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white salon chairs

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White salon chairs give your salon that bright, stunning makeover you’ve been dreaming of without costing you a fortune. There’s nothing like the clean, modern look of white styling chairs to spruce up your space.

Or go bold instead with red barber chairs or a vintage barber chair.

What Are the Best White Salon Chairs?

White barber chair with square back and black armrests Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Choice of round or square base
  • White with dark wood accents
  • Rubberized footrest
Price: $229.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White barber chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Heavy-duty barber chair
  • Attractive vintage design
  • Reclining
Price: $569.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
white tufted round hydraulic salon chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Round modern look
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Affordable
Price: $98.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
white and gold and white and silver salon chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Choice of silver or gold metal
  • Stain-resistant
  • Eye-catching armrests
Price: $242.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White reclining barber chair Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reclining all-purpose chair
  • Tufted design with faux crystals
  • 330-pound weight limit
Price: $329.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Danyel Beauty Hydraulic Barber Chair

    • Available in round or square base
    • One-year warrantly on hydraulic pump
    • Attractive black and white design
    • Rubberized footrest
    • Comfortable small-cell foam cushion
    • Weight limit and height not given
    • Doesn't recline
    • Needs assembly
    • Armrests aren't padded

    This Danyel Beauty Barber Chair strikes a nice balance between masculine and feminine styles making it at home in both salons and barbershops. Plus it has a unique black armrest accent for a bold contrast against the bright white faux leather upholstery. 

    The supportive cushioning is made of durable, small-cell high-density foam which both feels softer and lasts longer than other foam seats. I like the rubberized footrest as well for extra stability so your clients can relax. 

    Keep in mind that this chair doesn’t recline so if you need an all-purpose chair, this isn’t for you. And also the range of the hydraulic pump and the weight limit is not given.

    If you prefer a square base, the chair also comes in that shape.

  2. 2. BarberPub Hydraulic Vintage Barber Chair

    • Reclining all-purpose chair
    • 450-pound weight limit
    • Wide footrest with stabilizing feet
    • One-year warranty
    • Removable headrest
    • Six inches of height adjustment
    • 360-degree swivel
    • Needs some assembly
    • Pricier than others
    • Too masculine for some

    This Hydraulic Vintage Barber Chair by BarberPub is a true barber chair complete with a vintage aesthetic, higher weight capacity, large footrest, and a reclining mechanism for a comfortable shave. The sleek ribbing, chrome steel, and wide base set a nostalgic mood perfect for barbershops.

    With a 450-pound working weight, this chair is sturdy enough for larger clients and built for comfort with supportive cushioning, an adjustable headrest, and padded armrests. For better stability, the chair has an extra-wide, 27-inch diameter base and a larger footrest with two stabilizing feet. 

    It’s one of two reclining chairs on the list making it a good choice for places that offer services like shaving, waxing, or threading. The chair spins 360-degrees and has six inches of height adjustability that brings the seat height from 19 inches tall to 25 inches tall.

  3. 3. Tufted Modern Round Salon Chair

    • Affordable
    • Modern bowl design
    • Classic tufted look
    • 360-degree swivel
    • 275-pound weight capacity
    • Harder to clean crease by seat
    • Not as long-lasting
    • Doesn't recline
    • Lower weight limit
    • Doesn't get as tall as others

    For a unique, Mod look on a budget, check out this Yaheetech Modern Salon Chair. You can’t beat the price and it certainly has a fun, modern look to it that sets the tone of your salon. 

    It’s a fixed chair with no headrest, footrest, or reclining function which allows it to have a sleeker silhouette. The hydraulic pump can raise the seat from a low 12.4 inches from the ground to 18 inches from the ground. This is much shorter than many other chairs making it a good choice for shorter stylists. 

    The comfortable, bowl-shape offers lots of support but could be a little constrictive for larger clients. And with a weight limit of under 300 pounds and a narrower chrome base, it isn’t really built for larger clients so you definitely want to consider your client base before deciding on this chair. 

  4. 4. Baasha Hydraulic Styling Chairs

    • High-density foam cushion
    • Gold or silver metal
    • 360-degree swivel
    • Rubberized footrest
    • Easy-clean seat
    • Unique armrest shape
    • 330-pound weight capacity
    • Doesn't recline
    • Needs full assembly
    • Not as long-lasting as others

    I love the angled armrest of these Baasha Styling Chairs. They’re stylish, eye-catching, and easy to keep clean, unlike upholstered armrests. This is a look that will really elevate the appearance of your salon.

