Jax Taylor Warns Fans About ‘Scripted’ ‘Vanderpump Rules’ in New Video: ‘Don’t Buy That!’

Jax Taylor

Heavy/NBCUniversal Jax Taylor.

Jax Taylor made new claims about the “fakeness” of “Vanderpump Rules”— even though he appears in the current season.

In a video obtained by @vanderpumprulesparty, the Bravo star slammed the 11th season of the show that made him famous, and he told fans not to “buy” an upcoming love triangle storyline featuring his pal Tom Schwartz, his ex-wife Katie Maloney, and newcomer Tori Keeth.

During a watch party at Jax’s Studio City for his new show “The Valley,” Taylor addressed a preview for next week’s “Vanderpump Rules.” He told the crowd, ”Don’t buy that!” when a clip of Schwartz kissing Tori Keeth was shown.

“He’s in Hawaii right now with his new girlfriend. He’s very happy,” Taylor said of Schwartz.

Taylor then went into a tirade about “Vanderpump Rules” just as the third episode of his show “The Valley” started to air.

Jax Taylor Said ‘Vanderpump Rules’ is Scripted Now

Tom Schwartz, Tori Keeth, Katie Maloney

BravoTom Schwartz, Tori Keeth, Katie Maloney on ‘Vanderpump Rules.”

When last season’s Scandoval cheating scandal blew up, a Bravo source told The New York Post there were no “staged” scenes.

But in the new video, Taylor blasted his former show as he held court with patrons at his Ventura Boulevard bar on April 2, 2024. “Show me a scripted show and I’ll show you ‘Vanderpump Rules,’” he said. “Scripted, scripted! I’ve been on this show for nine [expletive] years. Scripted! I’ll be on this week and I’ll tell you what: Scripted!”

“This is disastrous,” he added. “Don’t get me wrong. When we started it was awesome. Seasons  1- 6, organic, it was real. Now everybody starts to have money, now it becomes fake. Anything after 6 season is a wash. It’s a [expletive] wash. Nobody shows up, Chanel earrings on, to the beach,” he said in reference to a scene of his former co-stars having a beach day.

“At the beginning, this was our job, and this is what we loved to do,” Taylor added. “This is when it goes too far.”

As the third episode of “The Valley” started up, Taylor declared, “Now you have a real show! Back to where it all started. This is organic, it’s real.”

This isn’t the first time Taylor has alleged that “Vanderpump Rules” is scripted.  He previously told Us Weekly that by season 8, his final season on the show,  he “checked out”. “It was getting a little bit too scripted for me and I just couldn’t do it anymore,” he said. “It wasn’t fun.”

In 2018, Taylor told a different story as he claimed “Vanderpump Rules” was the real deal. “I pride myself on [the fact that] we have a real show,” he told In Touch Weekly at the time. “It’s real. Just because there are cameras I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to do this and act like this.’ That’s just not how our show works. I think that’s why our show works so well — because we are a real show.”

Brittany Cartwright Was Upset By Rumors That Her Separation From Jax Taylor Was Faked For ‘The Valley’

As Taylor made his comments about “Vanderpump Rules,” his estranged wife Brittany Cartwright was in New York City for a taping of “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”

In February 2024, Taylor and Cartwright confirmed they separated after nearly five years of marriage.  The news came weeks before “The Valley” premiere, causing some fans to speculate that the couple’s split was a PR stunt to promote the new show.

On WWHL, Cartwright told host Andy Cohen she was hurt by the speculation.

“It was so hurtful for me because I feel like I’ve always shown my true character and I feel like why would anybody think I would do that especially with my son you know?” she said. “Like I would never put him through that for no reason, for a fake stunt. Like that doesn’t make any sense.”

Cartwright also went into detail about what led to her split from Taylor. “We just had a horrible fight and it was like a veil was lifted and I noticed everything wrong,” she told Cohen. “He kind of woke up one morning and was mad that I went out with Kristen [Doute] the night before and kind of like made up a story in his own head and started a fight over something that never happened.”

“It was just a very toxic situation that I felt like I needed to remove myself from,” she added.

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