Nathan LeForce: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Nathan LeForce.

A 45-year-old man with a lengthy criminal record accused of fatally shooting a police officer in Oklahoma has been captured.

Police were searching for Nathan Aaron LeForce after Logan County Deputy David Wade was killed in the shooting Tuesday morning, the Oklahoma City FBI office said.

LeForce was taken into custody by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol about 2 p.m., the FBI said on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Deputy Was Shot by LeForce While He Was Serving an Eviction Notice, Police Say

Logan County Deputy David Wade was serving an eviction notice about 9:15 a.m. in Mulhall when he was shot by Nathan LeForce, police told KOTV.

Wade was able to return fire at LeForce, but it was not clear if the suspect was hit by Wade’s gunfire.

The deputy was shot while he was in the front yard of the home.

He was struck at least three times, including in the face, KOCO-TV reports.

LeForce fled from the scene by stealing the deputy’s vehicle, police said.

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2. LeForce Drove to a Convenience Store in the Deputy’s Vehicle, Carjacked a Woman & Later Fled on Foot

Nathan LeForce drove the deputy’s vehicle to a nearby convenience store, Smitty’s Gas Station, after the shooting, KOCO-TV reports.

LeForce carjacked a woman at the convenience store, fleeing in her 2010 Mazda, police said. The vehicle was later found abandoned, and LeForce was believed to have fled on foot into a wooded area. It is not clear where exactly he was taken into custody, or if he stole any other vehicles during his escape.

The search for LeForce led to lockdowns at Langston University and the Mulhall and Coyle school districts.

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3. He Pointed an AR-15 Rifle at a Police Officer During a Pursuit in 2001 & Was Sentenced to Probation

nathan leforce

Nathan LeForce

LeForce was arrested in 2000 on charges he pointed an AR-15 rifle at a police officer in Perry, Oklahoma during a chase, court records show. The officer fired at LeForce, but did not hit him, and LeForce was later taken into custody. You can read the police officer’s report from that incident below or by clicking here:

He took a plea deal to pointing a firearm and eluding police.

LeForce, then 29, was sentenced to four years of probation, and also was barred from owning guns for four years. The deferred sentence allowed for him to own a gun after his probation was completed.

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4. He Has Several Other Arrests, Is a Known Drug User & Identified With a White Supremacist Group, Court Records Show

nathan leforce, nathan leforce facebook

Nathan LeForce. (Facebook)

LeForce has several other arrests on his record, but was only convicted of misdemeanors, according to court records.

His arrests included unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, kidnapping, child endangerment and domestic abuse.

According to criminal records obtained by KOKH-TV, LeForce is a known drug user and has identified with a white supremacist group. Details of that, including what group he associated with, were not immediately available.

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5. Deputy Wade Was Airlifted to a Hospital, Where He Later Died, Authorities Say

Deputy David Wade was airlifted to a hospital and later died, authorities said.

Wade is survived by his wife and three children, KOTV reports.

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  1. 45 yrs. old and still doin sh^t like this. Another Trump supporter off the streets! He’ll never cast another vote!!!!

    • Drug user, assaults and murders police officers and was a deadbeat being evicted? Another Democrat off the streets! He’ll never cast another vote!

  2. Actually, he wasn’t even being evicted. He was helping J & C Lute (the couple being evicted) move out of the house.