbor.

“Since March 2002, he has been leering at (his neighbor) on a regular basis,” according to a police report obtained by The Daily Beast from Dear’s “peeping Tom” arrest. “Memorial day weekend last year, 2001, was the first time that (his neighbors) noticed Mr. Dear in the bushes by their house.”

According to the Charleston Post and Courier, Dear was reported to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office in 1997, when his wife claimed he assaulted her. She told police Dear took his keys from her and locked her out of their home, according to a police report. She then tried to enter through a window, but was pushed out by Dear, who threatened her, she told police. She did not file charges against him.

He was charged in Colleton County in 2004 with two counts of cruelty to animals, but was found not guilty in a bench trial.

A police report obtained by Buzzfeed News shows that his neighbor told police Dear shot his dog with a pellet gun. Dear denied the allegation, but he told a sheriff’s deputy that his neighbor “was lucky that it was only a pellet that hit the dog and not a bigger round.”

The report states the house where police responded was “marked” with an American flag and a “rebel flag,” but does not specify if that was Dear’s home or his neighbors.

Also in 2004, the same neighbor called deputies to report Dear threatened to “do bodily harm,” to him, according to the Post and Courier. Dear claimed the neighbor knocked his motorcycle to the ground.

Jennifer Markovsky: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A married mother of two originally from Hawaii has been identified as one of three victims in the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting.

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4. He Was Reported to Have a ‘Long Gun’ & Brought ‘Devices’ to the Scene

Colorado springs shooting, colorado springs planned parenthood shooting

People are escorted to an ambulance during an active shooter situation at a Planned Parenthood facility. (Getty)

Dispatchers said the gunman was wearing a long coat and a hunting-type hat, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

Police said the gunman is believed to have used a long gun.

The gunman walked into the Planned Parenthood and began shooting, KKTV reports.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, a witness saw the gunman shoot someone near the front door of the Planned Parenthood and then followed him through the parking lot and inside. The witness told the newspaper the gunman “unleashed a barrage of gunfire,” after shattering the glass front doors of the building.

“We don’t have any information on this individual’s mentality, or his ideas or ideology,” Colorado Springs Police Lt. Catherine Buckley said.

Police said the suspect brought possible devices, including propane tanks, to the scene.

Investigators had to wait several hours for the scene to be secure, but said Saturday morning that the items are “no longer a threat.”

Officer Jason Van Dyke: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 37-year-old Chicago police officer who fatally shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October 2014 has been charged with first-degree murder.

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5. The Officer Killed in the Shooting Was Responding to a Call for Help

Garrett Swasey, Garrett Swasey Colorado

Garrett Swasey. (University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police)

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Officer killed in the shooting, 44-year-old Garrett Swasey, responded to the scene after calls for help from other officers.

Swasey, who was married with two young children, had worked as a campus police officer for six years, the New York Times reports. He has been the co-pastor at Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs for seven years.

“Here’s a guy who worked full time as a police officer, and then gave a great amount of time to his local church and didn’t get a dime for it,” Scott Dontanville, another pastor at the church, told the Times. “He did it because it was the thing that he felt he needed to do.”

Another pastor and friend, Kurt Aichele, told the Times that Swasey was formerly a nationally ranked figure skater and ice dancer, and moved to Colorado to train.

“It’s not the first time that he’s been placed in harm’s way,” Aichele said. “He’s an absolute man of courage.”

Friday’s shooting was the second mass shooting in Colorado Springs in the past month. A gunman opened fire on Halloween, killing three. Read more about that shooting at the link below:

Noah Harpham: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Noah Harpham is reported to be be the gunman who killed three people before he was fatally shot by police in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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  1. Nice bait click. Anyone watching the news the past hour could’ve told you this. Misleading article as you didn’t even include facts in the subject. Fuck you

          • Where are you people getting religion out of this? This man is not associated with any religion! He is a socialist and transgender. Don’t know many religions that appeal to those traits

            • Where do you get that he is a transgender ? Everything I have read so far say that was a typo on his voter registration. It look like the fascist hatriot kill squad propaganda is sticking wtf with you people.

            • Dear first posted about religion on October 3, 2005, when he replied to a thread titled, “Jesus was a fraud.” He wrote, “u wont like hell , jesus is the only hope. satan has blinded u little demon.”

              On October 7, he wrote, “turn to Jesus or burn in hell. Wake up sinners u cant save yourself u will die an worms shall eat your flesh, now your soul is going somewhere.”

              He also posted several times in the next few weeks different variations of “Every knee shall bow an tongue confess Jesus is lord in this world or the next.”

              Dear wrote that “herb” was created by God, so man’s laws against the drug are against God. He also ranted against women, posting, “god made the woman out of the mans side sorry but womans lib cant change it.”

              On December 5, 2005, he posted, “aids, hurricanes, we are in the end times. accept the LORD JESUS while you can.”

              His last post was on January 8, 2006, when he wrote, “THE LORD GIVETH THE LORD TAKETH AWAY,” and “BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD.”

        • That’s the most asinine response and lack of reasoning you gun terrorists have come up with yet. Read your history. If you think an armed citizenry could have stopped that movement, then your have no understanding of human behavior, and no depth of knowledge of how dictators like move to power.

      • Where did ‘religious nut job’ come from. I’ve read nothing to indicate that he did any of his evils in the name of religion unlike the nut-job extreme Islamic terrorist who use not only the dreaded gun but knives and bombs as well. This guy is just another nut job of which there are evidently plenty of in this world.

      • this guy has no known affiliation with any religion and is a member of a socialist party and a transgender. That makes him a relative of Obama.

    • It was the current Republican Governor of SC that removed the confederate flag from the SC Capitol. Read Now….my best friend’s mother-in-law makes $66/hr on the internet. She has been unemployed for 8 months but last month her pay check was $15769 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read more here➜➜➜➜➜➜►{{{{{{{{{{…….}}}}}}}}}}}}

    • You white people are really taking these terrorists behaviors too far! YOU’RE the ones that need to be deported from this cursed country. Home of the FREE to fuck animals, rape your daughters, commit suicide, shoot up schools, bully minorities, lie, cheat and steal. But whitie believes he is superior? To who? Satan?!?!?! 😳 Most of you white people are nut jobs & have screwed up this country! At least that’s how other races view you. The only thing pure about your race is EVILNESS!

  2. I lived across the street from this. That is a medical plaza, that first building is not planned parenthood. It is an office building that has an elite vision inside it, and then the building behind it is a short-term care facility.

    • Interesting. the police stated that the perp attacked planned Parenthood, and the gunfight was with the perp IN the Planned Parenthood facility.

      Maybe you’re just trying to defend the fact that you share this man’s violent ideology?

      • Maybe you’re just a typical liberal idiot? You f-ing idiots live for this stuff. As long as they can pin it on a Republican or Tea Party guy, you’re very happy. Right, Gomer

        • You are kidding, right? This guy could be the poster child for the tea party. He has all the blocks checked. White – check; old – check; angry – check+.

          • your description is a better fit for left wing liberals. baldwin, morgan vice pres ring a bell. liberals are happiest when there pissed off about some lame a– cause.

          • The confederates were southern democrats, Susan. It was a democrat that put the confederate war flag at the capital. And it is conservatives that defend the democrats right to fly it.
            This man, judging from his past of course, Doesn’t know what he is and neither do any of us.
            To sit here and blame a party for the behavior of a mentally unstable piece of garbage is just plain stupid.
            His religious and political views didn’t make him do this.
            Just about everyone here thinks they know the answer or can guess it. My GUESS, This man was sick, mentally unstable, possibly unable to know the difference between right and wrong. Or maybe he just didn’t care. Maybe it was the voices in his head.
            Was he beaten as a child or raped? Was he off of medication prescribed? No one knows a damn thing.
            Pray for the those involved and their families.

