WATCH: President Donald Trump Press Conference [Full Video]

President Donald Trump held an unexpected press conference on Thursday to unveil his new nominee for Labor Secretary to replace Andrew Puzder.

You can watch the video of the press conference above. It began at 12:30 p.m. in the East Room of the White House.

After briefly introducing R. Alexander Acosta as his new Labor Secretary position, Trump addressed recent reports about his, and his campaign’s, connections to Russia, along with the things he claims he has done in his first month in office.

It was Trump’s first solo news conference since he took office last month. He has held joint press conferences with leaders from Britain, Japan, Canada and Israel. CNN reports that Trump made the decision himself to hold the previously unscheduled press conference.

During a combative hour and a half session, Trump took questions from several reporters. He denied wrongdoing in regards to Russia, and also repeatedly bashed the media for being “fake” and unfair.

If you don’t want to watch the whole press conference, you can see some of the key moments here.

In one exchange with journalist April Ryan, who is black, Trump asked if she is friends with the Congressional Black Caucus, and told her to set up a meeting with them for him.

During another interaction with a reporter, Jake Turx, Trump told him to “sit down” after saying his question about a rise in anti-Semitic incidents across the country was unfair.

“Number one: I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life,” Trump said. Number two, racism. The least racist person. See, he lied about – he was going to get up and ask a very straight, simple question. Welcome to the world of the media.”

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  1. Umm..hey Chuck Todd..we all here understood President Trump very well and agree with everything he said..what we don’t understand is how come the press repeats the same questions over n over..we don’t trust the press because we are not stupid or ignorant..we see just how the press manipulate stories to be untrue and even unworthy to be even printed..the exact same thing President Trump stated. In my opinion Chuck need a different job..nobody wants to watch or listen to your nonsense!

    • I don’t know where “we all here” is but President Trump is over the edge. No, it’s not the press–it’s Trump. Shame on all of you who elected him.

      • I am very proud of the American people for making the first step in getting career politicians the heck out of government, roll Trump roll

      • I think we should bully those that disagree with us and we should make up lies about what Trump is doing! Giving a live conference harms our ability to spin. I miss Obama’s purposeful determination to expand our understanding and empathy for the world outside of the U.S. and use our resources to serve them before taking care of our challenges. How arrogant of us! We must not give up or even attempt to understand what Trump is doing. He is out to destroy us by strengthening the economy, eliminating a failing Obama Care, and ensuring laws already on the books are enforced that will keep us safer. Lie on fellow left-wingers! The Hillary shall rise again!

    • Who is “we?” Don’t speak for me, sweetheart. That press conference was all about obfuscation, and nothing more, with wannabe King Donnie playing the victim card while he whined … sure can’t understand why, as throughout his entire campaign he couldn’t say enough good things about leaks … in fact, he reveled in them. But, not at all surprised that you agree with him … afterall, ole Donnie proudly proclaimed that he could shoot someone in broad daylight on NYC’s Fifth Avenue, and he wouldn’t lose a single supporter … rendering your opinion devoI’d of any credibility.

        • So, since you qualified that you “watched,” and not “listened” to the press conference, how do you possibly know what was said?

    • Melissa, you must be demented then too.Trump can’t even lie properly. He is to stupid for that too. If it is not for his ego, then is a fake this, fake that.He had nothing to offer to anyone.You can check, every word of his a nonsense. Google :Narcissist and sociopaths.You will find him there.

        • Do a good job, based on what? His serial bankruptcies, his first 20 days in office, his wantonly ignorant Muslim ban, the gang-that-couldn’t-straight yahoo staff, e.g., Michael Flynn, that he selected, the wall that Mexico IS NOT going to pay for, the ignorance of not knowing if a “strong dollar”or a”weak dollar,” is good for the American economy … Proust wrote: “Past is prologue.” Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna’be one long bi*ch of a ride!

          Good thing ole Donnie was a Trust Fund Baby; otherwise, he’d have starved to death.

          • In my opinion Trump was smart for the ban..homeland security needs to know who’s in our country to start with and what ties folks trying to come into the country have or has..Trump speaks plain and clear and answered the media’s questions several times because they didn’t listen the first time he answered. .or the second..or third. He’s got a mess on his hands that’s for sure but @ least he is truly trying to address serious issues that have been neglected..the media that lies or manipulates the truth is the real injustice. .maybe President Trump instead of repeating himself over and over ..should just point blank tell the media that he has already answered the question..and move on..if they can’t figure it out.

