Tom Schwartz Addresses Whether He Thinks He Will Have Children With New Girlfriend

Tom Schwartz.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Tom Schwartz.

Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Schwartz is commenting on whether he believes he and his girlfriend, Sophia Skoro, 23, will eventually have children together.

During an April 16 interview with E! News, Schwartz acknowledged that he previously stated he was experiencing “baby fever.” When asked if he sees “a kid-filled future with Sophia,” he suggested it was too early in their relationship to make that decision.

“We’re just taking it day by day. But yes, my biological clock is like, ‘It’s time.’ But I’m good right now. No babies for the foreseeable future,” said Schwartz. 

In a joint April 16 “Viall Files” podcast interview, alongside Schwartz, Skoro stated that she is not ready to have children.

“I definitely need some time on that one,” said the 23-year-old.

Sophia Skoro Discussed Dating Tom Schwartz in an April 2024 Interview

During the “Viall Files” interview, Skoro shared how she and Schwartz first met. She explained that she and her friends went to an event at Lisa Vanderpump‘s West Hollywood restaurant, Tom Tom, where Schwartz’s “Vanderpump Rules” castmate, James Kennedy, was DJing during the summer of 2023. As fans are aware, Schwartz and Tom Sandoval are junior partners at the establishment.

“I randomly saw [Schwartz]. And I was like, ‘He’s looking hot.’ So I told him,” said the University of Oregon alum.

She then stated that they eventually went “on a dinner date” and began seeing each other. Skoro clarified that while she and Schwartz “love” each other, they are not quite “official” in their relationship.

“It’s one of those things where we are almost. But I just want to be in the most perfect place,” said Skoro.

Schwartz interjected that he did not “want to put pressure on her.”

Tom Schwartz Discussed His Relationship With Jo Wenberg in an April 2024 Interview

The first part of “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 showcased Schwartz’s friendship with hairstylist Jo Wenberg. While speaking to E! News in April 2024, Schwartz noted that he wanted to have a casual relationship with Wenberg following his 2022 divorce from his ex-wife, Katie Maloney. He stated, however, “there were times when the line definitely got blurred.” In addition, the 41-year-old stated that he “regret[s] not being better about communicating the reasons why [he] was pulling away from her.” 

“I didn’t think I was equipped to be in a conventional relationship,” said Schwartz. 

During an appearance on the April 11 episode of former “Vanderpump Rules” star Rachel “Raquel” Leviss‘ podcast, “Rachel Goes Rogue,” Wenberg shared her thoughts about Schwartz’s relationship with Skoro. The 35-year-old stated that she was upset that he is dating the 23-year-old as he repeatedly said he was not interested in a committed relationship.

“What I do care is though when he says, ‘I don’t want to date someone right now.’ But he was. And now he has a new girlfriend. That one is the messed up part. That’s so messed up to me. It makes me very angry,” said Wenberg. 

The hairstylist also stated that she has been depressed following her decision to cease contact  with Schwartz.

“You spend time with somebody for five days a week for a year plus, and then it gets cut off. It’s kind of like a death,” stated Wenberg. “And then they don’t really help you out with your recovery. Then you don’t know until later that they’re already dating somebody else. And then you were told that he didn’t want to date. It’s like, pick a lane. It’s been so mentally frustrating.”

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