Michael Boddie, father of former NFL superstar Michael Vick, is one of twelve people who have been indicted for large-scale heroin distribution in Hampton Roads, VA.

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Exit Sanchez, enter Vick.

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NFL’s Riley Cooper apologizes for the racial slurs he said at a Kenny Chesney concert. Meanwhile, Marcus Vick is enraged over his behavior. Watch the videos!

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Aaron Hernandez isn’t the only football star who’s been charged with murder. He joins an infamous fraternity of NFL outlaws.

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Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o and Tiger Woods were crowned the top three most hated athletes in America. Who are the other players that made the hate hall of fame?

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Will Chip Kelly be able to fill the Andy Reid sized whole left in the Eagles coaching staff?

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With Michael Vick now saying he’s ready to get a dog, let’s find the most terrible celebrity pet owners — each still far more qualified to have a dog than Vick is.

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Check out the cast of Michael Vick Hollywood Movie revealed! Don’t miss it.

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He insisted I buy him one… that sick son of a bitch. Honestly though, when going to make a customized dog jersey in the NFL’s online shop (apparently everyone is doing this?), if you enter the #7, the name Vick automatically appears. “Like any other…

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