Michigan Election Results Update: Did Trump Really Win the State?

Donald Trump's final rally before the election was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Devos Place. The late night rally began at 11 p.m. and featured Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence. Tomorrow night, Trump will hold an election watch party at the New York Hilton Midtown, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Trump has been crisscrossing the nation campaigning for president, and now the final results are almost here. Click through the gallery to see photos and stories about Trump's last campaign rally. (Getty)

Donald Trump’s final rally before the election was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Devos Place. The late night rally began at 11 p.m. and featured Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence. (Getty)

Did Donald Trump really win Michigan’s 16 electoral votes?

The president-elect’s victory in the rust-belt state was heralded as a fundamental redrawing of the political map. That’s because Michigan, along with Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, had not gone red in a presidential election since the 1980s. Until Tuesday, that is, according to the prevailing narrative.

However, you may have noticed that many news organizations still considered Michigan up for grabs in their electoral college maps of the presidential election as of November 11. That’s three days after the election. In other words, they hadn’t officially added it to Trump’s column yet.

Thus, the answer to the question of whether Trump really won Michigan is:

He’s ahead now.

A spokesman for the Secretary of State’s office in Michigan told Heavy on November 11 that the office has “no reason to believe” there are “significant” numbers of votes somehow unaccounted for, including absentee or provisional ballots. However, Trump’s lead is slender: He has a 13,107 vote lead over Hillary Clinton in Michigan, according to the latest totals from the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump addresses the final rally of his 2016 presidential campaign at Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 7, 2016. / AFP / JEFF KOWALSKY (Photo credit should read JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump addresses the final rally of his 2016 presidential campaign at Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 7, 2016. (Getty)

The reason many news organizations are hedging in declaring Trump the Michigan victor: The Associated Press has yet to call the race for Trump, and many news organizations follow the lead of the AP. The AP told Heavy on November 11 that it hasn’t called New Hampshire yet, either, although Hillary Clinton has a slight lead there. The wire service called Arizona on November 10 for Trump, two days after the election. However, on November 14, the AP called New Hampshire for Clinton after Trump did not request a recount, said The BBC.

“The races in New Hampshire and Michigan remain too close to call, with recounts possible in both states,” Lauren Easton, media relations manager for the AP, had explained to Heavy on November 11. “So long as recounts are possible, AP will not call either race.”

Detroit newspapers have declared Trump the winner, attributing his victory to western, rural areas of the state populated by working class whites concerned about trade and jobs. Hillary Clinton also did not turn out Democratic voters in Michigan at Barack Obama’s levels, and third-party candidates ran stronger than in 2012 (Trump’s margin in Wisconsin was also small; it was about 27,000 votes, but that state was called for Trump.)

trump grand rapids rally

Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are decked out in campaign signs before the rally in Michigan. His supporters often come dressed up for his rallies, wearing Trump accessories. (Getty)

So what’s the hold up? The Michigan votes will now go through a canvassing system. A recount can’t be requested until that’s done.

The New York Times has a county-by-county listing of election results. As of November 11, the Times was giving Trump a 92 percent chance of winning Michigan; the results currently list Trump as receiving 47.6% of the vote and Clinton 47.3%.

Fred Woodhams, the spokesman for the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, told Heavy, “We have no reason to believe that there are significant numbers of votes that are unaccounted for. All cities and townships in the state (1,500 of them) have reported unofficial vote totals.” He said that no recount has been requested because recounts are filed after certified results are available, not unofficial tallies.

Clinton won the popular vote in the United States as a whole. Trump won the three rust-belt states that were crucial to his victory in the electoral college by a combined total of only about 112,000 votes.

The AP did call the election overall for Donald Trump, naming him as presidential victor, despite remaining unsure about Michigan and New Hampshire. Michigan has 16 electoral votes and New Hampshire 4. Clinton would not prevail in the electoral college even if she won Arizona and those two states:


The AP explains how it calls races, saying, “The responsibility for calling races rests with experienced journalists in each state. They are armed with on-the-ground knowledge of their territory that no other national news organization can match.”

In addition, says the AP, “On election night, race callers in each state are assisted by experts in AP’s Washington bureau who examine exit poll numbers and votes as they are counted.”

As of November 11, the Secretary of State in Michigan was reporting the following totals:

Trump: 2,277,914
Clinton: 2,264,807
Johnson: 172,726
Stein: 51,420
Castle: 16,125
Soltysik: 2,231

The Trump victory is too large to trigger an automatic recount in Michigan. A margin of under 2,000 votes triggers an automatic recount in Michigan, but candidates can seek a recount even if the margin is larger. You can learn more about the Michigan recount rules here:

Woodhams told Heavy: “It’s not for the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office to get involved in when national media outlets ‘call’ a state. At this time, county boards of canvassers are verifying election results and will certify them. At the end of the month, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers will certify the results after the county boards complete their work. At that point, election results will be final.”