            • The ban was unConstitutional . . . how was that good? Or smart? There are other ways to know who is in your country without banning other countries citizens, including refugees, who have been fully vetted. Why do I not hear any concern about our own home-grown terrorism . . . people being shot and murdered while at the the movies . . . first-graders going to school and being murdered along with their teachers . . . or Glen Crawford of Schenectady, NY who was convicted of attempting to build a mobile x-ray gun with the intent of mass killing Muslim-Americans killings . . . or Robert Doggart of Tennessee convicted of an attempted mass murder plot against upstate Muslim-American New Yorkers . . . or the idiot in Tucson who tried to murder democracy,by shooting a congresswoman and her constituents, including children . . go a little farther north to Canada, and not a single word from the White House about Alexandre Bissonnette and his Quebec City mosque shoot out, killing several people as they prayed . . . where’s the worry, concern, and outrage? No, the only time there’s any outrage from Trump is if it’s about people of color, or Muslims or both.

              If the ban made so much sense, then why not ban Saudi Arabia too, where so many of the 9/11 hijackers emigrated from . . . no, the ban is only in countries where Trump Industries does no business. The ban was a farce, as are the people who drafted and signed it. All Trump did with his ban was to make it easier for ISIS to recruit . . . including American citizens. The biggest mess on his hands is that of his own creation.

              Who are these media that lie . . . those who press Trump to answer their question . . . I viewed the press conference too . . . Trump refused to give a definitive answer re: Russia . . . yeah, he’s so busy trying to address serious issues, he chats about them on the patio at Mira Lago within earshot of the public . . . or uses his POTUS Twitter account to damn Nordstroms for dropping his multi-millionaire daughter’s clothing line . . . hey,, Nordstroms is in business to make a profit–do you really think it would have dropped his daughter’s clothing line if it was still profitable . . . no, he refuses to take responsibility or be accountable for his actions.

              All Donnie has to do is to keep the fear alive, continue to tear down America with his lying, divisive rhetoric, and he’ll continue to have his free pass to sell us out to Russia.

              • It wasn’t “unconstitutional”. The 9th circuit didn’t make a decision, they simply passed the buck. The problem is that the court required an attack on US soil for the ban to be regarded as necessary. However, the lawyers failed to mention the 2 Iraqi terrorists who were properly vetted by our immigration system, and were caught in Bowling Green Kentucky. They did not mention that in many cases, the UN and not the USA does the vetting. They did not mention that the nations on the list are either broken systems or undergoing civil wars, such as Syria – and Assaad stated that terrorists could come through the line with refugees as his government had lost control over it.

                Saudi Arabia isn’t on the list because its government is not undergoing a civil war. Its citizens have birth records or state identification cards, unlike the governments on the list.

                Russia doesn’t threaten our national security. It is no longer “the Soviet Union”. Putin only threatens the stability of the European Union. But with Trump, the USA also threatens the stability of the European Union. Both Putin and Trump want individual nation states, and are anti-New World Order (a product of the Elder Bush Administration). T

                • If Russia doesn’t threaten our national security, why did it, according to 17 independent U.S. intelligence agencies, interfere with the 2016 Presidential election.

                  If all Muslims are to be viewed as a threat, or violent towards the U.S., then we must view all the Christian-hating Muslims as a threat as well, and hold all Christians accountable for their violence; particularly so-called Christian Americans who who plot violence against Muslim-Americans, and other Muslims who have legally come to America.

                  The ban is unConstiutional because you cannot discriminate by national origin who gets to come into this country. Nor can this country give preference to one religion over another. Trump himself, said it was a Muslim ban, and that Christians refugees should be given priority over Muslim refugees. However, some of the refugees that were turned away the first week of Trump’s ban, as well as some of the immigrants turned away at American airports, had applied for visas 10-15 years ago. Their birth certificates and other documentation were provided many years ago. The UN may do initial vetting when it comes to refugees, but the U.S. always does its own very thorough vetting as well. The Saudis had control over its government when its terrorists descended upon the U.S. They weren’t at war. What protection were their “legitimate” birth certificates to the folks who died on 9/11?

              • He clearly said he had 2 phone calls with Putin otherwise he has no contact with Russia. Watch it again, you missed him clearly answer the questions on Russia.. Plain and simple he answered he spoke with Putin twice, one time after he won the Presidency and the 2nd time after the inauguration. He also stated he has no reason to contact Russia. Simple, how the hell did you not hear his answer??? Put on closed caption if you can’t hear , read his answers. That’s whats wrong with this country, noone listens to the answers he gives. Short and to the point. Nothing more or less. smh.

            • Ahhh, Anonymous @ 11:14 pm. WTF century are you in . . . Bubba ran in ’92 and ’96!!!