            You want to ban my gun for what he did? Then ban knives, cars, plains, light rail, boats, Boose, and plastic spoons in prison.
            Gun or no gun if someone wants to kill as bad as he did, they will find a way.

            • Googs typical Conservoliar can’t tell the truth even to his anus. There was a time in the 60s with De*Segregation when those “Democrats” migrated to the Rethuglican Party where they found fecund safe haven.

            • “The confederates were southern democrats,”

              True, and completely irrelevant. Starting in the 1940’s, the Democrats and Republicans swapped ideologies. Racist Democrats started leaving in droves after the national Democratic party began endorsing civil rights and ostracizing bigotry. The “Dixiecrats” were a faction that opposed the civil rights movement and adopted the Confederate battle flag as their banner. They eventually melded with the Republican party (remember Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms?).

              And as for “a democrat that put the confederate war flag at the capital”, it is true that Donald Stuart Russell was a Democrat, but he objected to the legislation that ordered the flag be flown atop the capital dome. He was very much in favor of racial equality. Governor Russell’s inaugural barbecue was the first integrated state function since Reconstruction. Clemson College (now Clemson University) enrolled its first black student, Harvey Gantt, during his administration.

              I would suggest you learn a little history before you start making warrant-less accusations.

            • Why do you believe people want to ” ban my guns”, when they really just want to have stricter background checks for mental illness and violent criminal histories? Uniform background checks in every state, get rid of the current “no background check at gun shows and thru private sellers” idiotic rules. That’s REASONABLE. Enough with you gun fools and your ridiculous “all or nothing mentality.” No one’s taking away your guns unless your crazy.

            • You are conflating party with ideology. Conservatives used to be democrats – but now they are in the GOP. It’s as ridiculous an argument as all of the South was anti-slavery, and liberals started the KKK. It really is laugh-worthy bunk.

      • This is in direct conflict with other witnesses who gave statements to police that he was NOT in or at the clinic shooting, he was shooting at people at the chase bank and ran into hide in the PP clinic. Personally I don’t care which it was, he was wrong and should be punished with the death penalty but its sad that people like you view the two victims’ lives in the case above the innocent babies that this clinic slaughters and executes by the hundreds.

        • I don’t think they do anywhere near as many abortions as you imagine, but are you willing to adopt these unwanted fetuses if you succeed in convincing people to turn them into babies?

  3. I lived across the street from all of this…That building isn’t planned parenthood. It is an office building that rents out space to businesses. There is an Elite Vision in it, and then the building directly behind it is a short-term care facility.

      • True. It’s an ongoing generational, historical psychosis. Video tape proof of wrong doing means nothing to them.If u cannot admit there is a problem, how can you fix it? How can it be that you are NEVER wrong? Many people actually blamed the slaves for the Civil War! Many ex-slaves were slaughtered after the war was over, according to slave chronicles. But of course it never happened because those lives didn’t matter anyway.

      • ISIS is the direct result of GOP hero George W. Bush and his DISASTROUS, illegal invasion of Iraq. Dubya, along with his buddies Rumsfeld and Cheney, created this horrific quagmire in the Middle East. If these 3 had been the “leaders” of any other country, they would have been tried as war criminals.

        Grow up and stop getting your “facts” from Koch media sources.

        • Your clueless. Where are the ISIS fighters coming from? Hint: it’s NOT Iraq.
          ISIS didn’t exist until well after Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq. Go to YouTube and search “Obama training ISIS” and watch your dear leader saybit himself that he is speeding up the training of ISIS forces. And stop being so stupid. Obama is responsible for ISIS. I know little snowflake, my micro-aggressions are causing you to want to run back to your safe space but facts, they Re a stubborn thing.

          • Its disturbing that you really believe that ISIS didn’t exist until Obama pulled our troops from Iraq. ISIS is the direct result/response of the invasion of a country by the Bush administration.A country was destroyed and thousands upon thousands of innocent people were killed because Bush invaded that country. If the USA was invaded by another country do you honestly believe our citizens would not respond? ISIS wants revenge for the atrocities committed against their people. If you can’t see that, you’re blind and ignorant. ISIS came about because of BUSH. Obama has spent the last 7 years cleaning up a huge disaster created by BUSH. Do your research and try not relying on FOX news.

              • Actually ISIS cane about as a direct result of George W. Bush’s decision to De-Bathify the Iraq Army. Once the Sunni army leaders were removed (guilt of war crimes was not determining factor just membership in Saddam Husein’s Bath Party) from all positions and thrown out on the streets they needed to find ways to survive. They then organized and creates the core of what is now known as ISIS.

            • The determination by the George W. Bush administration to enter Iraq and remove the regime of Saddam Hussein from power in early 2003 followed twelve years of Iraqi violations of United Nations Security Council resolutions. Prior to the decision by the United States and its coalition partners to intervene in Iraq with military force, Saddam Hussein had done everything possible to avoid complying with the will of the international community. Of the twenty-six demands made by the Security Council since 1990, Iraq had complied with only three…
              In Iraq, the coalition led by the United States and the United Kingdom was responding to an attack on the very effectiveness of the United Nations security system, by seeking redress for repeated violations of Security Council resolutions. If not addressed directly, these violations would have done irreparable harm to the minimum world order system represented by Article 2(4) and Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, to the peace and security of the region, and to the well-being of the Iraqi people.”
              — James P. Terry, SJD, LLM
              Principal Chairman of the Board of Veteran’s Appeals, Department of Veterans Affairs
              “A Legal Appraisal of Military Action in Iraq,” Naval Car College Review
              July 1, 2004

              “March 26, 1997: Albright, in her first major foreign policy address as Secretary of State: “We do not agree with the nations who argue that if Iraq complies with its obligations concerning weapons of mass destruction, sanctions should be lifted. Our view, which is unshakable, is that Iraq must prove its peaceful intentions. It can only do that by complying with all of the Security Council resolutions to which it is subjected. Is it possible to conceive of such a government under Saddam Hussein? When I was a professor, I taught that you have to consider all possibilities. As Secretary of State, I have to deal in the realm of reality and probability. And the evidence is overwhelming that Saddam Hussein’s intentions will never be peaceful.”

            • Sounds more like you need to do your research, instead of relying on MSNBC, or a nut job professor.. Obama didn’t clean up shit.. Only made things worse. ISIS is also his fault, and has done a craptacular job in dealing with them. You also may want to learn about them by watching their videos, reading their literature.. You know learn straight from them, instead of a dumb news network, or professor.

              • Hawke, why don’t you join the military or private army of mercenaries. You can then go overseas and fight that war you want to love so much. This will add to your resume… Listed under your Degree from Video University.

                • Our men and women in uniform have no dreams of war. They dream of coming home to loved ones. They dream of a world living in peace. However the reality of their service is often harsh, cruel, murderous, and terrifying. With the blanket vitriol I have read in these comments, it is obvious our armed forces may never get home.

