WATCH: New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Teaser Trailer

The bridge crew from the new Paramount+ series "Star Trek: Prodigy"

Paramount+ The bridge crew from the new Paramount+ series "Star Trek: Prodigy"

The countdown to “Star Trek: Prodigy” has officially begun. The series premiere drops on the Paramount+ streaming app on October 26, 2021, which means that we’re mere weeks away from seeing the brand new show. Though most of the world will have to wait it out, those attending New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 10 will get to see the premiere two and a half weeks early!

Those who have to wait it out will just have to make do with all of the new content Paramount+ and Nickelodeon have been dropping on social media. They recently dropped a new teaser trailer that gives Trekkers a look at the bridge crew of the USS Protostar in action.

A Crew of ‘Outcasts’

The voiceover throughout the trailer lets fans know that this crew of “outcasts” is “figuring out the universe at warp speed.” Unlike other “Star Trek” shows that have focused on experienced Starfleet crews, “Prodigy’s” main characters know nothing about Starfleet, running a ship, or even working together as a crew. The short teaser shows each of the main characters as they try to figure out their roles on the bridge.

Jankom Pog, the 16-year-old Tellarite, is at the helm in a few of the scenes, though he doesn’t appear to be piloting the ship. That job seems to belong to Zero, the Medusan crew member. The trailers haven’t made it clear how they (Zero is canon non-binary) got the job, but they have made it clear that Zero has never flown a starship before. Like everyone else, they’re learning on the job.

At one point during the new teaser, Dal, whose species has not yet been identified, declares that fixing things isn’t part of his job description because he’s not an engineer. Rok-Tahk, the Brikar crew member, responds by asking him what role he’s playing on the ship.

“I thought I was the captain!” Dal whines in response.

Other clips in the trailer do seem to suggest that Dal has assigned himself the captain’s chair, as he’s seen sitting in it more than once. However, Gwyn the Vau N’Akat whose father is the big bad of the series is also seen in the captain’s chair. So, it’s not quite clear in the teaser which of them is the true captain of this motley crew.

Murf, the sentient blob, doesn’t seem to have a particular role on the bridge quite yet, but their talents are sure to manifest throughout the series.

Shifting Job Responsibilities?

Hints about “Prodigy” dropped by the cast and Paramount+ seem to suggest that each member of the Protostar’s bridge crew will take on different roles as they figure out their ship and each other. During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con in the summer of 2021, the actors behind the characters revealed new details about their characters that hinted at their roles on the ship.

Brett Gray, who voices Dal, said that his character is definitely taking on the role of captain, but that he doesn’t really know how to be one. A new clip posted to the Paramount+ Twitter account showed a brief montage of Dal moments with the caption “New captain on the bridge.”

So it seems that Dal will be the captain. However, he’s definitely going to need help from his crew members and the Emergency Training Hologram Captain Janeway to fulfill that role.

Jason Mantzoukas, who plays Jankom Pog, revealed that his character is the engineer on the ship.

“He’s always trying to fix what’s wrong, always trying to make things work and, frustratingly, to a greater or less degree, is not always successful,” Mantzoukas commented.

However, in the new teaser and the full-length trailer, Jankom is at the helm quite often. So it appears that he’s definitely the ship’s Jack of all trades.

In the full-length trailer, Rok-Tahk spent most of her time at the bridge’s tactical station. Since she’s a being literally made of rock, it makes sense that she’d take on the tactical/security role. Though other stills and clips from the show seem to indicate that she’s got some mechanical abilities as well. So, she might take on some engineering at some point too.

Gwyn’s role on the ship is murky. In the full-length trailer and the teaser, she spent a fair amount of time in the captain’s chair, suggesting that she might step into the first officer role. However, she’s also one of the older crew members, so it’s possible she’ll challenge Dal for the captain’s chair at some point.

So far, none of the trailers or teasers hint at Murf’s role on the ship. At San Diego Comic-Con, Dee Bradley Baker, who voices Murf, simply said that Murf is “like Rok-Tahk’s familiar, or a lieutenant or sidekick or something.” So, fans will have to wait and see what role they take on.

These “outcasts” certainly make for an unconventional and interesting crew. Literally, nothing like the Trekverse has ever seen before.

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