Donald Trump will meet with Mitt Romney this weekend, and they will reportedly discuss the possibility of Romney being secretary of state.

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FBI Director James Comey, under fire for his letter regarding newly discovered emails, is a past Republican campaign donor to Mitt Romney and John McCain.

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According to a new NBC News national poll, 64 percent of American voters have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump.

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Deval Patrick has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate for Hillary Clinton. The former Massachusetts governor might have other plans.

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Mitt Romney says he will not support Donald Trump in the general election. Could he still seek an independent bid?

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Mitt Romney is expected to eviscerate GOP frontrunner Donald Trump at a speech Thursday in Utah.

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Mitt Romney was aggressive in his attacks on Donald Trump. Watch the full video of Romney’s speech here.

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Conservatives are considering a third-party challenge to Donald Trump should he win the Republican nomination for President. Here’s a look at what they’ll need to do, and who they might propose.

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The sicko intern is accused of blackmailing girls he went to high-school using naked pictures.

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Scott Prouty stepped forward on “The Ed Show” as the man who recorded Mitt Romney’s 47 percent speech that may have cost him the election.

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And that’s why you always tip bartenders well.

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Republicans, don’t feel bad about Mitt losing the election. He doesn’t.

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If the Mayans are wrong, here is what you will have to deal with in 2013. I pray to God the Mayans are right.

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Think Romney has a problem with “urban” voters?

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You kind of had to feel sorry for the guy.

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With 73 percent reporting, Romney — the loser — held a slight lead in the popular vote.

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