Celebrities and fans weigh in on Bloom vs Bieber, declaring on Twitter if they are #TeamOrlando or #TeamJustin.

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mistresses, mistresses abc, alyssa milano, jes macallan, rochelle aytes, yunjin kim

On tonight’s Mistresses, Savi enlists her friends to help pack up her home and Joss schemes to keep Harry in the U.S. in the episode “An Affair to Surrender.”

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mistresses, yunjin kim, season 2, episode 6

On tonight’s episode of Mistresses, Savi has an epiphany. Harry breaks some bad news to Joss and Karen starts to fall for a guy she hooked up with at the hotel. April tries to make friends with her daughter’s friend’s parents.

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On tonight’s season two premiere of ABC’s steamy romance Mistresses the four girlfriends pick up eight months later after Savi’s near-death car accident.

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Mistresses, Rochelle Aytes, Alyssa Milano, Yunjin Kim, Jes Macallan

ABC’s soapy drama Mistresses returns tonight for season two. Get caught up on the summer guilty pleasure starring Alyssa Milano and Yunjin Kim.

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Alyssa Milano gets hotter each year, especially now that she’s starring on a sexy show like “Mistresses”. Check out Milano’s best and most drool-worthy photos.

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