Asked whether he expected the results to change substantially, he responded, “No, but in every election small vote shifts occur during the canvassing process.”

trump grand rapids rally

Ted Wright holds a foam campaign prop from 1980 of former US President Ronald Reagan prior to the final campaign event of Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence at Devos Place on November 7, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Getty)

Woodhams stressed that the canvassing process will be bi-partisan.

“The canvassing process takes weeks to complete to ensure that voters can have full confidence in the accuracy and integrity of Michigan elections,” Woodhams said. “The canvassing boards are made up of equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats.”

The Detroit Free Press reported in a blaring headline that Trump had won Michigan, giving the margin as 13,225 votes. However, the newspaper had earlier mistakenly called the race for Clinton based on an analysis of early returns from key precincts.

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  1. I wish a recount would happen if for nothing else than to reveal the huuuge vote fraud perpetrated by Hillery. Hillery used vote fraud in so many states and no doubt the reason she doesn’t want a recount is all her fraud will come to the light. You saw the number of people who showed up for Trump in MIchigan at his rallies. They should be livid that Hillery tried to steal the state. Recount and check the validity of every vote, I think people would be surprised with the results in many states if they would go thru the legitimate votes.

    • Trump called himself Republican, American Independent. That is ballot fraud. He was a republican, and that was it. That probably gained him a million votes right there.

      • How sad! As an independent I find it sad that in both parties there are zealots who cannot see the facts in front of them- only the perceived flaws of their opponent. Please understand that I am college educated as is my wife who has both a CPA and an MBA. I voted my down-ballot and let my wife, in the “Year of the Woman” make the decision for both of us for POTUS. I was a Bernie supporter. My wife, who is now a “deplorable” provided her reasoning as follows: “Yes, DT has said some terribly xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, etc. words. On the other hand, HRC has done some very horrible things such as voting for the Iraq War, engaging in the deceptive practice of using a private email server while serving in and taking pay for a public service job, engaged in an indirect form of “pay for play” where the appearance of a conflict should have been avoided at all costs and has a very warm and richly rewarding relationship with Wall Street. This country needs change and while DT is an imperfect vessel, the odds favor real change with him versus her.” On a personal note, I hope the DNC and their misanthropic leadership enjoy the fruit of the seeds they have sewn. From Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to Donna Brazille to HRC herself, you need only look in the mirror. You may have succeeded in tilting the Democratic primary towards HRC, but unless you clean house today and purge the crony faux liberals from the ranks, you will have lost at least one generation of voters, and possibly another. You can choose to be angry over the election and demonize the incoming POTUS (as the Republicans have for eight years) or you can become the Party of the Enlightened. If you want my opinion, I would get on my knees and crawl to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and beg her to become the next DNC Chairwoman.

        • Hillary said half of Trump’s supporters were deplorable, not all of them. Given that only 49% of registered voters even voted, and slightly less than 50% of those voted for Trump, that means the “deplorables” are the 12% of Trump supporters who are on the fringe – i.e. white extremists, birthers, etc. As long as your wife is not a white extremist or birther or anything like that, there is no need for you or her to feel slighted. I hope you and your wife would agree that blatant racist views are indeed deplorable, i.e. shameful and disgraceful? Hopefully she is not in that 12% of the deplorable?

          • Blatant racist views? Why? Because he wants the border enforced? Because he wants Syrians and those from predominantly Muslim countries to undergo extensive vetting before being allowed to immigrate? Your shameful, disgraceful, disgusting attempt at pulling wool over our eyes with your “racist” BS makes me sick and tells me exactly what you are – one of the precious little snowflakes who just can’t handle a Trump victory. Like it or not, this time WE WON. As your president Obama said, we don’t mind you riding along, but now you’ve got to ride in back.

            • Dear O and everybody for that matter, How can you look your child in the face and say that you are going to win the lottery although you don’t have all the numbers? I am NOT a Hilary fan in any way shape or form, but I do believe in Fair Play and as we well know, he who has the most marbles wins…..

            • Hmmm… I don’t think I referred to the topics you referred to as blatantly racist so it is quite interesting to me that you chose those as examples. I am talking about white supremacist groups openly supporting Trump. I am talking about David Duke supporting Trump. If you have not seen the news, the Ku Klux Klan is going to have a parade in North Carolina celebrating Trump’s victory. That is the type of “blatant racism” I am talking about. What is shameful and disgraceful that when people point to true racism like this they get attacked as you are doing, rather than you condemning such BLATANT RACISM as deplorable, shameful, and disgraceful. Now that you now what I was referring to as racism, I am just waiting to see if you have the guts and honesty to condemn it (unless you are in support of those racist views).

