Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Guadalupe Garcia with her children. (Twitter)

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, who was convicted of a felony eight years ago, is reportedly the first in Arizona has been deported to Mexico as part of President Donald Trump’s immigration executive orders, which called for undocumented residents convicted of crimes to be deported.

The 36-year old was taken into custody by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on February 8.

She was deported on February 9 to Nogales, Mexico.

Here’s what you need to know about Garcia:

1. Garcia Was Convicted in 2009 of Identity Theft

Garcia was ordered to be deported back to Mexico by ICE. She was being held by the agency based on a deportation order from May 2013, NBC 12 News reported.

She was first arrested in 2008 during a raid on her workplace when officers took her and several other employees into custody under the suspicion of identity theft — using false documents to gain employment, the New York Times wrote.

She spent three months in a jail and then detention following her conviction of felony identity theft, the Los Angeles Times reported.

She was held by ICE on February 8 for her conviction, which occurred when she worked at Golfland Sunsplash amusement Park in Mesa. Her family, activist groups and the community fought against the deportation orders in 2013, which at that time called for a voluntary deportation.

Trump’s orders expanded border security and subjected undocumented immigrants who have committed “any criminal offense” to a “final order of removal.”

ICE released a statement to local media following her being detailed February 8 that said:

Ms. Garcia De Rayos is currently being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) based on a removal order issued by the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review which became final in May 2013. Relevant databases indicate Ms. Garcia De Rayos has a prior felony conviction dating from March 2009 for criminal impersonation.

Garcia showed up at ICE headquarters earlier in the day knowing she could likely be deported because of the new orders..

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2. Garcia Was Detained February 8 After Checking In With ICE

As she had done every six months, Garcia checked in at ICE headquarters in Phoenix the morning of February 8, the LA Times reported. But, as had been her supporters’ fear, immigration attorney Garcia de Rayos confirmed that she had been arrested.

Upon arriving at the facility, Garcia was joined by supporters. Only thing time, as Carlos Garcia, director of Puente Arizona Human Rights Movement, said, things felt unusual.

We all knew something could be different this time with the new administration. She went in with the lawyer and didn’t come out. That was pretty much all there was.

Garcia had been held at the agency until the late evening on February 8, when she was seen being loaded into a van and transported to an unknown location.

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3. Her Arrest & Deportation Drew Large Protests

The action drew protests from those who wanted her to be released. Some of them stood in front of ICE with Garcia in the back of their truck and tried to prevent them from driving down the street. At least seven people were reported arrested at the scene.

When she was being transporting in a van, supporters and activists acted by shouting and trying to stop the van from traveling down the road.

NBC 12 News reported that Garcia may be “moved to a federal detention center in Elroy, Arizona, while awaiting deportation.” Though it’s currently unclear if that’s where the ICE van was headed during the ordeal.

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4. She Came to the U.S. When She Was 14 & Has 2 Kids

Garcia has lived in the U.S. for the past 22 years and has worked within the community. She lives in Mesa with her husband and two teenage children, a daughter, Jacqueline, and a son, Angel.

When she was 14, Garcia left Mexico and “sneaked across the border into Nogales, Arizona,” the New York Times reported. Her husband is also undocumented.

She arrived at check-in at ICE the morning of February 8 with her two kids, who were both born in the U.S., her husband, and dozens of other supporters of her cause to not be deported. Her 14-year-old daughter had previously fought with the activist group Puente Arizona for her mother to stay in America.

The group, which describes itself as a “grassroots migrant justice organization based in Phoenix, Arizona,” had launched a campaign to try and keep Garcia on U.S. soil.

5. A Group Has Filed a Stay of Removal

According to the LA Times, Puente Arizona has filed a stay-of-removal request with ICE. The report said that the group thinks the original request for deportation in 2013 and charge against Garcia in 2009 was “unconstitutional” and in no way should involve her being deported from the country.

However, the request was denied and Garcia was deported back to Mexico on February 9.

