WATCH: Man With His Arms Up Shot by North Miami Police

A behavioral therapist trying to help his autistic patient was shot by police while lying on the ground with his arms raised in the air. A video recorded on a cell phone, which you can watch above, shows the moments before the shooting in North Miami, Florida.

The victim, Charles Kinsey, who is black, is recovering in the hospital, WSVN-TV reports. The news station obtained the video of the Monday shooting on Wednesday.

The head of the police union told the Miami Herald the officer thought Kinsey was in danger and was aiming at the autistic patient, and missed. The autistic man was not armed, and was holding a toy truck while sitting cross-legged in the middle of the road as his therapist was down on the ground next to him.

The shooting remains under investigation. The officer, Jonathan Aledda, 30, has been placed on administrative leave. No weapons were found at the scene, police said.

Kinsey’s attorney, Harold Napoleon, also provided the full video to the Herald. You can watch it below:

The shooting itself was not caught on the cell phone camera.

North Miami Police say they responded to the area of Northeast 14th Avenue and Northeast 127th Street about 5 p.m. on July 18 for a report of an armed man threatening suicide, WPLG-TV reports

Kinsey, 47, told WSVN the “armed man” was his 23-year-old autistic patient, who had run away from a nearby mental health center, where Kinsey works, and was confused. 

In the video Kinsey can be heard trying to tell the officers that his patient wasn’t holding a gun.

“All he has is a toy truck. A toy truck. I am a behavioral therapist at a group home,” Kinsey can be heard saying.

He is also heard in the video trying to calm down the patient, Rinaldo, asking him to stop moving and to get onto his stomach. Kinsey told WSVN he was more afraid police would shoot the autistic man.

charles kinsey

A screengrab from the WSVN report.

Kinsey told the news station that after a few minutes, one of the officers shot him in the leg. The officer fired three times, hitting Kinsey once.

“I’m like this right here, and when he shot me, it was so surprising,” said Kinsey, who had his arms raised in the air while talking to a WSVN reporter from his hospital bed Wednesday. “I thought it was a mosquito bite, and when it hit me I had my hands in the air, and I’m thinking I just got shot! And I’m saying, ‘Sir, why did you shoot me?’ and his words to me were, ‘I don’t know.’”

Kinsey said that after he was shot he was handcuffed and left bleeding in the street.

North Miami Police issued a statement about the shooting:

There is preliminary information that North Miami Police Officers were dispatched to the scene after a 911 call was received of an armed male suspect threatening suicide. Arriving officers attempted to negotiate with two men on the scene, one of whom was later identified as suffering from autism. The other man was later identified as an employee of an assisted living facility. At some point during the on-scene negotiation, one of the responding officers discharged his weapon, striking the employee.

charles kinsey, charles kinsey north miami, charles kinsey facebook

Charles Kinsey. (Facebook)

North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene said at a press conference Thursday he has asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to lead an independent investigation.

“I realize there are many questions about what happened Monday night. You have questions, the community has questions, we as a city and I personally have questions,” Eugene told reporters. “I assure you we will get all the answers.”

At a Thursday press conference the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association said the officer is a member of the SWAT team. PBA President John Rivera told reporters the officers were trying to help Kinsey:

There was a call about a suicidal man with a gun, the officers already heard that. When they arrived they saw two men, Mr. Kinsey and the other individual, the white male, and it appeared to the officers that the white male was trying to do harm to Mr. Kinsey. The officers, realizing and believing that there was a firearm, and many officers thought the white male had a firearm, only much later when we were able to Monday morning quarterback do we find out it was a toy. Only much later do we find out that the individual was autistic. The officers on the scene did not know that. And fearing for Mr. Kinsey’s life, the officer discharged his firearm, trying to save Mr. Kinsey’s life. And he missed, and accidentally struck Mr. Kinsey. He thought the white male and his actions were such that he felt Mr. Kinsey’s life was in danger.

Rivera also said the video from the scene “is being portrayed poorly.”