              • Actually the kkk actually supported Hillary they just pretended to support Trump as the were ordered to last summer by the dnc after extensive talks between the Hillary the dnc chairwoman donna brazille and the head of the kkk. which is still the real heart and militant wing of the dnc.

            • Don’t you know anybody who disagrees with the left can’t simply have a different viewpoint on public policy because they are so much smarter than us (even when they are actually arguing with someone who is much smarter them them) So any disagreement with their unassailable truth must be based on racism, homophobia, Misogyny or some other deep form of hate. It does not mater that there ideas have failed everywhere for a hundred years we must listen to them. (and what crybabies)

            • That’s what we like to hear; the love and humility that oozes out of your heart felt comments. Thank you for sharing this and bringing us all together; I’m sure that as you reflect upon this in the mirror, you are beaming with pride at your humanity.

            • You forgot to mention the fact that none of the Muslim countries are taking any refugees. since I served in the first Gulf War I have seen with my own eyes the number of empty worker camps that could easily handle all of them.

            • He did not just want the border enforced but he had to go and demonize them and call most of them murderers and rapist. Yet 11 women said Trump touched their privates and in his own words he said he grabs them by their puzzies. Now that he has won what happened to lock Hillary up and Build the Wall? The Ultra Right has Klan& Nazi in them and that wass also historicaly a l terrorist group yet he is after the Muslims and not the rest.

          • Yeah well since you get your news from this so called journal, you are flat wrong. There is NOT one shred of evidence that Trump is a racist. The only racists I’ve seen through this entire electition season are black on white or paid protesters starting fights at Trump rallies. Not one person who legitimately and personally knows Trump (and he’s kinda well known) has come out and made one statement about him being a racist. As for these white supremacist conspiracies, there may be a fee groups that make up less than .0006 of the country. And they couldn’t find a voting both if you paid them. You (or the DNC’s chosen one) lost because you put the most corrupt person in politics as your candidate. She will be prosecuted on corruption charges but you wouldn’t know anything about it. Get over it and Obama is a complete failure with NO legacy except he was 1/2 black. The ACA is a disaster and everyone with a brain cell who knew the healthcare system told him it would fail. Trump will put in a bad azz cabinet and with the house and senate, we will straighten this mess.out.

          • You should check out the Hillary’s racist comments in her own email word…found on WikiLeaks… you may feel very different about her after reading how she feels about “people of color,” women, and pretty much anyone else she perceives to be beneath her (which is anyone who cannot directly help further line her pockets).

          • Hillary may have said that half of Trumps supporters are deplorable and your argument implies that her statement is true. I would ask you, based on what results? What are the actions that 12% of the nation is engaging in which show this statement to be true? What have they done? What are they doing???

            Nothing deplorable.

            The Hillary advocates that are protesting in the streets, who cannot accept the results of our election, or the will of the electorate are clearly demonstrating the action of being deplorable. Unless, possibly, you agree with their behavior. Their outbursts against the results show all of us that they are behaving deplorably. Based on results, I think Hillary was talking about many of her own followers and not the Trump supporters.

            It is easy to build up in your mind that it was only the “50% of Trump supporters who are on the fringe – i.e. white extremists, birthers, etc.” that showed up at the polls to vote for him. It is absolutely false that this “fringe group” you have built up in your mind is the reason why Donald Trump won.

            He won because many democrats switched sides and voted for him. He won because people want change… He won because people believe he will make a change in Washington that is for the people and not the establishment. These ideas used to be Democratic Ideas.

            We should support him as Barrack Obama said. We should pray that he makes good decisions for our country instead of continuing to regurgitate rhetoric from our failed candidate. We should support our “New” president elect and spend our next few years to work toward a better and brighter America! We can make a difference as we move forward but first we need to “Be The Difference!”

          • I always get a laugh at the mindless “birther” epithet since no one who uses it can prove or even intelligently show either who 0bama’s (or whatever his real name is) parents are who or where he was born since all his records are either bogus & fake (e.g. his various phony supplied “birth certificates”) or sealed. After historians ferret out his true identity in the coming years we may well find out some shocking details, including that for the first time Americans “elected” someone whose real name they didn’t even know!