              As far as serial rapist, no, I didn’t vote for Donnie.

        • With so much at stake, the U.S. doesn’t have the luxury of time. The damage he’s done in less that 30 days is terrifying. Trump’s a mere apprentice at government, and the Presidency is not the place for an apprentice

          • The damage he has done? Obama is the one that put this immigration law into affect. Trump is following it through even though Obama deported the most out of any President. Facts look them up. The Stock market is doing very well the only ones trying to hurt the economy is people that want to take off work to march in protest of a President who is removing undocumented immigrants who have felonies from America. Its very simple to understand. If they were legal citizens, like myself, they would be charged with crimes and sent to jail or whatever sentenced was given. WTF color of the sky is in your world. There is no more freebies and hiding for illegal immigrants to take, the USA has laws and if you break them you get deported. Keep it simple, you are trying way to hard to find something that isn’t there. Read about the policies already put into action by Obama that Trump is following. lol wow never realized how people can just make crap up and believe it when the facts are right in front of them. Keep trying.

            • Another ignorant, malicious lie from a Trumpster. Obama put no such Executive Order in place. When will Trump and his minions ever demonstrate an ounce of veracity and accountability?? Obama said these particular countries needed greater scrutiny, and set up a system to do so. Immigration from these 7 countries NEVER stopped during Obama’s administration. If I’m wrong, name me the Executive Order, or any law that Obama sponsored as President, that issued a ban on people coming to America that applied to these 7 countries. Obama’s a Constutional lawyer, he knows the law. Just because Trump doesn’t know the Constitution don’t assume all Presidents are as stupid and lazy as him.

  2. There is such hatred coming from CNN and others that create these fake news stories. The venom of anti-Trump has to stop. I have almost completely lost my faith in news media, and am always using Google to fact-check the fact-checkers, which have lost their integrity due to the heavy political bias of the fact-check writers.

    • Doesnt hold a candle to Fox’s hatred tho … ole Trumpie better transition soon from being a reality TV star where pompous ass behavior is tolerated, even accommodated, to being an employee of the U.S. Government, where his tantrums will not be tolerated … and where he will be held accountable not just by ALL Amercan citizens, but by the press too. If he doesn’t want to support the US Constitution and its First Amendment, he shouldn’t have gone after the job. Time for Donnie to put on his Big Boy pants!

    • Where was your outrage when Donald PT Barnum Trump suggested to his audience that they could “take care of Hillary, via the Second Amendment; or when he mocked a disabled person; or when for 6 years he tried to undermine the then- current President by telling lies about his place of birth to stir up hatred against him? Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it??? Your selective moral indignaton exposes you for the phony you are.

        • Your powers of discernment fail you, M.S., . . . I merely pointed out the selective indignation of Anonymous’ post . . . never said a word about voting for anbody . . . instead, as a typical Trump minion , you ignored the facts, and like Trump, you are incapable of addressing the issues . . . yawn.

          • Beg your pardon… I too.. was trying to respond to anonymous but I think my post didn’t go where I wanted it to go… I was merely pointing out my opinion of course..Chuck Todd is a dink… It seems like he’s a drama queen and likes to say just about anything just to stir up nonsense.

            • Chuck Todd, Drama King??? Yesterday’s news conference was a near-soliloquy of one seriously deranged, troubled man … who had something akin to an orangey-gold rat’s nest atop his head … couple it with the Russian ties, we probably witnessed America’s 21st century Manchurian candidate in full tirade … or at very minimum, he was attempting to channeling Howard Beall. MAJOR, SPOOKY MELTDOWn, DUDE!!

    • Trump misstates ‘biggest Electoral College win since Reagan’
      “We got 306 because people came out and voted like they’ve never seen before so that’s the way it goes,” Trump said. “I guess it was the biggest Electoral College win since Ronald Reagan,” Trump said.

      President Obama won 332 electoral votes in 2012 and 365 in 2008. President Clinton got 379 in 1996 and 370 in 1992. The first President Bush received 426 in 1988.

    • You talk about hatred, Fox News was Trump’s platform for 6 years while he tried to undermine Obama’s presidency with his BS birther crap, which then spidered into all sorts of alt-fake news websites and broadcasts. You either have Alzheimers, you’re stupid, or a friggin’ hypocrite.

    • Six years of Fox News offering Dontard a forum with his birther BS lies, and you have the balls to say CNN is hateful? Your arrogance is only surpassed by Old Man Trump himself!

