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Twitter is abuzz with the possibility that Finding Dory features the first lesbian couple in a Disney-Pixar movie.

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These movie trailers built up the right amounts of unbridled excitement in our minds and bodies. We’re going to share our picks of the top 10 best movie trailers of 2015.

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Here’s the top 10 best movie trailers that got constant replays on your desktop in 2014!

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Check out the lasted leaked short film from Marvel Studios, starring Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.

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God Bless America: Superheroes, Sex and Single Parenting. Summer nears its home stretch with Captain America: The First Avenger, Friends With Benefits and A Little Help.

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Joss Whedon Directing Avengers Movie

Reports have been flying all over the place that Joss Whedon is going to be the director behind The Avengers.Reports have been flying all over the place that Joss Whedon is going to be the director behind The Avengers. Here’s hoping this one works out. It’d be nice to see Whedon get the treatment and not the shaft for once.