              • Don’t like your language but you are right! I lived in Saudi Arabia 7 years 1990-97. The lies our news media, liberals, even conservative news media has put out there is epic! The Arab news organizations, in Arabic, told a different story including weapons of mass destruction and where the technology went while we were there. When people are ready to put down their indoctrinated beliefs, no matter what side of the political spectrum, and PC mind games the truth becomes easier to find. When we stop being SHEEP and research, read everything we can get our hands on, use the lost art of and no longer taught CRITICAL THINKING, follow the money, the global “New World Order” organizations, and more a whole different story emerges. Start with the Saudi Royal family, Geo Soros in his own words no less and how much of the midia he owns or controls, the real agenda for climate change, open borders, Obama’s cabinet members and Czars (look into their backgrounds) ….everything connects. News flash….Obama isn’t stupid or clueless. Controlled is obvious and/or part of a global agenda much older than GW Bush though the first time I heard “New World Order” (one world government) was from his father. Sent chills down my spine. ISIS was planned, trained, and funded the seeds of which predate GW but definitely implemented by the unknown and radicalized (in his own words and continuous radical associations) Obama. I’m an Independent politically and intellectually so no, I’m definitely not a conspiracy theorists but a researcher. You just can’t make this stuff up! Exhausting? Ofcourse and why they get away with it, that and today’s media and cyber world which makes brainwashing easier. Human nature says can’t possibly be, roll over, play dead, become complacent, and trust the smooth talkers with the tested buzz words who will make you feel good….then one day it’s too late. Everyone needs to learn of, and from, history. It puts the gun issue, ISIS, the fight for world domination, ideologies, and so much more into perspective.

            • November 26, 1997: UNICEF reports that “The most alarming results are those on malnutrition, with 32 per cent of children under the age of five, some 960,000 children, chronically malnourished-a rise of 72 per cent since 1991. Almost one quarter (around 23 per cent) are underweight-twice as high as the levels found in neighbouring Jordan or Turkey.” Philippe Heffinck, UNICEF Representative in Baghdad: “And what concerns us now is that there is no sign of any improvement since Security Council Resolution 986/1111 [oil-for-food] came into force.”

              April 30, 1998: UNICIF reports: “The increase in mortality reported in public hospitals for children under five years of age (an excess of some 40,000 deaths yearly compared with 1989) is mainly due to diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition. In those over five years of age, the increase (an excess of some 50,000 deaths yearly compared with 1989) is associated with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, liver or kidney diseases.”

              August 17, 1998: Richardson: “Sanctions are going to stay forever, or until it complies fully.” (The New York Times, August 18, 1998)

              August 20, 1998: Richardson: “Sanctions may stay on in perpetuity.” (The New York Times, August 21, 1998)

              October 5, 1998: House passes bill 360-38 to direct the Pentagon to channel up to $ 97 million in overt military aid to Iraqi rebel groups that seek to bring down the government of Saddam Hussein.

              (500,000 Iraqi children starved to death under Clinton and Albright)

              • If I’m not mistaken, President Bill Clinton ordered the FIRST military strike in Iraq during his tenure (while he was letting Bin Laden operate with impunity in the full knowledge of our white house). Granted, he only lobbed a few Cruise Missiles (just enough to give the appearance of a spine), but I’m doing so he acknowledged to the world that (while he wouldn’t see it to its conclusion) military action was necessary in order to aid in providing safety and stability to our allies in that region.

                • Your confusing Sudan with Iraq. The only Al Qadia presence in Iraq before George W. Bush was a small Islamic Kurdish group fighting in the north against Saddam Hussein.

            • “Saddam Hussein let the world think he had weapons of mass destruction to intimidate Iran and prevent the country from attacking Iraq, according to an FBI agent who interviewed the dictator after his 2003 capture.

              Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in an unknown location in Iraq after his capture in 2003.

              According to a CBS report, Hussein claimed he didn’t anticipate that the United States would invade Iraq over WMD, agent George Piro said on “60 Minutes,” scheduled for Sunday broadcast.

              “For him, it was critical that he was seen as still the strong, defiant Saddam. He thought that (faking having the weapons) would prevent the Iranians from reinvading Iraq,” said Piro.

              During the nearly seven months Piro talked to Hussein, the agent hinted to the Iraqi that he answered directly to President Bush, CBS said in a posting on its Web site.

              “He told me he initially miscalculated … President Bush’s intentions. He thought the United States would retaliate with the same type of attack as we did in 1998 … a four-day aerial attack,” Piro said. “He survived that one and he was willing to accept that type of attack.”

              “He didn’t believe the U.S. would invade?” Correspondent Scott Pelley asked.

              “No, not initially,” Piro answered.

              Don’t Miss
              Former Hussein official’s family stabbed to death
              POWs alleging Iraqi torture appeal to White House
              Iraq sends troops to battle with al Qaeda
              Iraq to host Iran leader
              Once it was clear that an invasion was imminent, Hussein asked his generals to hold off the allied forces for two weeks, Piro said. “And at that point, it would go into what he called the secret war,” the agent said, referring to the insurgency.

              But Piro said he was not sure that the insurgency was indeed part of Hussein’s plan. “Well, he would like to take credit for the insurgency,” he said.

              Hussein had the ability to restart the weapons program and professed to wanting to do that, Piro said.

              “He wanted to pursue all of WMD … to reconstitute his entire WMD program.”

              Hussein said he was proud he eluded U.S. authorities who searched for him for nine months after the U.S.-led invasion, Piro said.

              “What he wanted to really illustrate is … how he was able to outsmart us,” Piro said. “He told me he changed … the way he traveled. He got rid of his normal vehicles. He got rid of the protective detail that he traveled with, really just to change his signature.”

              Saddam was removed and sanctions were lifted.

              The coalition was because of NATO. “‘France triggered the EU’s mutual defense clause, and not article V in the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO), which states an attack against a NATO member “shall be considered an attack against them all.” Article V was first used by the US following the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks and has yet to be invoked again.”

              • You must realize this didn’t just start in 2000, or even 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. It started long before that, when the Reagan administration supplied arms to both Iraq and Iran. The same administration trained Osama Bin Laden to become the terrorist that he was. Only they trained him to kill Russian in Afghanistan. They claimed he was a freedom Fighter. We have a long past in the Middle East. And well we seem to follow the lines. The enemy of our enemy is our friend. We really need to stop doing that.

                • I remember when Reagan sold arms to Iran esp. Osama. Most of the trolls on here are too young to remember. And/or they rely on establishment media for their info.

                • The average Islamist is an uneducated moron. Your proposed historical cause for Islamic terrorism is ludicrous, though typical of your kind.

            • I. wonder- Is there anything that you believe in that you would lay down your life to protect? Thank God our founding fathers convictions ran deep enough that they actually STOOD UP for what they stood for. I’m toying with the idea of going back and ACTUALLY READING (for understanding) our Constitution. Maybe some of Been Franklin’s letters to the public stirring the emotion and boiling the blood of those who we would come to see as TRUE PATRIOTS who fought for and killed for and died for your right to get on the internet and trash talk EVERYTHING that stood as the backbone and rationalizing their TRAITOROUS actions in declaring freedom for the New Continent. Or maybe we could just sit here and try to convince the population that they need to blindly follow the movements of our government in DIRECT CONTRADICTION of everything that made this experiment the leading world power in less than two hundred years… Just thinking outloud, kind of on the fence as they say, not sure how I want to be remembered by our following generations…

              • You do know that several of your founding fathers clearly didn’t believe in any god, right? That their primary motivations included massive anti-clericalism? That religion gave them hives? You do know that right?

                • Jimmy appears to be what is wrong with America..God hating liberal whos only agenda is to demote God and hate cpnservative mind sets.The samenut job that killed innocence and hated God is this Jimmy.He appears to use this incident to promote his sexual immorality and demise God to prove it

              • Mr. Mayhem, what you stated would have a much more noble air to it if the persons you mentioned (founding fathers) had done all this in europe. But instead ,the chose a soft target. Why didn’t they remain or return to europe and endow humanity there with these great ideas and reforms. Why???

