What happened to Monica Lewinsky, the intern who had an affair with Bill Clinton? She’s now 43, and an anti-bullying advocate.

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A document dump from Bill Clinton’s presidential library reveals the extent to which officials tried to obstruct the media on the Whitewater investigation.

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Here are some highlights from Vanity Fair’s article on Monica Lewinsky, including juicy info about Former President Bill Clinton.

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Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton are back in the news as Hillary Clinton may run for president and a Vanity Fair article. Here are the photos you need to see.

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Lynne Cheney, the wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney, thinks Bill and Hillary Clinton are behind Monica Lewinsky’s Vanity Fair article.

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Lewinsky says, “It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.”

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Monica Lewinsky’s sex tape has been leaked, so have a listen right here. And, who is she with on it? Bill Clinton. It’s from 1997 at the height of their affair.

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Items formerly belonging to Monica Lewinsky during her affair with President Bill Clinton, including a black negligee, are now up for auction. Now is your chance to own a piece of history (and some presidential DNA?).

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Hey, Bill … it’s payback time!

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