VIDEO: Full Trailer for ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ & Release Date Revealed

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During the Star Trek Day celebration on September 8, the release date for the highly anticipated “Star Trek: Prodigy” was finally revealed. Fans also got to see the first full-length trailer for the show.

Here’s everything you need to know:

The First Full Trailer

Though Paramount+ dropped a teaser trailer for “Prodigy” at ComicCon@Home 2021, it was less than a minute long. It revealed the motley crew of teenagers at the center of the show, but it didn’t give much insight into who they were as characters. It revealed the ship the teens will find, but it only gave a glimpse of the interior and exterior. The teaser trailer accomplished its goal of making fans want more “Prodigy.”

The full trailer that premiered at Star Trek Day gave fans exactly what they were longing for. Each of the characters got a moment in the trailer to show off their personalities. Fans now know that Dal will take the role of captain. However, Brett Gray, the actor who plays him, revealed in an interview after the trailer dropped that Dal isn’t very good at being a leader when the show starts. Gray said that his impromptu crewmates will help him grow into the captain he needs to be.

Fans also learned that these kids have no experience with starships. So, they’ll definitely need Captain Kathryn Janeway, who, of course, made a few appearances.

The big reveal from the trailer is that the Starfleet vessel the teens find actually belongs to the villain of the show, voiced by John Bishop. So, this inexperienced crew of kids, trying to escape an oppressive planet, will be pitted against the planet’s biggest bad.

The Release Date

When the teaser trailer dropped in July, it revealed that the show would premiere on Paramount+ in the fall of 2021. But now there’s an official release date — October 28, 2021, less than two months away!

October 28 is a Thursday. So, Thursdays will remain “new Star Trek day” on a weekly basis through Prodigy’s run. The second season of “Star Trek: Lower Decks” will have 10 episodes, and is currently on episode five. So, it looks like there will be one week without new “Star Trek” in October.

Two Treks on TV at Once!

However, another Star Trek Day announcement more than makes up for a week without new Trek. During the “Star Trek: Discovery” panel, showrunner Michelle Paradise revealed that the fourth season will premiere on November 18, 2021, just four weeks after the release of “Prodigy.” November 18 is also a Thursday, so in November and December, Trekkers will get two new episodes of “Star Trek” each week.

That means that for the first time since the 90s that two “Star Trek” shows were on the air at the same time. The last time there were two Treks on the air at the same time was in 1999 when “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” was in its final season and “Star Trek: Voyager” was in its fifth season.

The rest of 2021 will be packed with brand new episodes of Trek. Though it’s not quite 23 weeks of new Trek, it’s still a Trekker’s dream.

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