          • Exactly! But the Liberals will blame it on anyone but Obama! The first liberals were Adam and Eve. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent. Had they been Honest and admitted their bad judgment we might be living in Paradise today.

          • Somebody needs to get thier fact right. Bush caused ISIS. Using an right wing propaganda video is not fact. Do some real reading.

          • ISIS was created when Bush disbanded the Iraqi army. During the invasion of Iraq, the elite military blended into the civilian population & took refuge in Syria. This whole mess over there was caused by Bush’s unnecessary invasion of Iraq.

          • I believe it was your buddy George W. Bush who established the withdrawal date from Iraq, which was a date after he would leave office. Guess what — if we had not gone into Iraq, then there would have been no withdrawal from Iraq. I’m trying to make it simple enough that you can understand it. Oh, and you gave yourself away as to being a little less than educated when you said “your clueless.” Check out a dictionary sometime.

          • ISIS wouldn’t even exist without GeeDubya’s stupid and catastrophic 2003 Iraq blunder that was opposed by Obama, who simply followed the timeline in the 2008 Iraq Status of Forces Agreement signed by GeeDubya, Maliki, and others who do not include President Obama.
            “Mission Accomplished!!!”

        • Saddam used weapon’s of mass destruction on the Kurds and believed to be developing nuclear weapons. Saddam had a background of invasion into other countries …the first gulf war. We had a invasion into our country New YORK CITY, TRADE TOWERS around 3000 dead and huge damage. The Media stated the claim we were losing the war and report casualties and anything negative. This set the stage for Obama and the Demoncrat Party to take the office of president. All was reasonable in the Mideast until Obama said we are pulling out of Iraq, we were there and should of stayed and defended it not abandon as we have done after WW2 in Germany and Japan and Korea. Then Obama backed disrupt of Egypt’s government helping the Arab Spring. Moved on to Libya and Syria then took off sanctions funded money to the Iranian Government which is the biggest supporter of terror in the world.
          The destabilization of Libya and Syria was like pouring gas on a already burning fire. This led to the seeding of Islam around the world and there is more damage to come from this Demoncrat design. This is how ISIS came into power and why Obama does nothing to stop what happened “DESIGN”.

        • Oh, Isis has nothing to do with Obama tucking his cowardly, lying tail between his legs and leaving Iraq wide open for the JV team to flourish!

        • That would be obama and democrats who are destroying the nation..l especially when they support violent groups like black lives matter, who like killing cops.. Now lets watch the phony as usual left-wing media pretend they care so much for their officer and his family.

        • If you are referring to the Planned Parenthood shooting I would argue that the insane rhetoric coming from the republican candidates & Carly Fiorina in particular are largely responsible for inciting the extremist nuts into action. Carly kept propagating a story she knew wasn’t true about body parts being sold for profit & described a graphic video of live babies being pulled apart to harvest organs that did not even exist. Then we have Trump and his insane xenophobia along with Cruz & Rubio fear mongering about immigrants to the hilt. I hope all of these GOP nuts are happy with themselves when they look in the mirror because they are what happens when the ugly American image is personified for cheap political points. Please we need some candidates that have more maturity than that of a 5 year old spoiled brat.

          • Rip those babies apart, cut those brains out as the fetus lays helplessly and painfully wondering what happened when he/she felt so safe and warm an hour before. Only a mass of cells….well that is ALL any person is is a mass of cells except those who also have souls.

      • Really, Susan Smith. What does Isis have to do with the Planned Parenthood shootings. The people in this country is destroying it themselves, they don’t need help from Isis.

    • The term ‘Christian terrorist’ is a total oxymoron. No Christian doctrine establishes political murder or any other murder as anything but a high level crime. Jesus was in fact a peaceful person and actually the victim of political murder. Just ask Barabbas.

          • Actually he does. Tell me, before 630 C.E. did Muslims rule any of the territories they occupy today? Now, if they didn’t own or control none of those territories how then did they gain control of them. Correct answer, through violent conquest. Crusades lasted almost 200 years and fought around 40 major battles to free Christian land from the Muslim invaders. While Muslim invasions and slaughter lasted 900 years and they fought over 200 major battles. Still to this days Muslim Leaders dream of a return to greatness by any means. One of these means is to claim that Islam is of Peace even though history proves that it is not.

      • Christianity was an extremely violent religion. Christian leaders like Martin Luther wrote a book called the Jews and their lies that directly inspires Hitler. Hitler even started the Holocaust on the eve of Martin Luther’s birthday. There is no crime that Isis has committed that has not been sanctioned by some Christian leader and committed by the followers of the Prince of Peace. The Crusaders rapes, pillages and murdered Jewish men, woman and children in the Reinland as practice for their killing spew in the Holyland. The Spanish Inquisition devised creative ways to torture Jews and others. The Cossacks in the Ukraine raped and murdered over 100,000 in the name of Jesus. Does this mean all Christians are evil. No. But we should not hold Islam tons higher standard then Christianity.

      • The Catholic Church were the first terrorist to come about. The slaughter and non sense that went on in the name of God for money and power was beyond anything seen to present day.

    • Yes because we know the man is a Christian, and Jesus is ok with killing innocent people the way Mohamed was. Yes because every news we hear of terrorist attacks, is a Christian… I hope you were joking, because that statement was beyond stupid. The only things destroying this nation are morons who elect pathetic politicians, with policies that have ruined our economy, because they enjoy dabbling in socialism, won’t protect our borders, so we have a lot of illegals, who are a drain and or are committing crimes. Assholes who want to trash anything Christian, the basic teachings that promote anything good… Replaced it with nothing noble, and political correctness, which has made people dumb and weak. A school system including our universities that do not teach, or teach how to think.. Instead just indoctrinates, and churns out overly sensitive unrealistic morons, who mirror brown shirts, and won’t make it in the real world, so will turn to violent protest… Like most leftist do.

      Terrorist who will be causing more destruction and chaos in this country, as they fully take advantage of the stupidity and weakness this nation continues to display.. People who feel the need to label anyone they disagree with a racist, a bigot, or anti whatever, because they don’t know how to debate, don’t believe in freedom of speech.. Unless it is their speech, and want to shut others down.

      Christians are not the ones I’m worried about.

      • Hawke, what you say makes too much sense. You’re trying to convince morons and low info libs who have a distorted view of the world. Don’t waste your time. It’s pointless, but realize there are people who totally agree with you!

      • Have you not read the latest Pew Research concerning the net loss of Mexican immigrants. The fact of the matter is that we have been experiencing a net outflow of Mexican immigrants not a massive inflow as the fear mongering GOP politicians keep proclaiming. This trend has been going on for a few years now. The VISA system is the best route for a terrorist to get into the country not the lengthy immigration process. Instead of commonsense measures to fix the VISA system we get all of this bombast & fear mongering from these immature GOP candidates with delusions of grandeur.

        • that is your problem batgirl. you base your thoughts on polls and the media.they lie to you and you follow without questioning what they are telling are a perfect example of the term ”sheeple”.

      • That’s right, Bob. If Jesus was alive today, he would have a show on Fox telling people to hate those liberal libs. People need to hear the truth.