        • Well written. I agree with the assessment of both. I would add that my hope is, even though I am a Republican as far as party affiliation, that the Republican party would use this to recognize that putting party loyalty above what is good for America is not good for America. DT will create well needed chaos in the Republican party. They must quit partisanship and start patriotism, or we will see 4 more years of stagnation and finger pointing. RH

          • I am a Democrat and I agree with your overall point. But it is not just the Republicans who must quit partisanship and start patriotism but the Democrats also. Already many of my party are embarrassing it with these tantrum protests. If we had chosen Bernie Sanders to represent us it would of brought about a different result. But we lost. Time to stop the overt partisanship from both parties.

          • The Democrats and Media supported her out of loyalty as well. She was and is as flawed as he is. The youth of America were never told just how bad she is because it was unreported. They were too busy ripping apart DT. It’s incredible how uniformed and coddled our youth are. Who is causing all the chaos now and showing partisanship in their loss. It’s not the Republicans who are rioting in the streets because they didn’t get their way. Do you call this uprising patriotism? To me it’s utterly disgusting.

        • Great comment. Though I have no idea why you would support a very weak candidate and possible CIC as Bernie Sanders, you made the right decision ams laid out the important facts. This republic was not founded nor lasted through some significant wars and turning points over the last 250 years, but one thing is for sure, you cannot vote a gender or a race. If you do, youre a fool and do not know history very well. I personally think the Millenials are just ignorant. Even a PhD or any type.of degree doesmt make for common sense. The Electoral College was established for the exact reason how this election played out. You can’t have a few largely populated cities deciding an election for President. If these libs amd progressives want to win on the electoral college, move out of the sanctuary cities and super left wing overpopulate areas.

          As stated, great decison as you weighed the facts. The Millenials have seen NO balanve of powers over thr last 8 years. Obama ran his presidwmcy like a dictatorship. He forgot there are 3 branches of govt and states have rights. As for Sanders, he wojkdnhabe gotten crushed as NO socialist nation has survived or thrived under socialism.

          Let’s see who’s got the stones to move out of this great nation as promised. Hollywood may be reloacting to Canada. But Canadians don’t want them either.

        • Thank you for having the clarity and courage to state what many many Americans believe. Elections should be about issues NOT personalities. Candidates must play by the rules, have a sense of honor and duty (those are table stakes) AND be able to articulate a vision of the future for everyone. Hillary fails on all accounts. Interesting that Trump fired Christie because of his dishonorable actions, Hillary hired DWS after her cheating became public.

          Really, what else do you need to know.

          • That statement’s a joke right? Trump was nothing but personality and didn’t have a plan for anything except deportation and building a wall. And those “plans” were as woefully lacking in details as Trump is lacking in the intelligence and experience necessary to be the President.

        • Yes, talk about illegal votes. In Nevada, buses came in from California. Several drivers for the companies that were hired and drove the people in to vote have reported it. All voted with provisional ballots. No voter id, just walk up show a phony electric bill and you’re good to vote. So very sad.

          • Same thing in NH, stay the night in a hotel and vote claiming you are domiciled in NH. No NH ID required.

            Previous elections, they had 40,000-100,000 of such votes. The Dmocrats Governor vetoed every bill that required 30 day residency. Scott Brown lost his Senate run against Warren by 14,000 votes, 40,000 cast ballots who were in hotels for the night.

      • Before the RNC, he said he would run as an independent if the Republicans didn’t take him. Probably this hybrid approach is what would have worked best of all in any scenario, as he wouldn’t have won against an establishment Republican candidate, like when he was a Reform Party candidate. Mostly he’s for the party of Trump. As a narcissist, he will do whatever gets him the most attention. Used to be a Democrat, before he was a Reform Party candidate, and was a huge fan of Hillary’s when she was his state senator.

    • I’m from mid michigan and i don’t know a single person that voted for hillary. my niece would have but is 16 and can’t vote. I don’t think you want a recount, it would show an even larger margin in trumps favor.

    • Yeah, Hillary used voter fraud in so many states… SO MANY states… All we need now is some actual evidence. Too bad that namby-pamby GOP Congress are too weak-willed to really go after her and get the dirt, amirite?

      Also, unicorns.

    • So far, the only instance of voter fraud that has been revealed was a woman who voted twice for Trump. She was caught, showing that the system works. The bigger factor is where voters are turned away illegally, and where polling places are closed or otherwise inaccessible to the general population, which is a circumstance that favors the Republicans, which is their long-advertised goal.

    • Rallies don’t win elections. If they did, John Kerry would have been elected in 2004. You should put your brain in gear BEFORE you put your mouth into motion.

    • Is it not hilarious that the vast majority of all of these Leftist Democrat types are posting their comments on this site “ANONYMOUSLY”, can anyone say cowards??? Seriously folks get a grip! If your leftist-socialist-propaganda position is so strong then please be brave enough to stand behind it, back it up with facts and don’t be afraid to attach your name to it. As a self described Constitutional Conservative I’ve had to put up with 8 years of the Dem’s undermining the US Constitution at every turn and if memory serves me correctly I don’t seem to recall any Conservative groups or Republicans rioting in the streets and destroying their cities after the results of the 2008 or 2012 presidential elections. Hmmm what an interesting compare and contrast to the two political parties when things don’t go their respective ways.