He said “many in the media are saying you can clearly hear Mr. Kinsey. Well if you can clearly hear Mr. Kinsey, why does every news outlet have to put subtitles. You can’t clearly hear Mr. Kinsey.”

He also said the person who filmed the incident did so at a different vantage point and from much closer than where the officers were.

“Folks, being a police officer has always been difficult. And lately, it’s been more difficult, and more challenging,” Rivera said. “Sometimes police officers do wrong and we let the system work. And sometimes police officers do right and we still crucify them. And then sometimes police officers make mistakes, because at the end of the day, they’re not computers, they’re not robots, they are God’s creation and they make mistakes.”

The police union head also read a statement from the officer, in which he said, “I took this job to save lives and help people. I did what I had to do in a split-second to accomplish that. And hate to hear others paint me as something I am not.”

Kinsey’s attorney, Hilton Napoleon, told the Miami Herald he is in settlement talks with the city.

“They realize this was something inappropriate regarding the shooting,” Napoleon said. “If police departments come out more and admit fault, that would probably go a long way.”

Kinsey has worked as a behavioral therapist at the MacTown Panther Group Homes for more than a year, his attorney told the Miami Herald.

He went to Miami Northwestern High School and Miami-Dade College, according to his Facebook page.

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Charles Kinsey, a therapist, was shot by North Miami Police while on the ground with his arms up. He was trying to help his autistic patient, who was next to him.

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Read more about Charles Kinsey in Spanish at

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    • I cannot wait to see how #BlueLivesMatter explains this away.
      Or until the sneering anchors on Fox News ‘white-splain’ excuses for the police.
      Who wants to bet this police officer will never be charged with anything …not even ‘reckless endangerment?’

      • I hope we are above projecting the actions of individuals as the basis for hated of a group. By that sentiment, we all should hate and be hated.

      • Pretty sure one of those responding officers (and quite possibly fired his weapon) is black. So I guess black cops are now generalized as white sympathizers and lost their cards? With all of the turmoil going on between blacks and cops I can see where extreme caution is necessary on both parts. Yes I think it’s deplorable that this INNOCENT man was shot especially while he was prone and submissive.. it doesn’t bode well for those of us saying “well if you’d just comply and make the officers feel there is no danger… “.. it’s obvious that police need more training when dealing with public, just as much as the public need training on how to behave when under police suspicions.

      • how do you even know the other officer is white for Fox News to “white-splain”?
        when you don’t know all the facts it’s easy to assume and jump to conclusions.

    • This seems fake. Where are the eyewitnesses? Why was the moment he was shot conveniently not caught on camera? Let’s see the police dash cam footage. The guy seems like a bad actor. This appears to be another example of staging incidents and fabricating stories to create a false perception. This appears to be a false flag to cause more outrage in the black community about police shooting unarmed blacks males and to create the false perception that it is a widespread epidemic when statistically white police officers are more reluctant to shoot black people for fear of being charged with a “hate crime.” When you control perception, you control people’s actions. You think a crisis actor wouldn’t take one in the leg if someone paid him enough to do it? ‘Oh don’t worry we’ll use a small caliber bullet you’ll barely feel a thing and then we’ll pump you full of drugs for the pain.’ The supposed “autistic patient” was probably an actor as well. And what is really sad is that judging by some of the comments I’ve read, the media has succeeded in their effort to invoke an emotional response – “Oh how sad and how horrible, look at those horrible racist police officers” and will therefore cause emotionally unstable people to go out and kill some more police officers. OR it could be that these were some extremely paranoid cops who do not appear to do very well in the thinking department.

      • This may be the most racist thing that I have read in my entire life, and I spent years in college studying the holocaust. But let me guess, you’re just staging your ignorant beliefs so more people sympathize with the black community.

      • You think that black people need to “Stage” incidents of brutality? As if they don’t happen enough everyday?? You should take a trip out of your bubble of privilege to see what really goes on in the interaction between a black man and law enforcement.