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  1. This whole story has so many questions and seems suspect –
    1. This one time she shows up to her 6 month check in to ICE with her lawyer, family and protesters?
    2. No processing time for ICE? No government agency in the US can do anything in less than 24 hours.
    They have her across the border in less than 24 hours to her awaiting family and the media.
    3. If this is really the new policy, how she the only one in the country that this happening to?
    I’ve watched the interviews with her family and they seem to be handling this relatively well.
    This whole story looks politically motivated and staged.

    • Your answers are all within this article… just have to pay attention…
      1.When dealing with immigration, you are allowed an immigration lawyer to be there with you to represent you. Plus this is answered for you in the article. Her family and others went with her as support because they knew something was off, especially with Trump now in office. The protesters simply gathered once news got around that she did not come back out with her lawyer and was due to be deported.
      2. ICE hasn’t deported her, OFFICIALLY. she is to be held in a facility at a different location where the processing will take place. Again, this was mentioned in the article.
      3. She isn’t the first and only one that this has happened to, but she is among the first one’s. I believe there have been 7 more deportation cases after hers. True her family seem collected but they are doing everything they can to get their mom back, especially her daughter. believe me, no one wants their family ripped apart

      • Angel: Maybe YOU should read the article again. Yes, she has been deported. Exactly as she planned.

        You are right that she is not the first or only illegal immigrant who was deported because they committed a felony in the United States. She is simply the one person that the open borders people could find who had just a single felony conviction for a crime that they could spin as not being very serious (much nicer than the illegals who have committed murder, armed robbery, or rape) and who could be the Poster Child for their campaign to make the American people believe that the immigration policy of deporting CRIMINALS was “breaking up families”.

        This whole thing was set up in advance as a media event – it wasn’t just that she was “worried” about any change in enforcement policy, she showed up with her family to make a better photo opportunity for the press that had been tipped off to be there and to speak to the “protestors” who were also arranged for in advance.

        Lisa was 100% right, ICE simply isn’t capable of deporting someone in under 24 hours – especially not arranging to have a senior Mexican official waiting to welcome her back to Mexico and make a speech for the media – the whole SHOW was arranged in advance, with complete cooperation between her family, her supporters, and some highly-placed liberals within ICE.

    • Of course it was staged… Staged by the same people “protesting” against her deportation – with the complicity of some highly placed personnel within ICE. The whole point was to have a sympathetic face to put on the issue. Most citizens and most legal immigrants are fine with a policy that deports illegal immigrants who have COMMITTED A FELONY in the US. The people who insist we should let anyone and everyone across the border wanted a Poster Person they could point to and say “See, the policy if bad.” So they found an illegal immigrant with a felony conviction that doesn’t sound so bad and _working_with_people_within_ICE_ they arranged for her to be “involuntarily deported” as a major media event.

      Her supporters in the media would have you believe that the “Criminal Impersonation” felony conviction was simply for having a fake name on the identity papers she used to get a job in the US. Guess what, THAT isn’t a felony. Felony “Criminal Impersonation” is the charge for identity theft, to be a felony in Arizona the charge requires “intent to defraud.” Simply having a fake name on your ID, even if it was someone else’s name, would not be a felony without the “intent to defraud” element of the crime.

      • That is correct. I’d like to see the charges and the findings. In most jurisdictions, a “Criminal Impersonation” felony conviction usually implies a monetary loss to the victim.

    • Couple other questions:
      4. What happened to her family in Mexico (Parents, Aunts/Uncles, Siblings)?
      5. Did she come here alone at 14 y.o.?
      6. Has she been in contact and sending money back to relatives in Mexico? (If so, she has a support structure).
      7. What damage if any was done to the person who’s identity she stole?
      8. How did she get the identifying information from her victim, was that a result of another crime like stealing a wallet or something? Did she commit that crime or buy it from another criminal?

    • I agree. Looks suspicious that the first deportation is a momma, looking so innocent. But I can’t find anything telling what she did with or to the victim’s ID that she stole.