    • Chtistianity does not advocate such insanity,and im not talking about planned parenthood only.Do you see any differance in Satans plan with either of Gods offensives.Dont be fooled by this act,he was simply confused by false teaching and regardless of the ideology and acts of insanity,he must be judged by man but forgiven as he serves justifiable sentencing.We are in the times where sepearation of two ideological spirits are at play and those certain confused beings will be easily manipulated by the rhetoric of evil deeds.Come and go to a bible based Church and eat from the Fruits God has ordained..The truth is there and our nation depends on it.Dont be fooled by the uncorfirmed belief that God does not exist.Become righteous in life and allow God to transform your mind…And if zGod doesnot give you Faith by Grace then at least respect and live the life that the bible attests to.Allow christianity to take hold and donot detest the foundation of moral and Godly values.If this still doesnot convince the hardened soul…may God have mercy on them

      • As neither your god nor Satan exist your long post is irrelevant. However it is delusional to think your religious text does not validate violence – fact that is proved daily. It is easy to read it in a way that justifies violence you want. As does just about every other god/religious text in the world.

        So you can argue that the true version of your religion isn’t violent. But your argument has no more validity than the opposite. And the evidence is against you. Let’s wait and see but I’d be stunned if the killer did not believe sincerely he was doing god’s work. And he will have been encouraged to believe something not far from that by ‘moderate’ Christians who are now outraged that he just went that little bit further.

        • What is valid,and what is real.If Christianity and God doesnot exist and easily proven delusional than what value does your life have.What grounds do you base a foundational morality,and or reality.If I believed in simple random cell conversion,then this ill minded being has merit to judge based on self imposed belief.The fact that God has not presented himself to you,should not be a basis for his existance.One day I prayed in genuine earnest to ask God for a sign that would encourage my Faith and help me to walk in the lords lght.Now I had already read and studied the KJV Holy bible and cane to the new testament and the new covenant,and found great truth that is buried in every mans soul,and I was easily a believer in the truth but lacked the tangible truth.That day when asking for such a revealation of proof I was given the Gift of the Holy spirit and proof positive that God exists

          • here is a famous story told in Chassidic literature that addresses this very question. The Master teaches the student that God created everything in the world to be appreciated, since everything is here to teach us a lesson.
            One clever student asks “What lesson can we learn from atheists? Why did God create them?”
            The Master responds “God created atheists to teach us the most important lesson of them all – the lesson of true compassion. You see, when an atheist performs an act of charity, visits someone who is sick, helps someone in need, and cares for the world, he is not doing so because of some religious teaching. He does not believe that God commanded him to perform this act. In fact, he does not believe in God at all, so his acts are based on an inner sense of morality. And look at the kindness he can bestow upon others simply because he feels it to be right.”
            “This means,” the Master continued “that when someone reaches out to you for help, you should never say ‘I pray that God will help you.’ Instead for the moment, you should become an atheist, imagine that there is no God who can help, and say ‘I will help you.’”
            ETA source: Tales of Hasidim Vol. 2 by Mar

            • Except that these days they substitute the phrase “I will help you” with “I will shoot you with this high powered rifle, lib.”

        • continue to read the following answer tou your dis belief in god,however, if as usual Im replying to another homosexual that always tries to disprove God,then i will ask you to allow our children and mourners of loved ones,to be left in the same comfort as I do as a believer.We as Christians do not hate the homosexual it i s the act that God detests.Child molestors have tendencies that can only be changed by God grace,this is similar to yout thouths of other men.its notyour fault but trying to disprove Jesus will not make it natural or moral in GODS eye,nor mine.However if you like I can give biblical scripture that shows your tendencies are ok but you must abstain from the act.Plase visit a church that is bible based only and ask for forgiveness thru kneeling and praying

        • Wow. What a complete toolbag you are.

          He never identified as a Christian. You assumed. That meakes you “prejudiced.”

          He also identifies as a woman… which makes him a trans.

      • Christianity does not advocate this insanity. It also doesn’t advocate the workings of Westborough Baptist church. It promotes bad ideas and religion in general separates people into groups promoting inward loyalty and outward hostility.

    • NOWHERE does is say he’s a Christian. You made that assumption… This is called being “prejudiced.”

      BTW, he identifies as a woman. So he’s trans.

      • If he is trans then if people want to assume christians terrorists are destroying this nation, the article said noting about his Religion. How about assuming the alternative. It is transgender terrorists who are destroying this nation.

      • He’s not trans. He doesn’t identify as a woman. He clicked the wrong box somewhere. Stop trying to blame trans people for this kind of thing — trans people are very rarely violent or self-righteous like this guy. Trans people rarely want to call attention to themselves, like this guy. Transwomen don’t wear beards. Checking a “female” box once doesn’t make it even a trend. You are just looking to blame someone you think you don’t know personally.
        But you claim he isn’t right-wing Christian? Do you think he was right wing Muslim? They have about the same values. Atheists don’t usually try to force their moral opinions on others — what would be the motivation if not religion?

    • The Left wants the world think all the high-profile shootings in the USA were committed by white Christian conservative males. The following list doesn’t support that claim:

      • Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood Shooter – Muslim, registered Democrat)
      • Aaron Alexis (Navy Yard shooter – black)
      • Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech shooter – registered Democrat, wrote hate mail to President Bush)
      • James Holmes (Colorado shooter – registered Democrat, staff worker on Obama campaign, anti-Christian)
      • Amy Bishop (radical Leftist biology professor at University of Alabama who murdered three of her colleagues)
      • James J. Lee (“green activist”, took hostages at Discovery Channel w/explosives & a gun – shot dead by police)
      • Jared Loughner (Tucson shooter – Leftist, Marxist)
      • Harris and Klebold (Columbine Shooters – liberals who executed a girl after she refused to reject Jesus!)
      • Chris Harper Mercer (Umpqua school shooter- mixed-race anti-religion nut, singled out and killed Christians)
      • Robert Lewis Dear (Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter – registered as unaffiliated)
      • Syed R. Farook & his wife Tashfeen Malik (Inland Regional Center shooters – both Muslim)

      The Left cannot truthfully continue to claim that the majority of mass shootings in the in USA are caused by white Christian conservative men.

    • He is no Christian!!!! What is the matter with you accusing Christians.
      He is Satan’s helper! He was even arrested for animal cruelty.

          • “No true Scotsman.”

            The murder of Dr. John Britton, July 29, 1994. Killed by Paul Jennings Hill, self-professed Christian claiming to be doing God’s work.
            The Centennial Olympic Park bombing, July 27, 1996, perpetrated by Eric Rudolph, self-professed Christian.
            The Inquisition, given authority by the Catholic church.
            The Salem Witch Trials.
            The Crusades, started by a pope.
            Hypatia of Alexandria, murdered by a mob incited by Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria.

            Christianity in general has blood on it’s hands. You cannot look at all the crimes against humanity committed by Christians and say “none of them were ‘real’ Christians.” That is ludicrous. The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one. White-washing history and resorting to logical fallacies like you just did only facilitate the derailing of much needed discussion and effort into fixing a very real problem.

            • All the keks, mate – wanna list any *ahem* “other” groups list of terrorist acts. I’ll even let you start at 9/11. You’ll find a LOT more of the “other” terrorism – real fast.

              And I am an anti-theist, not a Christian.

              You’re just a moron, though.

            • No true Scotsman is bogus and here is why…..

              Your list of items doesn’t equal Jesus of the Bible. The entire idea of being like Christ is to follow from his examples. If you are no where near those examples and other things are leading the other way, then you are no where near like Christ. There is a list of these characteristics set in the Bible. If you are not following these, then you must not be a Christian. It’s that simple.

              The Crusades were not about being like Christ but we are still fighting the same thing today, it’s called Islam and if Islam is not stopped and you liberals keep making excuses they will kill you too. You think that you understand them, but you have no clue about who they are.