      And of course, if you use fact checkers, they’re going to say that Trump lies, because he does!! Go to fact checker sites anywhere in the world (except maybe Russia) and you’ll see the substantiated fact checker sites will all confirm Trump’s mendacity. Oh yeah, you can ask the Swedes too, who themselves are now asking WTF is Dontard talking about re: his accusation about the terrorism that supposedly took place in Sweden last Fridayt . . . of course, Trump himself later admitted that his source was Fox News–an oxymoron if there ever was one! But of course, he took no accountability for his lie. One of these days he’s gonna’ lie about the wrong country, and the defecation gonna’ hit the rotary oscillator, aka, TSGHTF.

  3. Defensive, repeating -and exaggerating- his past accomplishments, confusing Criticism and Hate, blaming the Obama Admin. A well-oiled machine, that’s a touch optimistic for a new pres who has experienced several exposures of improper -if not illegal or treasonous- actions by his top staff, as well as continued resistance to his immigrant ban.

  4. Deflect, deflect, deflect, take no responsibility for anything wrong, pump up your made-up accomplishments…I’m surprised he’s not hanging out at the pool pouring champagne on “hos”. Actually, i’m not, he likes them too Aryan for that. This guy should be back in his bedroom dreaming of how great things will be while he wanks to his Farrah Fawcett swimsuit poster. He has lost more of his borrowed and inherited money in business than he would have earned by just investing it in the stock market, and that happened even though he regularly stiffs the folks doing work for him. He has serious mental issues, and those that can’t see that do as well.

    Also, i’m more than ever convinced that the majority of positive comments on sites like this come from Russian trolls…likely stationed on the Russian spy ship now just off the Connecticut coastline.

  5. I receive your news articles in my Email … I met you thru and initially thought you were a good news source but more and more I’m finding you are NOT. Today’s notice of the article above was written as “77-MINUTE MELTDOWN: SEE TRUMP’S ENTIRE EXPLOSIVE PRESS CONFERENCE”. It wasn’t a meltdown … are you so hungry for an audience you find it necessary to post deceiving captions? Shame on you!

    • Well, then you’re sick too, zookeeper! Media is a PLURAL noun … in this technological day and age, anyone with a computer, an Internet connection, and a willingness to express his/her point of view is part of the media … look at the the deranged, hate-mongering Alex Jones … just like Alex, your blog post, and mine as well, make us part of the tens of thousands of writers and videographers, othewise known as the “media.” According to Trump, all 10,000+ plus of us worldwide all banded together, both big and small, and decided to oppose Trump! Get real, dude!

    • Funny, with all the hate directed at Obama via Fox News, even Chris Wallace had to admit that Obama never made such claims against that they were the enemy of the people. I used to be a teacher. I feel sad for teachers, and parents today. How on earth are they supposed to instill in their respective students and children to tell the truth and to be accountable for their actions when we not only have a president that does neither, but that he has a HUGE cheering section canonizing him for it??? It is the end of America and all that is unique, good and decent about it.

  6. The sad thing about this (well, one of many) is that Trump feels this was a good idea and his performance was “tremendous”. It was a sorrowful display of arrogant defensiveness which did nothing but demonstrate that he is a narcissist with a limited vocabulary & a nihilistic view of our country & the world. I’m not saying he is a ‘bad man’, his words’, I’m saying he’s a bad president. “Not Good, Not Good”

  7. Russia had nothing t do with the election. UK ambassador Craig Murray has already stated that the leaks came from a DNC insider. What is troubling is that Trump has given Saudi Arabia a free pass and thy are the primary financiers behind ISIS (as revealed in the Podesta Wikileaks emails). So they conducted 9/11, finance ISIS, foment the war in Syria and flood Europe with refugees but still get a free pass? Both admins are corrupt. Obama did the same thing. And those people in Crimea long since voted to leave that fascist coup imposed government in Kiev behind. That train has left the station. The US should have never backed those Nazis in Kiev in the first place. Trump is simply another Deep State tool… Obama, like Clinton, like Bush, like Cheney…….all sides of the same coin while the corrupt media spins the divisiveness on behalf of the CIA. Its called Hegelian Dialectic for those that aren’t familiar with the tactic. They rock you back and forth till your seasick.

    • Liam . . . wtf . . . 17 independent government agencies ALL said the Russians interfered with the 2016 Presidential election. Trump is Russia’s Manchurian Candidate!

  8. Finally, a COMMENT SECTION! In order to stand behind what he stands for…CHANGE…President Trump needs to bring it on home and resubmit Mike Flynn’s name for
    National Security Advisor. He knows the Russian stories were all a ruse and he must know Obama and his cronies were out to STOP FLYNN from becoming the NSA to
    Trump, SOOOO, let’s go for it….RENOMINATE MIKE FLYNN. He should not give credence to those who created the fallacy.