      • Wow! Did you seriously just make up your own conclusion and try to turn it around and blame it on the man laying on his back with his arms in the air? Now right is right and wrong is wrong. This was wrong on so many levels! Do you think your comment helps in any way? Does that help to mend the divide going on in our country? Smh! You really should be ashamed of yourself!

      • “Why was the moment he was shot conveniently not caught on camera?” Are you that ignorant? It’s because normal people don’t walk around recording all the time – something happens, *then* pictures, usually. The fact that any of these shootings are on film MEANS many more has happened that are not recorded – not the other way round – moron. I hate to say, but Yeah – moron. I see this online ALL THE TIME – oh, it’s the media’s and Internets fault making it seem like it happens more and more… Well, guess what, buddy – Logic 101 – for every one you see, many… MANY are not recorded, as there are no witnesses… or the officers bust the camera, or the people are too scared shitless to do anything about it… Car accidents happen by the *thousands* every day. How many on film? I guess that’s just a myth by insurance companies and ER’s pretending to work on people… Only got “some” evidence including the officers own confession, and audio… But no other “witnesses”. What a crock. I’m not even black and have experienced enough BS with the police to believe this – and no, I’m not a thug or something, either. You sound like the fake – you never had a run in with a person that was not qualified to be in a position of authority? Never? Well good for you – it’s actually quite common. They like to hire the dumber ones in the lower ranks because they won’t question orders – you’ll meet one day.

      • Each and everything you wrote was UNTRUE.
        Police have been murdering unarmed people of color since they have been police in the United States of America would absolutely no repercussions whatsoever. The last thing I officers concerned about is being charged with any crime much less a hate crime. The African-American Community is known as it has been shouting this since there have been police in the United States of America. The only thing that is new is the addition of video tape and that still does not cause a conviction.
        Even when evidence is available to your eyes you really want to believe that something else happened as opposed to the truth. You really believe that all black people are connected somehow and come up with these stories police brutality and murder together. If this is not happening what reason would we have for saying it is?
        When a life that does not look like you as long as you don’t seem to notice it. But contrary to your belief We Love Our Lives as much as you love yours so we get no gratification by being murdered by the police. Unfortunately the situation has become so bad and the police have become so inept as a whole that they are now moving past people of color and I just randomly doing it to whoever they feel like. So remember you can be next. There are no checks and balances in place to prevent it.

  1. There is a war between American police and young black men … and there is a paucity of evidence that either side is going to back down. BOTH sides demonstrate nothing so much as a self-centered resolve to continue the killing. With the advent of such relentless hatred and America’s newfound intoxication with ‘Trumpian ethics,’ I fear for our country.
    So … some mornings I wake up and upon reviewing the physical beauty of America that exists right outside my door along with the wondrous variegation of our people (the multitude of skin colors, cultures, foods, languages, ideas, technologies, sciences, art forms, dances, musical forms and opportunity), I am overwhelmed and fall to my knees in gratitude.
    Some mornings I awake to the paranoid, angry, divisive musings of Fox News and after being poisoned by their unending insistence on hate and negativity, I lift my arms to seek forgiveness for my disgust at their unprincipled poison.

    • Sorry sir, but there is NO WAR! There are nonetheless individuals that are seeking revenge for current and past police excessive use of force and deadly force upon American Citizens! One problem is the unwillingness of Police to admit that there is a problem within Law Enforcement all over the country. They rather focus on their concerns and anger and blame the attacks upon police on #BlackLivesMatter and President Obama instead of even trying to look within! There are indeed a bad elements in Law Enforcement and Fear is one along with Lawlessness, Racism, Bigotry, Prejudice, Profiling and Blatant Discrimination by Bad Seed Officers within Law Enforcement! Certain people just don’t want to admit it like Sheriff David Clarke, Bill O’Rielly, Sean Hannity and the rest of Fox News!