              The Islamic people that are peaceful are those that follow a “cotton Candy” version of Islam and are more modern. The Suni Wasabi Muslims want to go back to the original times of Mohammad and thus they are more dangerous and this is spreading. So Christians and Non Christians are the ones that are going to pay for not stepping up.

              The Salem Which trials are about fear and about society pressures which have nothing to do with Christianity.

              Please stop trying to regurgitate the anti-Christian propaganda that your liberal professors told you and start thinking for yourself. They are just expressing their anti-Christian bigotry.

            • No one ever said that we don’t have blood on our hands. The Crusades were a reaction to an invasion. See; the Ottoman Empire. The way to fix the problem is to recognize that daesh is not living in the present but the past. The days of the Crusades as opposed to the present. It will never change in that according to them, the Quran is Allah’s word and unchangeable. This is Holy War, the Crusades to them. There will never be an age of enlightenment as was the case for Christianity.

            • Again.. Learn about Christianity, what Jesus stood for, and then think for yourself and ask yourself is jesus would condone that. As for the Salem witch trials, very few were killed unlike in Europe, and those who were against it.. Properly used the bible to condemn and then end it. As far as the crusades go, it was Muslim aggression and invasion that sparked that.. Be thankful for it, as if it never happened, the western world would be very different, and not to your liking mind you.

            • I wonder- Is there anything that you believe in that you would lay down your life to protect? Thank God our founding fathers convictions ran deep enough that they actually STOOD UP for what they stood for. I’m toying with the idea of going back and ACTUALLY READING (for understanding) our Constitution. Maybe some of Been Franklin’s letters to the public stirring the emotion and boiling the blood of those who we would come to see as TRUE PATRIOTS who fought for and killed for and died for your right to get on the internet and trash talk EVERYTHING that stood as the backbone and rationalizing their TRAITOROUS actions in declaring freedom for the New Continent. Or maybe we could just sit here and try to convince the population that they need to blindly follow the movements of our government in DIRECT CONTRADICTION of everything that made this experiment the leading world power in less than two hundred years… Just thinking outloud, kind of on the fence as they say, not sure how I want to be remembered by our following generations…

            • Anyone can profess anything he/she wants to; actions speak louder than words. Self-proclaiming something doesn’t mean you are one. I know a president that claims he is a Christian but he isn’t.

        • No he isn’t.. His actions told on him, his heart before that. Anyone who knows anything about Jesus christ, would know, his actions and heart, would not be condoned by Christ.. I love how people are so quick to call him Christian, and try to condemn Christians.. Yet are quiet or wish to excuse Islamic fascist who are causing chaos every damn day… You will also see Christians condemn this man, and point out within the bible where how, and why his actions were wrong and evil… You won’t see a Muslim do that still with any of these Islamist, because they can’t, and the vast majority of them agree with them.

          • The evidence suggests otherwise actually Hawke. When surveyed overwhelmingly Nuslins from around the world strongly oppose terrorism and Isis particularly. The only exception is Pakistan where bigger %s express sympathy for Isis. Otherwise they are hated by the large majority of Muslims.

            Don’t let the facts get in the way if your bigotry though.

      • If you insist on calling Daesh radical Muslims, then this is a radical Christian. Radical Christianshave killed far more Americans since 9/11 than Daesh have.

        • He was just crazy. Nothing to do with religion, but if you would rather believe a lie and be just as stupid as the rest of your liberal brothers, then sure go right ahead. The post above me is why you should never drink and post on the Internet.

          • If he says he was religiously motivated (and it’s not going out on too much of a limb to guess he’s religious) and he’s been encouraged at church each week to hate abortionists it’s pretty rich to let religion off the hook so easily.

        • No where does Christ command vengeance from His followers. Or to avenge in His name.

          Romans 12:19 KJV
          Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, …

        • Maybe most people with beards aren’t murderers, but this guy is, so let’s face the facts and call it like it is – he is a radical bearded person. There, I said it.

          Daesh members are quite clear that their actions are based on an interpretation of Islam, one that is backed up by more than a handful of Koranic scholars. The Colorado Springs shooter may be a Christian, but what Christian belief were his actions based on, and which pastors, bishops or Christian scholars support his view? Maybe he rationalized that by killing some he would save others, and convinced himself that his actions were just. That rationalization, however, has no basis in Christianity. It’s kind of hard to get around ‘thou shall not kill,’ and ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

          • Martin Luther was a Christian correct? He got around those two restrictions very easily. There are Muslims who are peaceful and Muslims who are not. We would all be doomed already if the peaceful ones were not 99.9999% (there are a billion Muslims in the world) There are peaceful Christians and there are violent Christians. There are Christians who want to convert everyone and will at any moral limits to do so. There are Christians who are determined to antagonize and alienate the peaceful Muslims so that they can be radicalized. Which is the bigger evil. If Christians can be pursued to abandon the teachings of evil men like Martin Luther why should we give up on Muslims.

      • If you’re implying Christians are incapable of incredible sinful cruelty you are unfamiliar with the Gospel. Being a Christian does not make one immune from sin, only forgiven if they genuinely have accepted the Messiah of that religion. In point of fact, one must acknowledge on is a sinner to be able to accept the savior of that religion. If you doubt this familiarize yourself with the bible.

        Furthermore, yes, this man was absolutely Christian, and I would bet large sums of money he did this because he felt it was his religious duty. You may deny it all you want, or say he is not a true Christian. You may even VERY ACCURATELY say that most Christians do not support this sort of thing. However, you damned well better extend that courtesy to members of other religions who are being blamed for their terrorists if you’re so eager to distance yourself from the terrorists among YOUR ranks.

        • Wrong, Jodi.

          The gospel is:

          1 Corinthians 15:2: By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

          1 Corinthians 15:3: For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

          1 Corinthians 15:4: And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures

          “The Bible says that we are all sinners (Rom. 3:23). This means that we have all offended God. We have all broken His law. Therefore, we are guilty of having sinned. Because of this, we are separated from God (Isaiah 59:2), are dead in our sins (Rom. 6:23, Eph. 2:3), cannot please God (Rom. 3:10-11), and will suffer damnation (2 Thess. 1:9). The only way to escape this judgment is by receiving Christ–by trusting in what Jesus did on the cross (John 14:6, Acts 4:12, 1 Pet. 2:24).

          Since we are sinners, we are incapable of removing the guilt of our sinfulness through our own efforts. Gal. 2:21 says, ” . . . if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly.” The Law is the do’s and don’t’s of moral behavior. In other words, we can’t become righteous by what we do. Why? Because we are dead in our sins (Eph. 2:3).

          This means that since we cannot remove our own sins, God must do it.

          Jesus, who is God in flesh (John 1:1, 14, 8:58, Col. 2:9), bore our sins in His body on the cross (1 Pet. 2:24). He died in our place. He paid the penalty of breaking the Law of God that should have fallen upon us. He satisfied the law of God the Father by dying on the cross.

          It is only through Jesus that we can escape the penalty that God will execute upon all who have broken His holy and perfect law. Do you want to be saved from the righteous judgment of God? If so, if you want to become a Christian and follow God, then you must realize that you have sinned against God and are under His judgment. You must look to Jesus who died on the cross and trust what He did in order for you to be forgiven of your sentence and be saved from the judgment of God. This is accomplished by faith alone in what Jesus has done. You cannot add any human works to what Jesus has done.”