    The seat is made with high-density foam for comfort and longevity. While it doesn’t recline, it has 360-degrees of spin and the seat height can be adjusted with the hydraulic pump from 19 inches tall up to 23 inches tall. I like that the pump is rubberized for a better grip and that the footrest is both rubberized and textured for more stability.

    For a chair that looks so dainty, it’s built with more solidly than you’d think with a mid-sized base that’s 23 inches in diameter and a seat width of an ample 20 inches. Plus, the open arms allow for more seat space as well. It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds so it’s a good fit for many larger clients. 

    The chair comes in a wide range of colors including white with chrome arms and base and white with gold-toned arms and base. 

  5. 5. BarberPub Classic Reclining Salon Chair

    • 330-pound weight capacity
    • Reclining
    • Removable headrest
    • Stylish clear crystal accents
    • 360-degrees of spin
    • One-year warranty
    • Durable PVC leather
    • Requires assembly
    • Too feminine for some
    • No option for a round base

    The BarberPub Classic Reclining Salon Chair looks and feels luxurious to give your clients a real sense of pampering. The bright, true-white faux leather is tufted like an armchair and accented with clear faux crystal bling. It looks expensive, it feels expensive, but it’s not even that expensive, which I love. But this chair isn’t only about looks.

    It’s one of the few salon chairs on the list that reclines allowing it to double as a shampoo chair or be used for other services like shaving, facial waxing, or threading. It also has 360-degrees of rotational movement and a hydraulic pump with 5.1 inches of lift bringing the seat height from 18.5 inches from the ground up to 23.6 inches from the ground. The headrest is also adjustable and can be removed. 

    The seat cushion is contoured for comfort and made with a high-density sponge designed to last 10 years. For stability both the footrest and the pedal for the hydraulic pump are rubberized so both you and the client have a better grip. It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds but keep in mind that the seat width itself is just under 19 inches so it might be a little narrow for larger clients. 

The white styling chair aesthetic. 

Nothing brightens up a room and exudes a clean, modern vibe than white furniture. It makes a room look like it has more sunlight and the space appears bigger and more spacious than it actually is. When you think of cleanliness you think of white gloves, white sheets, white everything.

A psychological study published in 2018 found that people preferred working in white or beige rooms and performed better on cognitive tests related to positive words when in white rooms. White is considered calming and the least distracting color, making other colors pop.

Matching with a white salon station.

Keep the white theme going with other white furniture including salon stations and hairdressing trolleys

I'd recommend this BarberPub Wall Mount Salon Set and BarberPub's Lockable Rolling Salon Cart if you're looking for a durable set from a trusted brand.

How to keep your white barber chairs looking brand new.

Some people shy away from light-colored barber chairs because they're worried about them losing their luster over time. And while it's true that white isn't as good at hiding stains as black, there are steps you can take to keep your white chairs looking pristine.

Covers. The easiest and most effective solution is to keep your chairs covered with clear plastic protectors. They make them in different shapes so they can be more form-fitting for round back chairs and square back chairs

Using the right cleaners. When you do get something on your chairs, the right cleaning solution can mean everything. The correct cleaner also depends on what your chair is made of so don't go using a vinyl cleaner on leather or vice versa. 

For light messes, try The Salon Chair Guys' Salon Chair Cleaner. It's formulated for vinyl and works on stubborn hairspray and shampoo residue. 

If stains are more stubborn, you can try letting Simple Green soak for a while or even Goo Gone for really stuck-on product residue. Keller International breaks down how they clean their chairs in this YouTube Video,

How to choose the right style of chair for your salon.

Choosing the best salon chair for your situation depends on a wide range of things.

Height of the stylist. Stylist height is probably the number one factor because all chairs have different height ranges and you want your chairs to be able to go up (or down) so the height that is most comfortable to the stylist. An ergonomic study of hair salons stated that wrong height or fixed height chairs can make the stylist bend or stretch in uncomfortable ways.

What tasks it needs to perform. Another huge factor is what you need the chair for. If you're limited on space and need your chair to double as a shampoo chair, then you'll want an all-purpose salon chair that reclines. 

Client Base. If your client is mainly men, you'll want a heavier-duty barber chair versus a more lightweight styling chair. If you find you see a lot of children, consider dedicating a space for salon chairs for kids so they can have something specifically sized for them.

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