Lala Kent Accused by Co-Star of ‘Missing the Mark’ With Fashion Choice

Lala Kent

Heavy/NBCUniversal Lala Kent

Tom Sandoval has been known to go all out with his looks during his time on “Vanderpump Rules” but the bartender called out his co-star Lala Kent on February 8 for not “missing the mark” with her own outfits.

During the February 8 episode of his podcast “Everybody Loves Tom,” Sandoval began speaking about a conversation from the second episode of VPR’s 11th season. During the conversation in question, Ariana Madix and Kent were discussing Madix not wanting Sandoval to have a birthday party at his house.

However, Sandoval then changed the subject, adding, “Speaking of Lala, she did not hit the mark on emo night. In her outfit,” he laughed. In the episode, Madix, Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay were involved in hosting Emo Nite. “Lala has had a history of missing the mark when it comes to outfits,” Sandoval added on the podcast. “I remember my seventies roller party. She showed up as a boxer with boxer trunks and gloves on.”

Tom Schwartz, who joined Sandoval on the podcast, chimed in to defend Kent. “She still slays,” he said. “It’s great,” Sandoval added. “But I’ve seen her show up to where it’s cocktail attire and [she’s] in leather pants and a leather jacket.” He also said, “I mean, it’s just funny to me. I thought she was going to a Lady Gaga-themed party.”

Schwartz reiterated that it “works for Lala” and “she somehow makes it work,” to which Sandoval agreed, “Yeah it’s great. She looks great. It just didn’t seem on theme.”

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Some of the Cast Attended an Emo Nite While Tom Sandoval Threw Himself a Birthday Party

The party at Sandoval and Madix’s house was first brought up at the beginning of the episode. Sandoval asked his assistant to message Madix about it and offer to put her in a hotel, and Madix was less than pleased. She warned Sandoval, through his assistant, that she was not on board and would be calling the police to file a noise complaint.

However, with some negotiation, Sandoval and Madix ended up agreeing that Sandoval would have around a dozen people over and the party would be over by midnight.

Meanwhile, many of the cast members, including Kent, attended Emo Nite, hosted by Shay, Maloney and Madix. Kent’s outfit was just briefly visible as she asked her co-stars what they thought about her hair and bangs.

Lala Kent Has Been Criticized for Showing Sympathy to Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval

Kent has come under fire from fans for appearing to support Sandoval on a few occasions, including at BravoCon 2023 when she called out fans who were booing him. “I just felt like it was enough,” she explained to Us. “I don’t know that it was really directly for Sandoval. It was just like, we can’t keep doing this. We’ve got to move on at some point. And I didn’t feel like the punishment is fitting the crime any longer.”

During the premiere episode of VPR season 11, Kent also reached out to Raquel Leviss because she said she was relating to Leviss admitting at the end of the season 10 reunion that she felt really isolated. Kent sent a voice message to Leviss telling her that she was hoping the former beauty pageant contestant was doing okay and that she was open to chatting.

In the second episode of season 11, Kent seemed to be siding with Sandoval when Madix talked about the party he was planning. “I also think that from just a logical standpoint, he’s allowed to have a party at his house,” Kent explained. Kent also questioned why Madix was still staying there if those were the problems she was dealing with.

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