          • Emmalee, providing quotes about salvation does not negate the fact that most of these American Terrorists claim to be Christian, have attended Christian Churches, follow a brand of Christianity that is common today, and are actually praised for their actions by others who claim to be Christian.
            When a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, and claims to be Muslim, you don’t hear people question the validity of the claim — but when a Christian does, and claims to be Christian, the rallying cry is usually that that person wasn’t a ‘true’ Christian. I call baloney. No one can tell whether a person is truly a Christian, except the person themselves (and God, if you believe in God). So take them at their word.
            But thanks for turning the discussion about a serious topic into your own personal quest to save us all.

        • Well said and I hope Fox News takes a different slant on Islamic Terrorism- I think Christain Terrorism will not roll off the tongue with the same gusto.

        • North Carolina isn’t the deep south. Republicans were some of the first to be lynched along with blacks. Not too bright are you,, Dale. Somewhere a village is missing you.

          • Emmalee, the shooter is originally from South Carolina, then he moved to North Carolina, then apparently he moved to Colorado. I am from and still reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. You are right our state is not in the deep south, we are more of the mid Atlantic. I never heard of White Republicans being lynched.

          • That was back when the GOP was the liberal party. Republicans today have no claim on abolitionism. LIBERALS were the first to be lynched alongside blacks. Party affiliations of 150 years ago have no relevance.

            • the republicans are the abolishist.duh..abraham lincoln [republican].the democrats were the ones lynching blacks.i guess you’re a product of common core education or you would know that.

            • John and Nikol: What about the majority of YOUR lifetime? Like celebrated Senator Robert Byrd (D) serving in the US Senate from 1959 till 2010- longest serving senator in history! Entered politics in 1953 (House of Reps, then State Senate). Elected unanimously in 1945 (having recruited 150 men) to position of Exalted Cyclops of the KKK. Are party affiliations in 2010 relevant? I mean he lead the Senate Democrats as either Majority of Minority leader from 1977-1989. Chaired COUNTLESS committees, and served from 1987-2010 as President pro tempore of the United States Senate- making him THIRD in line of presidential succession (during times of Democratic presidencies), and President pro tempore emeritus during Republican presidencies. Wouldn’t THAT have been something? The President of the US in the new millennium a devout segregationist who took the Senate floor to filibuster 14 hrs against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and then (for all his apologies and assurances that his KKK days were the folly of youth) still managed to use the term White Nigger (in order to show that race relations had improved beyond the need for discussion) in an interview March 4 2001. WOW! Could you imagine a republican senator with those credentials? The media couldn’t shut up about it. But I wonder who of you died in the wool party line Democrats know this part of our Pop Culture (I can’t call 2001 “history”)?

      • Actually Susan, he’ll probably be found to be an Obola lover gay atheist lib. Or maybe a CIA MKUltra subject like Sirhan Sirhan.

    • Not cause he’s a Christan. Murder is forbidden in Christianity, anyone knows that. He’s just a killer, not the flag bearer of the Christian world entire.

    • Well, I’m sure some upstanding citizen like Vester, the molestor, Flannigan from Virginia will hold him in high esteem and as he did with the Columbine boys and the shooter at VA tech. Such high standards that old Vester had.

    • Hey asshole, where’s your evidence of that. Who said he was a Christian? You? Because it fits your liberal agenda? I am so sick of you little pukes lying 24/7 …. Good thing there’s an election coming because you’re going to be history. Get ready for a Republican president, whether your fragile little ego can take it or not.

  4. I guarantee if I saw this initially happening, this looser would be taken out by my partners Smith & Wesson! Don’t even think about taking away my family’s armed protection

  5. Michael the best part of you ran down your mommas leg. You liberals are the most disgusting creatures on the face of the earth. Christian terrorist? Politically correct fucking moron. Go talk about global warming you fucking hack.

        • By your reasoning, no true Muslim could have done the terrorist attack in Paris, therefore you must be pro-Syrian-refugee, correct?

          haha. Internal consistency: never a strong point for right wing conservative terrorist supporters.

        • Oh really? You already got his psychiatric and blood tests back, have you? Why was he taken alive, when a 12 year old was killed for playing with toys? Why was he taken alive, like the shooter who walked into a S.C. church and killed 9 people? Why is it that you christians can ramp up the hate speech by proclaiming that your “god” doesn’t like abortions (of which, btw, that Christ guy had NOTHING to say) and then when one of your nut-job brethren acts on your hate speech you disavow him? Why are hundreds of people on the internet (twitter, FB and even here) celebrating that this guy possibly killed “abortion providers”? The glorious FOUNDERS were not so fond of religion. They SPECIFICALLY said “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”, not CHRISTIANITY. You are all such zealots that you can’t possibly understand that some people do not believe in your JESUS. And yet, we should all have to live by “his” words? Listen, I’ve read your best selling novel called “The Bible” – it is as hatefilled and murderous as you proclaim the Koran is. SO basically – you are just ok with YOUR brand of hate and mass murder right? Go away – you fail at reality.

    • Raquan I completely agree with you. Christian terrorists are destroying this great nation of Jefferson, Madison, and Washington.

          • Such hate in here. You need to study Wasabi Suni Muslims which are more akin to be extreme. If they are extreme then sure heads can and will roll. Educate yourself more and less trolling. It does wonders for your intellect.

          • geo,you are the idiot my the clearly teaches to murder.if a muslim doesn’t believe that then he’s not a true muslim,just as if a christian doesn’t believe Christ is the only way to heaven [like your beloved president] then he’s not a true christian.

            • an exreme christian will only pray for you more than he probably should whereas an extreme muslim will cut your childs head off in front of you

        • Remember Susan most of the ones commenting hear are already Hell bound unless they make Jesus Lord of their life. As for Christians we have to remember will answer for every idle word. So said all this to say don’t let them spin you up. Most of them won’t even use their real name. We don’t know why the shooter did what he did, but God’s Word says no murder will enter Heaven, so if he was a Christian, he was very misinformed.

    • Raquan: agree. But don’t stoop to their lib moronic mentally ill level with all that cursing. You can still get a solid point across without it. They are a sickness permeating America right now.

  6. you wanna know the truth all of you sick trolls arguing about who started what and here with this shooter none of the details have been released except his name and where he surrendered. As far as ISiS goes they want to kill not because bush invaded Iraq they want to kill you because you are not a follower of islam hell they kill muslims because they don’t think they are muslim enough. also being gay is a crime punishable by death in the eyes of radical islam so do your damn home work stop following the huff post actually go talk to a muslim who has escaped the brutality of isis and see what they say until then every single one you arguing back and forth and not working together to make this country a better place for all to live is the god damn problem grow the hell up and stop your petty bickering seriously you sound like little 10yr old girls on the playground arguing over a damn Barbie doll and if you don’t like the constitution of this great country of mine get the hell out move go to Europe live in a socialist country there I’m sure they would love to have you

    • Oh so anyone that has a different opinion than you in a free country where freedom of speech is cherished should just get out. Maybe you should leave since nobody is going to oblige you. It was Bush that called the Constitution a quaint document & then went about dismantling it not the liberals. His unnecessary invasion of Iraq is largely responsible for the huge mess over there in the Middle East & his turning America into a police state has caused problems at home. His economic policies collapsed the U.S. economy but the economy is doing better under Obama. You cannot impose democracy upon the dark ages with the barrel of a gun. You want to bury your head in the sand & pretend that bad policy has no consequences but you are wrong. This simpleton narrative of yours that the Islamist just want to kill us because we aren’t Muslim is beyond laughable. They are angry because of bombs being dropped on their cities & homes along with foreign presence on their land. Extremist religious nuts rise when invasions create a power vacuum like the gigantic one Bush made in Iraq. Until the lessons of Vietnam & Iraq get learned history will keep repeating itself.