  2. The IRS basically handed Donald Trump close to a billion dollars over 20 years time because he claimed the losses of other people’s wealth, as his own. Trump ran his entire campaign on what could actually be Tax Evasion money. Crooked Donald’s FBI dossier was suppressed by the FBI even as they twice brought up Hillary Clinton’s emails. Yet Hillary Clinton still has 400,000 more votes. And the ballots stating Republican, American Independent, by Trumps name, That is ballot fraud. Trump ran as a Republican, he did not run as an independent. Clinton Derangement Syndrome occurs when people can’t think one good thing the Clinton’s have ever done. If you have CDS, get help. In the meantime The good old boys network at the IRS and the FBI handed the election to Donald, Tax Evader, Trump.

    • Bullshit is deep right now. He won can’t people just get on with their life? It’s been long enough we have had to watch and listen to crap from both sides everyone just needs to move on and quit dwelling or gloating over it. It’s stupid and only causing more problems. Things just need to calm down so everyone can go back to their families and loved ones and start spending time with them instead of wasting
      more time on this election.

    • If trump was really evading taxes don’t you think that would have come out during the campaign, what Donald Trump was he played by our tax code and who has been in power to change it, they won’t because their friends do the same, in reality she lost it by her lying, fake and corrupt ways

      • It did come up during the campaign. If you get your “news” from “commentators” who think like you you missed it. 85% of what Trump said was blatantly false! MARK MY WORDS: Trump will not deliver on the vast majority of his lying promises and his supporters will be calling for his impeachment before 2017 is

        • Yeah Yeah yeah!!! Like when they said the market would crash and we would have a recession like no other if President Elect Trump is elected. Or the time when the tape came out and all of you said he was toast and his campaign was over. Or the time when everyone mocked him and said he would never be the nominee much less the President. Or the day before the election when so called experts said it was impossible for him to win the election because there was not one poll who showed him winning enough electorates. Or when the Clinton brain dead supporters said she would win in a landslide victory. Yep!!! keep predicting and making a fool of yourself.

        • oh, wow, you really went out on a limb. that limb is going to break underneath you but i applaud you for going out on it. i like brave people, and hope you will be pleasantly surprised and glad in the long-run to have been wrong about your assessment of now president-elect Trump.

    • Actually as Military votes come in from overseas deployment location, and rural votes where GOP margin is more than 50%, the final count as CNN is estimating will come in at national a 2 to 300,000 Trump margin. IRS regulation is clear, you can carry losses forward against tax due. I have done this, but more important for this argument, so has Hillary Clinton, she $600,000.00 over the last two decades. Smaller scale than Trump, but the same law. Also. Trump has had a total of 16 audits from the IRS over his lifetime. If he had cheated, he would have paid not only tax due, but a fine that is about 2X the amount claimed, and or jail time.

      You should really get up to speed before making comment.

    • dailypuma .. You are totally ignorant. Your post would be embarrassing if you had any integrity. But as a Lib/Dem you can’t lose the integrity you never had.

      You don’t understand the tax loss carry forward IRS tax code used by Trump and Clinton and Buffett and every smart businessman.
      Ballott Fraud? So voters went to vote and saw Trump, American Independent and that’s why they voted for him? Hilarious!
      Clinton Derangemeny Syndrome occurs when YOU don’t list one good thing Clinton has done despite introducing the term to us.
      The FBI, under Obama appointee Loretta Lynch, and IRS who persecutes conservative 501 C3 organizations are on Trumps side?
      Trump has had 10+ audits ….

      So embarrassed for you

      • Actually, no one can use the carry forward IRS loophole that Trump used because it was made illegal some time around 2004 (I don’t remember exactly when). That’s not to say he couldn’t use a different loophole that isn’t illegal, but specifically the one that he used on that ~$1billion loss. The catch was a slightly complicated investor swap that allowed him to declare other people’s losses as his own. Congress/IRS had always been critical of that loophole, which is likely why he was audited so many times, as they looked for related issues that they could nab him on. Of course, at the time he declared the losses, it wasn’t illegal, so he was just taking advantage of the tax law the best way his lawyers knew how. It’s obviously hard to fault him from a legal standpoint, but that was something that was pretty frowned upon for a long time from both parties and looked at as pretty ethically questionable.