    • I’m almost certain there has to be additional misdemeanors. I can’t imagine getting deported for a felony that happened 8 years ago. Journalists should do their homework for us instead of just reporting the felony. I stand with Guadalupe if the 2009 felony is the only thing on her record.

    • From what I understand, they are now deporting ALL convicted felons with whom they come into contact. This lady was not only a convicted felon, but her deportation order had also been signed several years ago. Under Obama and, I believe Bush as well, they prioritized according to what they felt was more dangerous. Before the government ignored it’s own laws. Now apparently, finally, it’s following them. If we need new laws, lets pass new laws. However, since the government has been ignoring its laws, what guarantee is there that they will enforce any new laws better than it enforced the old laws.

    • She had an order of deportation in 2013 as a convicted felon. She wasn’t deported because of Obama’s executive order that was not supported by the courts. She can whine all she wants, there is nothing preventing her whole family going with her to Mexico.

      • Wow Sharon… her children are American, just like you. There is no empathy here. She is a convicted felon, but her felony is using a false Social Security Number in order to PROVIDE for the family! She didn’t steal, or kill anybody. The punishment does not fit the crime.

        • Convicted felon…tbat’s like beiing convicted of stealing food because your hungry…please expand, increase, your intelligence before you speak…the bottom line is the government should know what ssn’s are legit…they turn a blind eye in order keep wages low…

        • She came here at 14. The daughters are still here with their father. I would like to know how she obtained the ss#, and if she is really that innocent, that she used it only to work.

  2. Have any of you liberals had your identity stolen like this women did for a living? If so you would want her out of the country also but the left wing media does not mention that she is a crook also…..just to get the bleeding hearts to weeping….send her home and all her illegal kin!

    • This is all a setup test case. She was ordered to leave in 2013, she continued staying. She went to the ICE office, she was ordered to report. All of it was preplanned, thought with everything going on she would force the situation, well ICE enforced the deportation order. Her so called husband is also illegal, if he has broken the law he will be joining her. There were already pages set up fighting this deportation, the whole thing was a well greased machine, only this time President Trump had unleashed ICE so they could uphold the law of the country. By staying since 2013 she tried having two anchor babies to stay. Time we look at anchor babies…this is not what the law was set up for.

      • Sure…how many generations back should we go back, why stop at 1….and being liberal has nothing to do with it…your response is so prejudicial …and I know more hispanics that speak english than white people know spanish…..but you better start learning vietnamese forget about spanish….good luck with that….

  3. How in the hell do the people think the order was Unconstitutional? A person her illegally has no constitutional rights or do they now all of a sudden have rights under the US Constitution? Only citizens of the United States have Constitutional rights correct?

    • 1. I think she should be deported.
      2. You are wrong. The US constitution applies to anyone on US soil. She has constitutional rights, however, she doesn’t have a legal right to be here.

      • Ezquiel 25:17

        The path of the rightous man is besset on all sides by the inequeties of the selfish and the tranny of evil man, blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill sheperds the weak from the valley of darkness, for he is truly your brothers keeper and finder of lost children….And I will strike down with vengenous and furious anger those who attempt to pioson and destroy my brother, and will know my name is the LORD when I lay my vengence upon thee…..

    • We have processes in place to “shepherd her from the valley of darkness”, why didn’t she use them? She has a lawyer, why didn’t he get her legal so she could stay here.

  4. bI have read numerous articles and hundreds of comments on this deportation. Many questions remain unanswered. Questions which a normal professional reporter would have included.
    What where the specific charges? When was the trial and conviction concluded? What was the case number? Was the owner of the social security number she used harmed? Did she obtain a drivers license using that SSI number? Did she register to vote based on the SSN. Did she vote? Using the SSN did she apply for or receive any benefits which where restricted to citizens?

    Given the Obama Administrations reluctance to take any action against illegals, It is quite possible, even likely, that this woman was a bad actor who was committing fraud on a number of levels based on the stolen SSN. Actions so serious that the Prosecutors where forced to take action and a plea arrangement was entered into which minimized her jail time.