      • DEFEND america with the barrel of a case you didn’t know,your fearless leader just renewed the patriot act[which is what you’re speaking of].also,no one has a problem with freedom of speech except liberals,the same liberals that have a problem with the right to bear arms,both of which are part of the constitution.if you don’t like the constitution then get the *#@% out of my are about the most ignorant person that has posted on this sight today.obama created the vacuum when he took our troops out.and yes muslims do want to kill you just because you’re not a muslim.that is what their satanic koran teaches sound like a 7 year old that’s been listening to your hippie liberal are the only problem with this country.go to russia,maybe you’ll be happy there.good ridance

  7. just a crazy killer guy probably mad about plan parenthood killing murdering millions of little babies then cutting them into parts for sale. hard to stop nuts from killing,or others like criminals,terrorists,ect. they always get weapons ,from knives , to guns ,illegally for the most part. .

    • Listening to people Like Carly F much? Like fake videos and lies that are spread around? It is proven the videos were cut and spliced and are not representative of the facts. Is that OK with God? That people spread lies to further their agenda and that you believe the lies? What does God think of that? How about you talking like that is 100% of what PP does (reality is that they do not do the things you say at all), when 97% of what they do is non-abortion services. How does God view that blatant lie coming from your mouth? (or typing fingers) Do you have ANY concept of what God really is? I know he hates lies. But you are OK with continuing that sin as long as you get your way, right? You and that Emmalee person, pffft. Liars.

  8. There is not even any information out about this guy yet people are already saying he was a Christian terrorist and comparing this type of behavior to radical Islam. One thing is true, if anyone kills another no matter what religion, they commit the sin of murder. Murder is murder period. But I wish people0 would get their facts straight before making comments on something they no nothing about. If a person who calls himself a Christian commits this type of act then most likely they are not a true Christian. They are not following the teaching Of Jesus and the Bible. Yes, People like to miss-quote and miss represent the Old Testament wars saying the Bible promotes violence but these are not the teachings of Jesus. On the other hand, if a Muslim does not Kill or fund Killing in the name of Allah then they are not a true follower of Islam and the Quran. The Quran does nothing but promote the killing a ridding the world of all infidels. so if you are not doing this than you are not a true Muslim. No where in the Quran does it promote peace. I challenge anyone to find a quote from the Quran that does. and please don’t use Quran 5:32. – this is the most miss represented verse in the Quran and it is actually written about and for the Jewish people, not Muslims. Please take the time to understand both before making judgments.

  9. “His convictions include seat belt violations, driver’s license violations, operating a vehicle in an unsafe mechanical condition and driving a non-registered vehicle.”

    Does Anyone else find it troubling that these so called violations are under criminal law.

    I mean WOW what a criminal he dose’nt wear a seat belt.

    Not defending any of the alleged actions of yesterday…..Just saying.

    • I thought the same thing- convicted of more serious crimes. Hahaha. They did what we’re doing here-scrambling to MAKE news rather than waiting to REPORT what happened when they actually KNOW SOMETHING that matters. I seriously doubt we can call seat belt violations a”Gateway ” crime to premeditated murder. Hahaha

  10. Lots of comments about who’s to blame for isis on an article about another mass shooting in America. Strange. Radical Islam is to blame for isis, not America, not Bush, not Obama. We should put our collective minds together about this incredible issue we have with mass murders in this country and stop the incessant political arguing. This forum is indicative of our seemingly broken and blatantly stagnant government. Stop the rhetoric and do something.

  11. really?what information do you have and i don’t that would indicate in any way that this guy is a christian?does this man look like a christian to you?

  12. If you want to see the depth of stupidity the country has sunk to, just read comments underneath stories like this one. Products of the public education disaster, for sure. No thinking skills, no clue about logic or reasoning. Talking points straight from Chris Matthews and Rush Limbaugh, with a sprinkle of “hey y’all, watch this! (hold my beer)”

    • Most of these nuts are conservative, one man in SC had a house full of guns. Automatic weapons should be banned, white people are getting killed in mass, and they re still listening to Rush and Rance. d_m_b.

    • When you say ‘not a word’ you obviously missed the many words spoken by religious haters who want to inflict their anti-women views on the crest of us. Like those words spoken by right wing politicians who have presumably motivated the shooter.

      Facts go matter right?

  13. tea party never has killed in the name of religion you moron. keep drinking the liberal juice. most shooting done by crazy liberals more liberal propaganda

  14. Eric Holder was the one who openly said never waste a crisis ..and that we need something big to enact anti gun legislation… somebody should ask Eric how come every shooting is now overplayed … I heard on the radio Black Lives Matter is active in Colorado Springs… when they kill threaten or taunt a cop… you hear crickets from Obama’s corps of haters and anti religious bigots…

  15. Marxist agitprop. Game plan is to discredit Americans who own guns, display the American flag or argue with their neighbors. This manufactured event will be used to
    create legislation that circumvents the Bill of Rights.

  16. This is set to take the guns out of everybody, The government is doing everything to convince people that guns are bad, this way the government will have people defense less and easier to dominate..

    • Oh my- Somebody has their eyes open and accepts that 1+1=2. Just following the same plan for the last 40yrs. Drive then into urban areas (sorry California farmers- your thousands of acres of land has to sit idle, we can’t endanger these minnows so No Water). Put fluoride in their drinking water- makes them more docile. We’ll tell them it’s for oral hygeine and just ignore the ADA when they announced that it is rotting out teeth at an alarming rate. Get a list of our weapons and who has what so that we can give it to the UN to share with all our good friends (and I just DARE somebody to challenge me on that so that I can tell everyone who tried to do it). I think Syria should know what weapons are where in case they want to try and attack so they could avoid those areas with a higher likelihood of people taking to the hills and getting behind the burm in the mouth of the cave behind grandma’s house with full body armor, 2000 rounds in clips and strips, with a clear field of fire for 1000 meters and the most accurate 7.62 Assault Rifle sighted in to take a button off at 800yrds, and an indigenous people likely to assume the risk of picking up the mantle of freedom and willing to do what it takes to maintain it. And if you haven’t given at least 2 years of your life doing SOMETHING to serve your country and countrymen I’ll just tell you in advance- I don’t put much stock in what you say. You can say it, but it’s evident at that point that you won’t do anything about it sooooo I’ll consider those positions of persons willing to give selflessly of themselves for people they don’t know and who probably won’t appreciate it…

  17. We shouldn’t allow people from South Carolina to move to other states without being vetted. A terrorist is a terrorist, after all!

  18. Although you may cater to a certain community, times will arise when people need to contact you while they are away from home. Vine is a mobile application that allows users to create 6 second videos to document an event and seamlessly upload it to their Twitter& Facebook account. Books like that do not always have to be hundreds of pages long.

  19. Let’s see if Obama tries to paint this as a crime by a Christian to draw attention away from the real terrorist who are responsible for the killings in France and 9-11 and all the other horrific terror acts around the world.

  20. The shooting had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.I would never trust any media source.

    Kelly Hazen: I live in this city. I watched this unfold on the local news and police scanners. The media has completely twisted this into something it’s not. The man was planning to rob the bank next to the clinic. He was confronted in a parking lot (grocery store parking lot) by an officer which caused a shooting and the man then took cover in the clinic. This wasn’t a pro life “Christian terrorist” like I’ve been reading online all morning. PLEASE SHARE!

  21. Okay, you listed the charges he was either found innocent of or that were dropped. i would like to see an article on Heavy about five things we should know about the proven crimes committed by Bill and Hillary that include rape, murder, and theft.