15 Best Barbershop Accessories & Salon Chairs for Kids

There is no substitute for adorable little salon chairs for kids and kid-friendly equipment because, for children, getting their hair cut can be a scary event. Kid’s barber chairs can help them feel special, prevent meltdowns, and make the hair salon a fun place.

Upgrade your adult salon chairs and barber chairs at the same time.

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Making the barbershop a less scary place for kids.

For some children, getting their hair cut is nothing more than an outing, but for others, it's the stuff of nightmares. Even if nothing "bad" has ever happened at the hairdressers, it can be a very scary event for kids. They even write kids' books about it.

Try to look at it from their angle. They're put up in a chair very high from the ground, someone they don't know very well is touching their hair, using scissors on them, and often using loud, uncomfortable tools like hairdryers and clippers. 

This can be especially traumatic for kids on the Autism spectrum who can be more sensitive to sounds and sensations. 

How can we help to prevent haircut meltdowns?

One way is to make the salon or barbershop a fun place that feels safe.

Kids' barber chairs can help them feel more secure because they're sitting in something made for someone t their size.

A chair that looks like a horse or a car can motivate kids to push past their anxiety if it looks more like a carnival ride and less like a dentist's chair. Who wouldn't want a little princess salon chair?

Capes can play a bit part in this too as they can feel very confining. A fun, colorful cape can bring a smile to their face. Capes with a see-through window will let them distract themselves with a tablet while you work.

For kids on the Autism spectrum, you might want to consider quieter, specialized clippers to help prevent overwhelming those with sensory issues.

If restrictions allow, have their guardian or support person as close as possible.

Will a child booster seat for barber chairs cut it?

It's certainly better than nothing and if that's what you can afford for now, try to pick out something that will make kids feel secure.

Where boosters seats are less helpful is for kids who would do better not being up so high. Working with kids closer to the floor can help reduce fears. A child's salon chair can be lowered but a booster seat can only go up.

Before you start working on a lower level, make sure you're taking steps to care for your own ergonomics to prevent back pain.

Can a play kids beauty salon help?

Absolutely. I think we've all found that trying something that scares us and seeing that nothing bad happened was a big part of getting over our fears. 

Suggest parents have a hair salon playset at home or keep one in the waiting room (if possible) so kids can get used to the idea and the different tools. 

Melissa and Doug make a nice Hair Stylist Costume Set, made in America, which includes a pocketed apron, tools, and a plastic hairdryer with sound effects.

This Salon Toy Kit by BeebeeRun comes with its own storage bag and includes play scissors, thinning shears, hair roller, flat iron, brushes, clips, and a hairdryer that blows cool air.

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