    • She was here way before OBAMA…white people get a hair up their anus and, native americans, blacks, japs, ricans, chinks, muslims…next vietnamese are on the radar…cubans…etc….you sing how free, and justice you are in this country…funny thing this people believe this bs…when there worst nightmare is about to begin…kind of irionic…yet they still believe it’s there best option… stupid is that….

    • So? You shouldn’t demean her struggle by using other people’s traumatic experiences, like you’d care about her any more if she was raped and shot dead.

    • When I hear that a five year old boy who is an US citizen is handcuffed and detained at an airport for hours, I would not be surprised if rape and shooting by police is just around the corner.

  5. There should be a story on the victim of hers, the person whose identity she stole and how it impacted that person. Also i would like to know if she ever voted using the stolen identity she had – if she did, then surely millions others have voted to with stolen identities.

    • If you stay here without entering the system, you can escape paying taxes, and your children born on American soil can still qualify for Medicaid and foodstamps, and other government services. Our government is at fault for practically encouraging illegal immigrants to come here and by not enforcing the laws. That said, if you commit a felony such as stealing someone’s identity, you should be deported. Identity theft even for “good reasons” is not a victimless crime and costs the US citizens and economy millions if not billions of dollars per year. There should be strong consequences for this.

    • Proud to say that my parents came here the right way. They obeyed the laws. Granted, it took them a long time, effort and money but they did it. Once they arrived, they received their residence and are now proud citizens.

      • Your parents are probably educated, have money, this lady was 14 when she came…. The question we should ask is why….and your parents know the answer…..

      • U know what doean’t make sense is that we have this cripple SOB of a govenor married to a hispanic woman that doesn’t have an ounce of sympathy for these immigrants…next time he needs anything he should go get it himself…screw that __ __ …his wife should tell him to take a hike ….he is just using her…open your eyes lady you can do better….as far as that he is concern cripple was not enough….god is watching you…..

  6. I’m all for legal immigration from Mexico. It pizzes me off that we import middle Easterners, put them through school, give them jobs, give them homes, and give them medical…yet we chase Mexicans away.Obama could have changed all that with the stroke of a pen, but did he? No! He wanted to divide us. He wanted us to hate each other. So he opened the borders, without any plan to change the immigration laws. So, the criminals came, and here we are, a Nation in “ginned up” distress. Thank you, Obama? No, f you Obama!

    • Please Mr ,Victim, thanks to 45 millions U.S. drug addicts, Mexico is economically depressed, violence and corruption became common histories, even WE, the people, sell arms to mexican narcos but you complaint about “school, jobs, homes, and medical” for some mexican people?…please, you sound hypocrite..

  7. I would lime to know her history kf if she collected public assistance or government assistance like welfare, food stamps Planned Parenthood services, free emergency room care, how did she pay for child birth of her children? Also, whose identity or social security # was she using? Did that impact that person? Did she recieve government benefits using that identity? I would like to know exactly how undocumented people function in the US when they are in some regards like fugitives hiding from the laws.

  8. Well I hope Trump is feeling a lot ‘safer’ now that this loving mother has been sent back. I just wish that Trump and all of his supporters could be sent back to where their ancestors came from. The only difference between the black slaves and the undocumented Mexicans that I can see is that the black slaves migrated against their will. To all of you who think this is OK, just remember . . .There but for the grace of God, go I . . . .And for those who don’t know, ICE is on the move and the Arizona detention centers have been told to call in volunteers to prepare for what is thought to be the beginning of mass deportations. And the ridiculous part is that while ICE is busy grabbing just anybody, dangerous criminals who they should be targeting are being given notice to go into hiding.

    • As you bash Trump, please remember your savior Obama deported 1.5 million illegals during his term. If you come into our country illegally, you’ve broken the law. PERIOD.

      • Hell for that matter if you jay walk you’ve broken the law…if you don’t sit in the back of the bus you’ve broken the law….people are going to strive to better themselves at all cost including prejudice and oppression….

