Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is married to Lesly Brown. Here’s a look at their relationship and his family.

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Pat Sajak had a mild freak out after Wheel of Fortune contestants got stuck on horses. The host walked off set yelling, “Who said anything about a horse?!”

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A contestant on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ lost a million dollar prize due to his mispronunciation of a fully solved puzzle that he just had to read: ‘Mythological hero Achilles.’

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Is he lucky or clairvoyant?

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Yes, Jay Leno is bad. Awful, really. Just really, really terrible. A monster of human being, really. An unfunny monster. But we didn’t come here to disparage Mr. Leno, no matter how truly, truly awful he may be. Truly. Nope, we’ve gathered here today to issue a small reminder…

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