      • Maybe you should see if the data supports this problem you claim the police need to admit exists.
        The FBI data documenting crime and police interactions is out there for EVERYONE to see and has been there for many many years, and it does not support this “problem” that police are quick to shoot black people, unarmed or otherwise. In fact it supports the opposite, that blacks are shot less often than whites/latinos.

        Yet despite the information being readily available for everyone to see and understand the reality of the bigger picture, the media promotes a picture that you seem to accept that is in direct conflict of actual facts and ignores reality.

        • What you fail to understand is we are not talking about the blacks cops shoot when they are committing a crime. We are upset about the unnecessary killing of people who gets stopped for a light being out and end up getting shot up with a kid in the backseat. The man who is laying on his back with his arms up, the poor child gunned down for playing with a toy gun in the park and nothing happens to the cop but a paid vacation. I don’t understand why people don’t understand!

        • There are more white people in the United States. You focus on statistical analysis and fail to see the pattern of Black people being killed for not putting anyone’s life in danger. Statistics do nothing except pose more questions.

  2. Sometimes, no matter how wrong, mistakes happen with no other motive. It doesn’t make it right, but I refuse to believe that we all wish each other harm.

  3. I support the law enforcement community. Most of the time I see or read about a shooting and reserve judgment until all the facts are exposed. In this instance, I am in awe with the lack of critical thinking on the part of the officer. How on earth did the officer perceive that his life was in peril? What did he think was the immediate danger?
    To our countries police personal: get your act together! Since when did your side arm become the first tool use in compliance control? You are fueling the fire of distrust and resentment.
    Like many Americans, my faith and support is getting thinner than the thin blue line.

    • Well said. The existence of non lethal weapons have been around for a while. Rubber Bullets, Tazers, Gun darts that can knock someone out within a second. Why is the gun their only tool of choice. I support our Law enforcement as well. However, the constant shootings of black men who are not armed or causing harm has to stop. I should add any shooting of any one who is not armed or causing harm should be shot. Better choices need to be made. All law enforcement is under tight observation. Everyone is recording your actions. Remember we live in a high tech world. We have dash cam, smart phones and even pens and sunglasses that will record your every move.

      • You ridiculous asshole!
        They did not need to use any weapons on him.
        I hope a black boogeyman violates all of
        your orifices tonight.
        You are an unmitigated twat waffle.

    • I wholly agree with the start of your reply. Except if the officer is responding to a call indicating there is a weapon involved, then he shows up assuming that is the case.

      He sees some retard on the ground with a toy truck……sorry but can you blame him if the first thing in his mind is that this is a set up for a police ambush. If you know anything about North Miami, you know that is not a part of town you bebop around carelessly in….to put it mildly.

      I am not saying that is why he shot the guy. Personally I dont care, I trust the investigators to hammer him because THAT is the system in place to deal with idiot or bad cops, 21st century lynch mobbing is NOT the right way to deal with bad cops. If the investigation system and criminal justice system doesnt put away bad cops, and there are surely thousands sitting in prison right now, then we can have that discussion.

      What bothers me is I am sick and tired of theses chopped up and NARRATED videos. You want to “expose the truth” THEN EXPOSE IT. The truth does not need editing, it does not need a narrative. We all can see for ourselves what happened, we all can hear the audio. The rest will be corroborated by witness accounts and the investigation details.


  4. I am praying for this person to a speedy recovery. The Police need to start using non lethal weapons. Plus, it is time to check the mental health of the police. I know the police are supposed to protect us. I thank the ones who are not making mistakes. Time to come together as a community and discuss ways to handle any situation without a gun.

  5. That man did not have to be shot! He was laying down on the ground with arms in the air. The Autistic fellow was sitting up and I thank GOD the officer didn’t decide to shoot him. The point I want to make is this; the autistic fellow was sitting upright while Charles Kinsey was laying on his back with both hands in the air. Yet the officer shot Charles not the other helpless man. Why was that? Look at Charles then look at the other man. What’s the difference? YOU DECIDE!!!

