Gus Kenworthy, 2014 Olympic medalist, came out today via Twitter and ESPN that he is gay.

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Chalyce Moore is the girlfriend of former NFL star Warren Sapp, who has accused him of biting her and stomping on her, leading to domestic violence charges.

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At Super Bowl 2015, Danica Patrick appears in a Coca Cola commercial. The race car driver was also supposed to be in the GoDaddy commercial that got pulled. Here are her best looks.

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Rachel Snider is the new fiancee to former NFL star Terrell Owens. Check out the facts on the engagement and Owens’ new wife-to-be.

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Kenichi Ito says the future of running is on all fours. Apparently we just wasted millions of years of evolution.

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K-Rod is in trouble with the law. He’s a dirtbag and apparently as bad at his personal life as he is at baseball.

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Yea, the Olympics are a great testimony to the human spirit, but they’re also pretty sweet for scoping out international hotties in spandex.

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