    • How much money did the NYT lose this year? Do you think they won’t take the deduction, that they’ll just pay taxes on their losses? You think somehow the Clinton’s earning $100 million for “speeches” is somehow above board and ethical? Democrat fool!

      • Prominent members of both parties typically earn very large amounts of money from speeches, so I’m not entirely sure what you’re implying (Sarah Palin at one point was charging $100,000 per speech). If you’re implying that she’s a bit two-faced because she’s earned a butt-ton of money from wall street/other large donor bases and then has said that wall street is a problem and tries to sound sincere about helping the working class, please continue. =)

      • HTC and Bill did pay taxes at the approximately 40% + rate for Federal and state of New York and she was only allowed to claim $3000 per year out of the loss out of the $700000. Just keeps claiming it until the deduction is used up. Copies of her taxes are posted for everyone to see; not so Trump.

    • Given that Nevada is Harry Reid’s state this claim of illegal voters being bused-in from California sounds quite believable. Why is it that the Democrats have always been so strongly opposed to any voting requirement for showing official picture IDs (i.e. a state drivers license in most cases)? They claim to be worried about voter disenfranchisement. That may be true, but it is these bused-in, 2nd-time voters they are worried about, and not legitimate voters, nearly all of whom have drivers licenses since they are required for so many other things in everyday American life: getting on a plane, seeing a doctor, filling a pharmacy prescription, buying alcohol, for most banking transactions, not to mention for driving a car!

    • It sounds like you should be complaining to either the IRS, or the Senators and Congressmen responsible for federal tax law and IRS oversight (HRC once among them!). By the way, once you borrow money, it is effectively your money – so your point regarding “other people’s wealth”, displays a profound ignorance about finance.

      Your claims about “tax evasion” and an “FBI dossier” are just armchair speculation based on zero proof. While HRC’s e-mail fiasco is well-documented story involving a clearly illegal “private e-mail server” specifically installed by order of HRC, apparently for hiding the Clinton’s schemes to collect millions from certain foreign nations while HRC was Secretary of State. In addition, HRC demonstrated “extremely careless handling of classified materials” according to the FBI. If HRC were just another mid-level US military officer this kind of conduct would have surely resulted in several years in prison plus massive fines and permanent loss of security clearances.

      Who cares about Hillary’s popular vote count? It does not matter at all. And these objections to the Electoral College method would have been much more convincing BEFORE the election results were announced!

      Ballot fraud? I say “comment fraud”!

  3. It’s actually Hillary that would not prevail even if she won Arizona and Michigan and New Hampshire. Above the graphic, you incorrectly state that trump would not prevail even if he won Arizona and those two states. The graphic is correct, but it is Hillary who would not prevail.

  4. Poorly written article. It doesn’t make sense. “Trump would not prevail in the electoral college even if he won Arizona and those two states:” Huh?

  5. Yes, it’s clear he won. He won 30 states and she won 20. More importantly, he won all over the country, while she just won large pockets. It was never about race and religion, it was about jobs, jobs, jobs.

  6. It is not true that Clinton won the popular vote. IF ALL the ABSENTEE ballots, PLUS the ballots of the service men and women who were disenfranchised by not even receiving their ballots and being able to exercise their right to vote, were to be counted, the historical averages of ABSENTEE BALLOTS have been that Democrats fet about one-thrid and Republicans about two-thirds of the votes. There are millions of absentee ballots and service ballots that have not been counted or included in this. So to say that Clinton won the popular vote by the slimmest of margins is incorrect, inaccurate, and NOT a truthful statement. Until ALL the BALLOTS of EVERYONE that VOTED are counted, that statement literally cannot be made.

    The reason individual STATES do NOT count them is if the the margin of victory to a candidate is LARGER than the number of absentee ballots yet to be counted, there is no need.

    If the margin of victory is SMALLER than the number of absentee ballots yet to be counted, THEN the absentee ballots WILL be counted.

    Historically every previous election those results go 66 percent to the Republican candidate.
    Consequently, to try to make this gigantic REACH that Hillary somehow won the popular is disingenuous and untrue unless you count ALL the votes……

    WHY is it so hard for the left to ever acknowledge they LOST an election???

    • Excellent point, Micro59. I am certainly not yet convinced that Hillary actually won the popular vote by what now appears to be about 400,000. Let us count ALL the votes including ALL absentee ballots in ALL 50 states before drawing this conclucion.

  7. This article made a major error when it stated “Trump would not prevail in the Electoral College even if he won Arizona and those two states.” It should have read “Hillary would not prevail in the Electoral College even if she won Arizona and those two states.” Even had she won those three states, she would have 259 electoral votes and Trump would still be ahead with 279 electoral votes. The Socialists can’t take this away from Trump. GO TRUMP!