    • Since speculation is the order of the day, how about we speculate why they cut out the part where the actual firing of the gun happened?

  6. Simple. This individual with a blue uniform wanted to harm the man who was laying on the ground with both arms raised. Does this man represents thousands policies keep people safe daily ? NO!!!. Investigate wether he committed a crime and take measures against him. that is it !. Stop playing white and black mumbo jumbo again and again. In the future we have to put both white and black in separate planets and the rest of us remain on earth.

  7. You mean to tell me that Black man in America can not simply do his job without being shot by a police officer. How in the hell did anyone manage to mistake a toy truck for a gun? It is bad enough that a Black man in America has to be concerned about being shot by another Black person over a pair of Beats headphones but make matters worst we have this shit going on.

  8. I hope he gets the equivalent of all tax dollars collected by that jurisdiction for the next 1000 years as a settlement.

  9. Here we go again. Police need to held accountable for these types of actions. Jail time they are nothing more than killers when they act in this manner. All lifes matter. There is a serious nationwide over haul of police tactics needed.

  10. I think he shot him on purpose to leave the force with no charges against him. In his mind, and with all what is going on in our country, the was his ticket to leave the force alive.

  11. Seems odd, there is NO video of that actual shooting. Anything could have happened after his hands were up!!!!!!! False narrative – SHOW THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!!

  12. These police need to be fired you cant retrain stupid! The Police should have insurance… Why should You have to Pay for this…The city will get sued and have to pay for the shooting… if the officer had insurance they could pay for it ..i still think the officer should be fired even if he has insurance.

    You want people to see the truth? then STOP TRYING TO PACKAGE IT. Post the entire video otherwise nobody cares.

    It is not our fault that the media has lied and been dishonest for years to the point that none of the rest of us rational people are willing to be fooled again.
    Everyone knows there are bad cops, poorly trained cops, and problems that need to be addressed, BUT that is a 2 way street, there is also a problem with lies about police and lies about problems and lies about “victims”.

    Living in Miami, I do not like how lax the police here seem to be. NOTHING about Miami is representative of the rest of the United States of America in ANY WAY.
    But I have heard the cry WOLF so many times that I cannot give any creedence to these videos if they are edited at all.

    That is not my fault, you can blame the people who have been making up these lies from Tawana Brawley, to Michael Brown, Rodney King to Philando Castile, these people selectively chopping videos and fabricating politically convenient narratives to them have done more harm to innocent people who ARE ACTUAL VICTIMS to the few bad cops because now their legitimate complaints get ignored because we are so tired of being lied to by the rest.

  14. the cop was probably hoping the black guy was going to jump or do something after being shot, so they could finish the job and unload on him, But Thank God the black guy didn’t move or react…I’m sure the cops were disappointed, they couldn’t finish the Turkey shoot.

  15. blood thirsty savage cracker you filthy beast are out of control the most high is going to strike you all down!!!!!

  16. So why is this shitbum cop on paid vacation instead of in jail? What if the guy had shot the cop? Would he go on vacation? Find the cop and lock him up. These asshold are not above the law.

  17. Wow, really, it took three days for this
    to be reported nationally?
    Now where did those marching orders
    to the media originate?
    When dangerous criminals are shot and
    there is barely a hint of it being questionable,
    if he is black, the media quickly reports it
    as racist police brutality by day’s end.
    Obviously, black behavioral therapists lives don’t matter.

  18. New way too fix those police office .None violent way we the people nead to unite all together an fix all the USA country police company we don’t get any were with STUPED protest the right way is too (not pay taxes ) the IRS can’t an won’t put the whole state in jail.That be the big game changer an the state will save an deduct the money from taxes that go too STUPED union that alw seems too go there way wen cop blow a gasket an they don’t even go in front of jurry .Thats not fair at all an wen cop start behaving more professional then they get paid .They not wourth my hard earn money an we the state of fl people need too all deduct police pay they don’t deserve any pay at all..Thank u some buddy who good at compuewter need too please start this new campaign .