  9. First thing she did she committed a felony by crossing the border illegally. Then she could of committed many other crimes after that. But committing identity theft was a horrible crime and should not be forgiven for that. She stoled money from American’s from public funds. I believe the punishment fits and she should stay Mexico. Her family is lucky they didn’t take her dad. If I was them. I wouldn’t make a big case before they do. Your broke the law, she’s a criminal, she’s different then anyone that’s in her same position as she is.
    I had many family members from Mexico who became American citizens.who put themselves through school. Those family members of mine worked hard for the American Dream! What’s your mom’s excuse?

    • The article did not mention why her illegal alien children born here were not deported also. They were harboring a criminal as was her illegal husband.

    • She can probrably make out a few words or sentences, but even if she had gone to school and recited the Gettysburg Address, they wouldn’t care….she was trying, to be part of the American dream/nightmare….

      • Curious Juan…Are you in America? Here legally or illegally? Get any freebies from the country that you seem to hate so much, judging from your previous posts. If this woman’s family misses and loves her so much, they are more than welcome to move to Mexico and be with her. Why don’t all of you stand up and fight for a better Mexico instead of sneaking into another country. Take pride in your country as Americans do. Also Juan, do you lock your doors at night so people can’t get into your house and get a bite to eat if they need it? Poor homeless people, they don’t have a place to sleep or food to eat, and yet there you are, a home and food and you’ve locked them out. Now do you understand?

  10. Forget helping her! If she wants to stay she should be put in jail for stealing someones identity! She committed a felony! Enough is enough!!!

    • She used it to provide for her family…work, not buy drugs, not open credit cards, but work, work, you need an SSN to work not play, not steal, but work….really….your kind will find an excuse, no matter if the year is 1800, runaway slave, indian not on there reservation, blacks not sitting in the back of the bus, muslims, japs, chinks…your hate is the very same venom that’s going to bring down your perfect society…kiss it asshole

      • Juan, I just want the whole story. Why did she come here when she was 14 and who was she with? Many American born people want to help others who are in need, but if she came alone when she was 14 why did she not get help? She could have applied for asylum, so it seems fishy. Let’s not bash each other, all Americans are not racist. I, am highly offended if that is your opinion, and if it is then you are being racist. If I lived in Mexico and my life was that bad, I too would want to come here for a better life. I never have been angry at the illegals who come here for a better life, I don’t blame them, this is a great country. With that being said we are a country of laws and we have to be. Most people who live in this country come from people who immigrated here. My family immigrated here from Ireland about 110 years ago, to find a better life. My problem is that this country needs to have a secure border, we can’t take everyone in, or we will become a nation that everyone is trying to run from. The bottom line is this women broke the law, period. If you have ever had your identity stolen you would understand how if effects your life. You can’t get credit, a loan, a house, a car, or send your children to college. Why is that ok? I understand she may have wanted to work, but there are people in this country who could have help her, she did not have to break the law. As far as talking about racist things that happened in the past, yes it happened, but that was in the past. I never owned slaves nor did any of my ancestors. I would like to think if I was alive during that time I would have been an abolitionist!! So of you want to have a mature debate about this issue that’s great, it’s how a society works. But going around calling all white people racist is not fair or right. You don’t know me or my struggles, don’t judge people by their color, or your being the racist. I pray for peace for all. As a social studies teacher I always try to see all sides to a story, so I am just looking for answers. Have a great life and God bless

        • I don’t think your rasicts, but here’s is your opportunity to stand up for this woman….give her a legitimate SSN and have her repay anything she might owe, but to seperate her from her family…bitter pill to swallow….

  11. First, Saintly Guadalupe de Rayos came to the US, ILLEGALLY. Secondly, she STOLE someone’s identity. This may sound like small potatoes but having this happen is a nightmare! It costs many thousands of dollars to hire attorneys to clear your name, it takes years to correct, it ruins your credit, and in many cases it can follow you for years AFTER YOU THINK ITS BEEN CLEARED AND CORRECTED!!! I understand the emotion the family feels in losing their wife and mother.
    This is the chance one takes when entering our country ILLEGALLY.