    • Yes. Lynda. Go Trump. Why can’t articles at least state reality correctly? Perhaps substituting Clinton for Trump was just wishful thinking on their part, a Freudian slip, if you will :).

    • :Lynda,
      I have figured out how to fix (edit) a mistake in a post on this my first visit to this forum. What I meant to say was maybe the article’s substituting Trump for Clinton was just wishful thinking on their part, not Clinton for Trump as I posted. Bottom line is that I endorse your conclusion.

  8. You can steal as many votes as you want now, Hillary, YOU LOST.
    The entire country is a sea of red with VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS…GET OVER IT.
    We are tired of endless wars, bad trade deals, and open borders….but I know Hillary and Soros want riots.

    • This is,so true. Let’s start counting the criminals….illegals…..and dead people figuring into Hillary s votes. What a joke these people are. Sore losers. Trump win huge…get over it. We had to put up with our mooselum america hating ISIS creating crap president for 8 miserable years.

      • That is the bill of goods they’re going to try to sell us. Their current strategy is to say “HilLIARy won the popular vote” whenever we say Trump won. Outside of the popular vote being completely irrelevant in determining the outcome, I’m sure she did win the popular vote: of illegals, dead people and felons, but NOT of votes made by valid citizens. We should NEVER buy into their crap.

  9. Will they also verify the paper ballots match any counting machine votes? I find it very suspicious that the votes are so close in the swing states…smells of election fraud.

    • What paper ballots are you talking about? In the east coast states that I’m familiar with, paper ballots (marked by the voter) are now a thing of the past. All votes seem to be recorded on voting machines that are essentially specialized PC computers. Sure you could have the computers print out paper ballots for each voter, but this would just be a matter of allowing the computer system to verify its own counts. On the other hand, voter-marked paper ballots once constituted the “original data” which could always be manually re-counted and checked against any suspect totals. Like it or not, without paper ballots, all of our trust is placed in the rarely known people who program and operate the computers used as voting machines.

  10. This is hilarious. We’re supposed to believe the same “experts” conniving for the DNC that TOTALLY FAILED to predict Trump’s win are now somehow magically made CAPABLE of knowing Hillary won the national popular vote, even though this fantasy number has no legal significance for our Electoral College-governed nation, unsurprising for this manifestly lawless, fascist, treasonous, hypocritical bag of stupid bigotry! Ha, ha, ha. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  11. Well looks like NH was called for Clinton and she has a very small lead… much smaller than Trump’s lead in Michigan. It’s obvious Trump won Michigan fair and square. CALL MICHIGAN FOR TRUMP ALREADY!! Sheesh

    • Spot on. Call the state for Trump. This state is nothing like Florida which Bush ultimately won by 537 votes. His margin of about 13,000 votes is way above the 2000 required recount threshold.

    • Very true. And just imagine the constant outrage if the result of the election was dependent on the outcome of Michigan. What if we needed to know who won Michigan before we could know the identity of the next President? Would they still be fussing around with these ridiculous excuses for not calling it yet? The markets might be dropping like a rock (since they seem to hate uncertainty above all else). The entire world would be asking if Americans still know how to count, and rightly so!

    • Do you have a current stat to support that assertion? I hope you do as I do think that in the end Trump just may win the popular vote when all votes including absentee ballots from all 50 states are counted.

  12. Take ballots, a sample of a thousand random throughout this state, send police officers out to ask for ID of the voter whose name is on the ballot. State this is for purpose of Jury Duty. Like Florida they will find somewhere between half and six percent of all voters are not citizens. Florida found three percent. Upwards of 6.4% in Minnesota. What does this mean? Congress passes a national voter picture and biometric ID law right away. Immediate deportation for a resident alien, or illegal alien voting in a federal election. Canada and Mexico have similar laws. It is Democrats knowingly blocking this common sense law, that nearly 80 percent of Americans support that allowed Hillary to be competitive last Tuesday. When voter ID was used for the first time, Democrat support in these states fell by more than two points on average more than it did in states that do not cross-check, like California. It is a Federal election, and Federal jurisdiction for a law as this. I can almost guarantee the GOP Congress will pass the law sometime in the first 100 days, likely as an attachment to Trump’s form of immigration reform.

  13. We will problaby never know who won the popular vote because millions of absentee ballots will never be counted. However, given the historical pattern of absentee votes (which are mostly votes from overseas military personnel) — two-thirds for the Republican and one-third for the Democrat — it is likely that Trump got more votes than Clinton.