  19. Think about this for a moment (if you really buy the argument the officers were trying to save Mr. Kinsey’s life).
    They meant to shoot the very large patient sitting on the ground, from a few yards away. A very large target
    right there for the taking…

    … and yet they shoot the poor caretaker (that is already on the floor). Sure, saving his life.

    If it were true that they were trying to save his life, why did they hand cuff him and left him to bleed
    for 20 minutes unattended.

  20. That Police man should be FIRED!!!!!!!!!! And charged for attempted murder!!! What is with these BAD Police ???? Enough is enough!!! All the experiences I’ve had with police was bad!!! Example, ticketed for speeding 5 miles over, another going through a yellow light. BS tickets just to meet their quota. Got robbed multiple times in the city I lived in. I asked about taking finger prints. The police did not want to bother taking prints. Never recovered ANYTHING. I sure don’t think much of police ESPECIALLY now with all the unnecessary police shootings. They need a lot more training!!!!

  21. Please people “WAKE UP”!!!
    Open your minds. Diversions meant to cause division between us all. Do not fall for it!

    • Nothings shocking anymore …exept the fact that police still get away with murder , assult, incompitance, racism, and ignorance .

      I also don’t understand how the criminals with badges who commit these crimes go on paid vacation , and not into hiding ….forever!!!
      If you kill Anyone in my family unjustly ,doesn’t matter what your job title is , I’m coming fi you.
      andthat’s what its coming too since there is no punishment for these cops.
      I predicted this long before the the recent killing of officers.

      Sadly, I believe “some” of the officers murdered were good cops and never abused people …at least not badly enough to be killed.

      Even prosecutors who’ve been caught manufacturing evidence to put innocent people in prision don’t loose their job, let alone be prosecuted .
      They just move on to the next case , with or without enough evidence to convict.
      You see, brain washed Americans will believe anything a prosecutor says because they think a prosecutor would never hide or manufacture evidence, they’re supposed have honor and integrity!!!
      Not be witch hunters from the 1600’s !!!

      Funny how prosecutors , on average, have something like a 98%
      conviction rate in any city in America ….exept when prosecuting police.
      All of a sudden they suck at convincing jurors.
      But then again , those white jurors are scared of the African Americans.
      Even the occasional A.M. jurors won’t vote to convict the police because they are doing well in life , and have seperated themselves from the poor A.M. people.
      Do they just want to fit in with the white folk in the community ?
      Gotta be something close to that .

      I’m trying to vision cops killing ….let’s just say ,a certain ethnic group from S. America the way they target practice on African Americans
      That would be the end of those cops who did the shootings.
      I lived in California and went to school with a few .
      And I witnessed first hand what happens when you target them with violence unjustly.
      Your house gets burned down with you and your family in it !!!
      Ruin their life for no reason, and its all over for you.

      blue lives matter ? ….hilarious.
      Ya see , he’s not a ” blue life”, he’s an unstable, unqualified regular fool who got hired as a police officer. They hire people like this everyday.
      Nothing special, just another goof.

      That cop in Miami who decided to shoot didn’t think the lives of the people he shot at
      mattered, so how can his ?

      Hope to see his downward spiral soon.

      If that situation in Miami scared police, they shouldn’t be police .
      I know they had a scope on the guy , so didn’t that rifle scope zoom in and see ….no gun , but a toy truck ?
      My scope could see that sooooo easily.

  22. All I want to know is, even allowing for the stress of the moment, how does a trained officer mistake what that man was holding for a gun?

  23. All this comfortable killing of blacks has got to stop. Youre causing blacks to hate you quickly. You choose these black men to answer your sex needs, impregnate you, work and take care of you and your family. But you readily disrespect us. Look at what’s happening between us. You’re close enough to us to see the heart in us, why don’t you teach your families. Killing blacks for sport must stop. It can’t continue. You’re going to cause something awful to emerge…