  14. SICKENING! that the AP is SO Librral that they will “Call “MN and CA for Hillliety with only 1% of the vote recorded, but Not Michigan for Trump with 100% of Votes Counted…

  15. I agree with grannysue….Mr. Trump utilized our airport many many times this year. Unlike Hitlery, he was kind and friendly with our Executive Protection Unit and the state/other assisting local law enforcement. Hitlery has consistently treated those protecting her as she did in the sixties and seventies, with her “cops are pigs” mentality.

  16. Falseee,,,,,,,Clinton won the popular vote in the United States as a whole.,,,,,,,,,Trump won Michigan so add 2,279,210,,, Hillary New Hampshire, 348,126,,,, Final results, will be 306 EV with 62,545,068 for Trump and 232 EV with 61,188,048 for Clinton,, Trump is over 1,357,020 ,, with the popular vote,, Uhhhh,,,,,What’s cooking????

    • The popular vote in this election doesn’t mean much in the context of the Electoral College because candidates execute their campaigns based on the EC system.

      Example 1: A Republican candidate for President doesn’t waste time or money campaigning in the state of California because there is no path to victory in that state under the EC. Trump won 1/3 of the popular votes in California without spending a dime.

      Example 2: There is some number of eligible voters who don’t vote because they live in a state where their vote has zero probability of changing the outcome.

      If we change the system to popular vote, it changes both the dynamics of the campaign and voter behavior because you’ll have candidates fighting for votes in both red and blue vote-rich states. There is simply no way to even speculate about who would have won the popular vote if that had been the means of determining the winner in this past election.

      • that human landfill of a state should seriously secede, the US as a nation would be better off without its toxic influence on media culture and entertainment industry.

  17. Who cares? Give her Michigan and Trump still wins. What your point? I can tell you this, if the corrupt and criminal HRC won, we woulsnt be acting like little babies and behaving like tryrants. See, people like me, college educated, former Marine, grew up blue collar, worked hard to become white collar knows what it’s like to work hard amd earn everything. You left progressives are nothing but uninformed moochers (aka thieves) that take what you haven’t earned. Things are a changing.

  18. as their fearless leader likes to say…”At This point what difference does it make?” Even with Michigan, clinton still loses. I am also willing to bet that when the dust settles trump will have the popular vote too. What a waste of time this article was.

  19. The only reason Hillary did as well as she did was Bernie Sanders, who duped millions of formerly non-voting millenials into the process while simultaneously stealing their money and then pulling a bait-and-switch tactic to get them to vote for Hillary Clinton. In the end it wasn’t enough though. It was a clever gambit but not clever enough.

  20. Geeze!!! Lol Thank you Jessica! I’ve been looking for days for an explanation of the Michigan no show on all the electoral maps.

  21. Map is wrong – Trump won Arizona and Michigan , add those 27 electoral votes to Trump total and remove from Hillary.

    Trump won in a Landslide !

  22. This article (published 11:12 pm EST on November 11) first says “The Associated Press has yet to call the race for Trump”. Then it says “The AP did call the election overall for Donald Trump”, citing an article published 2:38 AM EDT on November 9. So which is it?

  23. Hillary Clinton and your supporters. Now you are blaming the FBI, the media, the Trump supporters
    and everybody in the world for your loss. No, Hillary and your stupid supporters, you lost because
    you are a crooked and corrupt Liberal Democrat and the people that didn’t vote for you knew that. The
    Republican party is much more honest than the Democrat party. Get a Life, it’s over and you
    deplorables lost!

  24. The Liberals in these organizations couldn’t believe that Trump won so they are just delaying it as long as they can because they can’t take it. If Hillary would have won they would have declared it Tuesday night at before the polls even closed.

  25. Why does the Map they have in this article show AZ and MI as Clinton wins (blue), and the delegate count from those states in her column? AZ was won by Trump, Michigan has not been called for Trump, but he leaded with no indication that other votes exist.

    So in reality Clinton had 232 Electorial votes and Trump has 290 or 306 if you include Michigan. Not even close.

  26. Less than 1% of population (legal voters?) are whining. These are the same (mentality) people we voted against! Just proves we did the right thing by voting this ilk into the history books. It’s over, move on and find a way to be positive like ‘we’ had to; it’s only 4 years right? I say that because if this nation truly wanted her, they could dust her off and drag her back out in 2020. Deal with it!

  27. So Trump claimed there was voter fraud by the democrats and Hilary Clinton? Only problem with that is on close examination it appears this voter fraud occurred in favor of Trump and the Republicans with the help of the state Republican’s rigging of the election to exclude minorities and basically anyone who voted democratic for Clinton? It was Trump who used voter fraud in order to win the election. Trump and the Republicans basically ‘stole’ the election thorough use of fraud and deception which proves that Trump IS an ‘ilegitimate’ President. Trump’s impeachment is getting closer.